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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, just downloaded path of exile, I was wondering if anyone still plays this game on PC, or if there were any groups open. What server should we use? Thanks!
  2. The Awakening is Here Path of Exile was awesome. Now with the new patch its more awesome. Tomorrow(exact time) Awakening releases. We are waiting for all the new and old members at release date, we will group up and have some fun. The game is free on steam. For the hardcore PoE players: There is an event going on. If you first kill the final boss, you get Alienware gaming laptop. You might want to give it a go, more details here. Will be trying to get you killed, MoVe
  3. Hello Ladies and Gents, It is time for some Path of Exile goodness. What is Path of Exile? Should I play it? skip to The Event if you understand that its the shiz Its an Action RPG, best game of its genre. Playstyle is similar Diablo 2 Game Pros: * Free to play 100%. Even games like League of Legends or Smite, would be considered Pay to Win compared to PoE * On top 10 free games on steam * No region lock. Play with friends from anywhere in the world on the same server. * Fun to play/good game * Very very high character customization. You can build your own passive skills, active spells - play whatever you like. * Can build your own "guild house" like area and share it with your friends. Cons: * Brains are required to play the game. The game will punish you for mistakes you make building your char or letting your guard down in combat. * Party limitation to 6 players. * Hard to get into, because of very deep customization mechanic. But I'm here to help! * No char visual customization, you just pick one out of 7 classes. The Event What? It basically is a speedrun of the game. Everyone starts @ lvl 1 and tries to complete the achievements. When: The events start at the following times and last for one month: Pacific Time: 10am, Tuesday March 24Central European Time: 6pm, Tuesday March 24New Zealand Time: 6am, Wednesday March 25Teamspeak is highly recommended Game Type: SOFTCORE or HARDCORE? I will be making a poll for that. But I expect that we will play SC since there are not too many experienced AJSA players in POE. The event is organized by the game Developers. I am turning it into AJSA event, meaning we will have 1 or several parties running together as AJSA team and climbing the ranks of the ladder. This event contains prizes(check details). The primary goal will be just to have fun, hand out after work and try climbing the ladder as high as possible. Not to mention that you can win the awesome looking armor effect Depending on the amount of players interested, I might be hosting additional events like AJSA 3v3 pvp tournaments or 1v1. After the 1 mounth event ends, there will be a huge update to the game, releasing Act 4, so I will keep playing with you guys if any will be interested. I just cant wait... Details here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1218688 If you are interested - Be sure to register. We will make teams, prior to the event. We need all player types ( Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical, Tanks, Archers, Debuffers, Buffers) REGISTER BY LEAVING A COMMENT I will be playing Fire based Templar If you need any help, even if you are a complete noob and just want to have some fun with us I WILL HELP YOU. Pm me on forums or TS, i can make you a build explain all the basic, help u pratice. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Here you will find the most important information regarding official Path of Exile guild Hit "follow thread" if you dont want to miss an event or an important clan notice!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Organization Leader: Move Officers: comming soon As you may have heard some two days ago Agosparti has retired from POE leader ranks(cuz Wildstar), and I have taken his position. Some things will stay the same, but a lot of it will change, as I start with the forum. Also I am planning to clean up the officer ranks, because current activity does not meet my expectations. Currenly: Looking for Guild officers who are: *Active in game *Active in forums!!! (check forums at least once a day) If you think you can do it, find me ingame or better yet send a PM in the forums. Im online on forums most of the time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates UPDATE 2014/06/02 I am glad to present our CLAN TAG. Just achieved it today using "maps". Cheers! Note: You can now see <AJSA> tag next to your name in chat. Other guilds can not obtain it, since it must be unique in all leagues. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Events Every event that will run on my behalf will be posted on this thread. Hit follow thread We recently finished a 2-week run, and we are taking a short break. You can expect new events @ June 7ish. Event #1 My first event will be taking place @ June 6, 19:00 GMT. Type: Leveling/learning event League: Invasion Required lvl: 1 Event goal: Reach act 2 Estimated time: 2-3 hours Description: We will have a set of events of the same type. This will be the first one. We will create new chars and play while teaching newbies how to survive. The goal is to reach Act 2 in 2-3 hours. Following event (probably next week) will start @ act 2. So dont miss the train, join us as we start our journey conquering Wraeclast.
  5. Lets plan ahead
  6. Hey guys, I am very excited about this GGG event and I want to share with all of you(in case you missed it). As the title states, in my opinion this one is awesome. I hear you ask why? * Ambush strongboxes + Invasion bosses in ONE new league. What can be more fun? I dont know... * Event dedicated for child support. You can directly help children from hospitals and get a supporter helm skin. * Want a new free graphic card, Razer keyboard ? Check the prizes ! You dont need to be first or the best to win them, its a lottery.(you can even win them if u die) Full info here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/915739 Dont know how about you guys, but I'm going ALL in on this one. Will be playing POE during the event every day, as much as possible. However the event is lacking info if its solo or party race Its a party race. Of course I'd love to play with AJSA and you are more then welcome to join me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RACE PROGRESS UPDATE: (This is as far as I know. If you have more info please post in this thread and I'll update here. Also post how many times you have died pls) AJSA started @ May 12 Day 1: iMoVe 22lvl, Agosparti 9 lvl-ish, Martin 8 lvl-ish Day 2: iMoVe 34lvl, Agosparti 11+, Martin? Day 3: iMoVe 41lvl(Rank 8348). Agosparti ~20, Martin?, +2 new players joined us (10ish lvl) Day 4: iMoVe 50 lvl Rank 4843 (Objective completed!), Agosparti 23ish,Fraex 10ish, Martin singing skills 99lvl Day x: Died @ 57 (Do not drive or play hardcore after using alcohol!)
