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Found 2 results

  1. We are looking for constructive structuring feedback, what do you think we can to improve future weekly training events.. Please be thorough with your feedback Please no one sentence feedback. We are looking for a good structure in order to make future events go as smooth as possible, perhaps some idea's for changes, but keep it realistic and don't disrespect each other. Or come to us directly on Teamspeak Mondez - ACTO
  2. I'm raising this question because of the uselessness of the current pinned threads and the disappearance of good unpinned threads that should had gotten pinned. * What good is it to have a thread that is locked whose only purpose is to show off Sgt. Ross' reply to something? * There are two completely useless (or at least ONE useless thread) that's only there to display one twitchtv stream instead of collecting everyone's twitch sites - This is better moved to the front page as a side banner that says "Angry Joe's Twitch". And for that matter, why is Delrith's personal twitch on that thread's main page as well? The other twitch thread just seems to be completely random with it's "Hey howya all doin', post opinions kkthanxbai". Both of these can be removed - And the twitch feedback thread can be remade and put elsewhere or just removed all together. * The "New Games added to Poll" thread is just being in the way now. Can be removed. * AJSA Competitive Teams Thread is the only thread that actually provides something out of value. This one should stay but probably be edited since it claims that no teams have officially been made and, that's just like - Well what are you waiting for then? Meanwhile threads in the lines of like "Share your steam / other such pages and befriend others!" completely vanished into darkness instead of being stickied / pinned. Fix these things. I don't care about SGT. Ross's response to one question in a thread, that's locked.