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Found 12 results

  1. hey, this is something that i was wondering about do we have something about GTA online and if not who do we have to talk to to get something going for that? also would it work if it was for PlayStation 3 or 4 or would it be better to have it on PC?
  2. Since Mighty No. 9 got delayed (I'm part of the PR), I need something to fill the void until at least February 16th as I will be covering Street Fighter V and Project X Zone 2. There's a reason why I got two laptops for that. Anyway, I figure why not do some covering of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. I'm only doing Arcade Mode of it and it's a side project since after the 16th, I'm going to focus more on the upcoming games. So yeah... I have my work cut out for me. Either way, enjoy.
  3. This is going to be a really weird question, but can you take a Ps3 on an airplane? I'm going to England soon for about 3 weeks and i wanted to bring my playstation over with me so that my friends and I can play it. However the new policies have been put into place saying that if you have an electronic device, it has to be able to switch on in order for it to go on the flight with you. Now obviously you can't switch a playstation on without it being plugged into the wall, and I don't want to get there just for my baby to be taken off of me Can anybody help?
  4. Why is it in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 you could play as the giant mobile suits and each character had a story seperate from each other. But in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 they took it all out and just like make a single story why is that and then I find out that the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 thats coming out has it where you can play as the giant mobile suit again and each character has a serperate story. So it's like the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 ever exist so why did they make it when they was just going to follow the line back from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and not 3 so why did they ever make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were just going to follow the line from Dynasty Warriors 2 to make Dynasty Warriors Gunadm 4 so can anyone answer me this why did they make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were going to make the Dynasty Warriors 4 follow 2 and not 3 could anyone answer me this.
  5. I thought Sony would have gotten better at security after what happened with the PS3, but nope. Still playstation users getting hacked.I know nothing is impervious to hacking, but i feel sony didn't even try to beef up security. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. It's been a while since I played and now i'm assuming some more people have gone around finishing it we can probably really discuss what people think about this game so i pose a few question. one of the first things is how did people feel about the ending in terms of were you satisfied and lasting impressions and secondly peoples thoughts and ideas on the possible and likely sequel? I really want to hear other peoples thoughts because im kind of jaded how i feel about the ending of this game, so to answer my own question i mean, i liked the ending but it did leave with so many questions because of how it ended but after asking some people it left me with the idea that it will have a sequel because it this one set up story of joels adventure with ellie and it concluded with joel at the end becoming in some peoples eyes that bad guy so i mean naughty dog can do a lot with that and i think the sequel will focus more on ellie with joel being the side character this time around. so yeah thought? UPDATE: i realised that we haven't really spoken about the new DLC which is a prelude that features Ellie and Riley, which i think is a really cool so i was wondering what people think it will be about and also the idea that because Ellie at this point has never held a gun, will there be any combat in it, will that affect the game overall and if it will be any good. for me this looks like a good step for DLC, I mean it wasn't ish's story like I was hoping but this is still pretty good, from my understanding where playing Ellie again so im kind of excited to be in her shoes again, umm considering where it is in the timeline im guessing its completely story based and scripted to just kind of fill you in on the details so i don't think there will be hardly any real combat if any. I hope it links in really well and makes me just ball my eyes out again. what do you guys think?
  7. Does anyone wanna play Portal 2 online together on Playstation 3? My username is DCRocks469.
  8. In about 6 hours my time, the launch of the PS4 will commence. People around the US will be getting their hands on the new console (unless you won it from Taco Bell) and enter the next generation of gaming. Anyways, as I sit in my chair, looking at my library of games and the three consoles under my TV, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Wii, I wonder was the generation a success or a failure? There were great advancements that became of the last generation, but there were major disappointments and controversies that followed. So, soldiers of the Angry Army, I ask you, what is your opinion of the last generation of gaming? What succeeded? What failed? Who should be claimed as the overall victor? Who had the best games? The worst?
  9. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

    From the album Pick Uped Games

    Get this game back in October for my report card. So far, I have positive responses to this game for bringing back my childhood in HD. Still, Re: Chain Of Memories still sucks.

    © Square Enix

  10. Ratchet and Clank Nexus came out yesterday in europe. I havent seen any trailers or reviews for this game. But it is supposed to be the next game set after A Crack in Time. It only costs 30€ I plunged in and grabbed it since I am a fan of the series. My 1st impression of playing it for about 2 hours so far. - Its really good, there are new cool game mechanics with rifts and gravity. Story seems to be interesting. The weapons are really inventive this time arround. I like that they brought back and reworked the upgrade system from Tools of destruction back for weapons. So far this is also the hardest game in the series. Enemies can easily swarm you on hard and kill you. (I like the challange) I hope this game wont fly under the radar and sell well. Even with the PS4 launch and all. I want to know your guys impressions also, Did you buy it? Know its out? What do you think about it?
  11. Hey Angry Associates! I want to know if any of you guys out there want to start spreading the word in Los Santos about the Angry Army because it's got to start somewhere and now's the time. My current PSN screen name is: KingWoodyz so feel free to add me anytime and take a peek into my trophy list, maybe we have something in common so we can play online together and I can't wait to jump into GTA V online again. So this thread is going to be mainly on getting to know people who are strictly sticking to current gen platforms, not just PSN. Now's the time to make friends, not enemies so use this as a meeting place and begin to make friendships, I'll be taking looks in and out of this thread so just know you're not alone out there in the Angry Servers. More and more people are watching Angry Joe Show videos and we have to spread the word because we now have the ability to have a massive influence over many things. Now if you're thinking i'm gushing, well I am. The Angry Army is all about a community that can come together and talk in a forum, game together, crash together if needed. Get on this thread and post stuff!
  12. Anyone bought bf4, installed and once you get passed the title screen, it gets stuck on the loading screen before the main menu pops up? It keeps happening to me, not sure how to fix it. If anyone knows, please help.