  7. Hey guys, I thought this could be a painfuly funny and even informative thread o.O Post you highest level reached in Invasion legue/your death story/screenshots. Be creative. Let this be our private graveyeard! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post is also an EVENT with a symbolic reward. Event details: You must be in our clan to participate. When: starts: now ends: @ June 1st Goal: reach highest level. DEAD ONLY, if u are alive @ June 1st you have to take a sacrifice (LOL ). P.S. you have to prove it with a screen shot. Where: Invasion league Reward: 100 scrolls of wisdom ( LOL ) Currently alive: 32 lvl Ranger (awaiting to get her moment in this thread) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best regards, MoVe
  8. The Guild Community Events Info Max number of players in a party is 6. We like to run Power Leveling in Ambush&Invasion Leagues for low level players We have one experienced player in a party. To help them though and for Ambush fun factor is the loot drops & in-game boss in the world & for the players like to play Invasion we run into the Invasion boss and league boss and Fun Factor is always watch your back in game & loot drops is very good aswell but personally I would stick to the Ambush League. And for please come to myself and the names below for Event Information and other information about the guild Lord Magus Nyle Mullin MoVe Martins Last Community Event 11/04 last night Event Run,Me and Other Members of AJSA PoE We Started form the Mud Flats and finished Act 1 now We are in the Southern Forest the highlights from last night was killing Brutus,Lord Incarcerator & Merveil the Siren We picked up some Good & Average loot drops. Upcoming Community Event 19/04 7.00pm GMT 2.00pm EST I am thinking about doing PvP Event & Power Leveling Event so We will be give out in-game items & and also doing Power Leveling and there will be hopefully 2 groups running on Saturday.The low level players can do the power leveling with one of my officers and l will be give out in-game Currency for that aswell. Upcoming Community Event 26/04 7.00pm GMT 3.00pm EST I am planning a PvP Event mainly but if there is time please do Power Leveling this weekend aswell we are giving out in-game items so you will be in a full group with LordMagus is in Charge of the group and i have also asked Lord Magus to try and live stream the Event. Upcoming Community Event 10/5/2014 to 24/5/2014 7.00pm GMT 3.00pm EST Please look at this Link http://www.pathofexi...w-thread/915739
  9. Invasion League update Hey guys just a quick update on what’s happening with the guild. So as we may or may not know the guild was split up into two separate guilds, these were hardcore and standard. As the Invasion guild has come to a standstill we have decided to merge the two together as the leaders for the hardcore guild have been gone for a while. We are also implementing a new policy with the gear. All the levelling gear is there to take please after you out level the gear do not sell it to a vendor just drop it back in so someone else can use it. We also have a unique tab, this will be for items of value for example unique items or 5 socket items. This is where our new (Invasion) policy will come into play. As we are well aware (Like Ago is) when you die on a hardcore character any gear that you were using also gets transferred to the standard league, therefore we have come up with a policy to help soften the blow. Every time you would like to use a unique item you will first have to ask an officer to take it out for you and trade it with them, you will then have to make a 1 chaos orb deposit on that item. If you die with that item then the donor of that unique gets to keep the chaos orb but if you out level and want to put it back in the guild stash then you will get you chaos back. We will be test running this scheme to see if it works and what people think about it. But please note that officers will also have to follow this policy you guys don’t get a free pass. Any unique items deposited please state in the comments below so we can keep tabs on things. If there is any questions please feel free to message me and I’ll try come back to you as quick as I can. Apart from that let’s keep pushing I know I’ll be seeing you guys in merciless soon. One last note and this is quite important. We are all in this together guys, yea some of us might bump heads but for the most part we all are mature adults. If an experienced player is giving you advice please listen to them, they are trying to help you nothing else. 1 last note I promise is that the Path of exile forum has some great information on build guides and game knowledge, I would advise any new player or experienced to go have a look. Apart from that have fun see you all in merciless
  10. So this game passed the game poll, and if we're going to operate this as an official guild, we need someone to head it up. Please post here if you would like to be considered to be the AJSA lead for Path of Exile. Qualified candidates should be active, regular players of Path of Exile, and possibly knowledgeable about the competitive aspects of the game as well.
  11. Should The Angry Army Play Path of Exile? Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below! *No Flamewars *No Council Bashing *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA! Pros: 1. Free to play. 2. Hardware requirements are not extremely high. 3. Pretty good size party at 6 players including yourself. 4. PVP is available. 5. Gives a good nostalgia feeling for people that played D2. 6. Doesn't lock you playing for a certain amount of time, people can drop in and out if it is needed. Cons: 1. Can feel grindy if playing solo. 2. Has slight learning curve, but can be learned quickly. 3. The theory crafting in the game can feel overwhelming for new players to the genre. Current Council Decision: Passed! We have asked Agosparti to lead our guild. At Least 1 Experienced Officer - In order for the AJSA to run an efficient Division within that new game, there must be at least ONE Experience Game-Specific Officer who is designated as "Guild Leader" (creating the guild in game as the owner). This Game Officer will then have the responsibility to run the game in cooperation with other Officers that he selects (and are approved by Command). He becomes the single point of contact for all AJSA Matter related to that Game. Game Specific Officers may not run multiple Game Divisions within the Angry Army - They are in charge and support for only ONE at a time so that it has their FULL Attention. ***Please Remember that even if The Angry Army doesn't Officially Support The Game or Create a Game Division within it, that you can by all means still play the game with your AJSA Tag if you would like to do so!
  12. Hello, I am looking for a guild to join in path of exile. I want a guild that is active. I would prefer to use a chatting service (TS, Vent, Mumble, ect.). I am in the standard league with two lv. 40's. I'm just bored of playing alone. My IGN is Artose. I'm game to start new characters in the other leagues (besides hardcore) it is just not my thing. Message me please (just to make sure I see).
  13. Hello everyone, my name is MoVe. My favorite thing after a long day of work is to watch some Angry Joe Show videos and play video/board games. I would recommend everyone to try out Path of Exile, it is a superb game and it would get even better if played with like minded people - Angry Joe Show lovers. That being said I have started an unofficial Angry Army clan. Clan goals: 1. Have fun together! (this one is most important). 2. Earn AJSA game tag, by collecting so called "maps" (it is not an easy task to do: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Guilds). 3. When we are settled in, take a couple of screen shots of Angry Army in Path of Exile and share them with the community. Note: Since i have to work during the day, and will mostly play in the evenings/weekends (19-23h +2gmt), so we will need officers who could invite new players, dismiss toxic ones. If you are interested in being a commander - email me. How to apply for guild. * You can send your character name to this email poeajsa@gmail.com * You can find me in game nick:Holograma * Ask any POE Angry Army officer. * PM me in forums * Leave a post with your ingame nick below * Invite me to friends ingame WARNING: All the rules stated by our warlord Angry Joe must be taken seriously! http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/9-ajsa-code-of-conduct/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the game: Diablo 2 style ARPG. Created by gamers for gamers. Company: Grinding Gear Games (New Zealand) Watch the video about the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWbXdDpyarA Game cons: 1. Currently max guild size is 200 members (that's why I think POE will not be officially played by AJSA). 2. Guild with 30 members is free, but to add 10 more members it costs 1 dollar. 3. Overwhelming character customization system. New players feel somewhat lost. (see passive skill tree forest: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree) 4. No guild events yet (will be implemented in the future). You can not do anything with clan besides chatting. 5. Somewhat a hard game, you will die in higher difficulties. Note: Since I'm from Lithuania and the clan member cap is 200 max, the clan will mostly be oriented towards European players, but everyone is welcome. Game pros: 1. IMO unique ARPG experience. 2. Free to play (rly free, no premiums, xp boosts or anything). You can only buy cosmetics. 3. Possible high level of competition (in races and ladders), but no players are forced to compete in any way. 4. Very very high character customization, through passive skills and making your active skills with gems. 5. Unique currency system. 6. Up to 6 player parties. I could go on and on.... just try it. The post will be updated
  14. Hello Everyone, I have created a Path Of Exile Guild in the game. I started this a couple of weeks ago and we've got over 20 people in the guild. We are currently in Domination league and most of us are Europeans but I believe it's okay to be on any Server but you have to be Domination league to be apart of a party and the guild. My name is WooShoes and I am the leader of the Guild. Feel free to put your POE names below and I shall add you to the Guild. I also hope I have the authority to use the AJSA team name as the Guild as I am apart of the community and I am currently contributing to it. -MrAckle
  15. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about this game yet. Anyone tried it? Personally I think it's the best successor to Diablo 2 you can find and it's a game that's truly free to play and so well done in both gear and complex builds for your characters.
  16. It's a great F2P dungeon crawler that truly captures the essence of old school isometric rpgs. I wish I knew more ppl that play it because it really is an awesome game. Has anyone else played it? What do you think of it?
  17. Path of Exile is a great free to play Diablo style Action RPG. PROS 1. Free to play. 2. Hardware requirements are not extremely high. 3. Pretty good size party at 6 players including yourself. 4. PVP is available. 5. Gives a good nostalgia feeling for people that played D2. 6. Doesn't lock you playing for a certain amount of time, people can drop in and out if it is needed. CONS 1. Can feel grindy if playing solo. 2. Has slight learning curve, but can be learned quickly. 3. The theory crafting in the game can feel overwhelming for new players to the genre.