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Found 34 results

  1. poll

    Who can pull off a costume better? This is based off Angry Reviews. Comment who it was and what they cosplayed as!
  2. Was just wondering, what is everyone's favourite BF game? Mine is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but I also know a lot of people really like BF1 too. Feel free to vote above:
  3. I don't want to be that guy but i thought it would be interesting to see what MOBAs people like. Please guys don't turn this forum into a flame war. also suggest more MOBAs that arn't in the list and i will put them up for Poll, thank you.
  4. For the few people that still remember me, I've been in the AJSA for a while. Life sorta caught up with me and I needed to step away for a while. I wouldn't say I'm "back" to fulltime AJSA but I'm gonna try to be around the forums a bit more. My downtime has been almost exclusively WoW lately. I only got into it recently, but its hooks are deep. I tried getting into it on three separate occasions since Wrath of the Lich King, but I think Hearthstone was the thing that made me fall for the lore and world of Warcraft. (The RTS was pretty good too, but that wasn't enough to hook me.) So yeah it seems like there are one or two people here who frequently play WoW, and I wanna play with you guys if I can.. and I also wanna see where everyone stands when it comes to server and faction preference. Maybe we can band together and do weekly raids or dungeons. (I've still got to do the group Apexis dailies if anyone wants to help with that.) So for people interested in adding me my Battlenet is AngelAquila#1241. I'm probably gonna get Overwatch when it comes out. Or you can watch me suck at Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm.... I've never played, but I might in the future?
  5. EDIT: A poll has been added in, seeing how there is at least some interest in the premise. The title says it all, as this is simply a suggestion for one of the many things that the Angry Army can throw together in terms of tournament-style setups. This can be viewed in two ways: or Think about it.
  6. I've just been convinced to play Fallout, since it has similarities to Skyrim. However, I'm unsure which one to try. I thought I should just play the newest, but I know all too well that newer doesn't necessarily mean better. I really want to like this game, so which one would you suggest I play? <3
  7. So, I checked all three pages and there doesn't seem to be one of these, so... Just vote for what Class you usually play and/or have at Level 80 Just for a bit of fun, I'd like you to vote for your favourite race as well. Me personally, only have my Engineer at level 80 so far, but I'm working on my Warrior right now. My favourite race are the Norn, because I love Nordic things, and Norn fit that description. Charr are a close second.
  8. There is some new intel on the editions that will be coming. Question is, which one will u be picking. GHOST EDITIONThis is your Ghost. It sought you out for centuries. It found you, dead and forgotten in the ruins of our civilization’s violent Collapse, and it brought you back to life to protect us all. Defend our home, drive back the forces of Darkness, find a way to awaken the Traveler, and Become Legend. CONTENTS:Ghost Replica, Limited Edition SteelBook™ Case and Game Disc, Guardian Folio, "Arms and Armament" Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, Antique Star Chart, A Unique Ghost Casing, An Exclusive Player Emblem and An Exclusive Player Ship Skin. INCLUDES THE DESTINY EXPANSION PASS LIMITED EDITIONHumanity has been searching the ruins of our Golden Age for Guardians – heroes capable of wielding Light as a weapon. You have just been found and given a vital mission: defend our home, drive back the forces of Darkness, find a way to awaken the Traveler, and Become Legend. CONTENTS:Limited Edition SteelBook™ Case and Game Disc, Guardian Folio, "Arms and Armament" Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, Antique Star Chart, A Unique Ghost Casing, An Exclusive Player Emblem and An Exclusive Player Ship Skin. INCLUDES THE DESTINY EXPANSION PASS DIGITAL GUARDIAN EDITIONDestiny is a next generation first person shooter, with rich cinematic storytelling set in huge worlds to explore. Create and customize your Guardian. Defeat your enemies. Become Legend in intense cooperative, competitive, and innovative public gameplay modes. CONTENTS:Digital Download of Destiny, Early Access to the Vanguard Armory and Player Emblem pre-order bonus, Exclusive In-Game: Ghost Casing, Player Ship and Player Emblem. INCLUDES THE DESTINY EXPANSION PASS EXPANSION PASSExpand your Destiny adventure with brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer arenas, and a wealth of all new weapons, armor, and gear to earn. The Destiny Expansion Pass includes Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below and Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves. In The Dark Below, you'll discover an ancient tomb has been unsealed. Beneath the surface of the Moon, a dark god has answered centuries of prayer, and a dark army has risen. Explore the true depths of the Hellmouth. Stop the dark Hive ritual and survive. CONTAINS:Destiny Expansion I: The Dark BelowDestiny Expansion II: House of Wolves
  9. Hey so this is for us LMG lovers as stated in the topic favorite Lmg and accessories and if I set the poll up right you can have multiple choice. So pick vote and post and would love to hear from ya. Now as for my picks the PKP PECHENEG and the M249 aka SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) and my attachments for the PKP are Russian holo sight, Heavy Barrel, Angled fore grip, Magnifier, and Flat Autumn camo. For the M249 SAW American Holo sight, Heavy Barrel, Potato or Ergo Grip, Laser sight, and Flat Dessert or Crimson Woodland camo.
  10. Well now that Dark Souls 2 came out a month ago I feel that this question should be asked, especially since this is the fifth year anniversary of the franchise, and while I know that technically Demon's Souls isn't part of Dark Souls series cause of lore reasons and that Dark Souls is just a spiritual successor, I still feel like it still belongs in this list, so what would your favorite Souls game be out of the three
  11. Greetings! As you might have noticed, on the 24 Hour Stream article, http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/_/articles/august-2nd-sgtross-tons0fun-24-hour-twit-r102, at 2 AM CDT, SgtRoss & Tons0fun are playing a "Pen and Paper" RPG session with myself as the GM (Game Master) with the help of the amazing site. Roll20.com The ruleset we will be using is a Lovecraftian inspired horror system called Tremulus, which is in the same vein as rulesets such as Dungeon World and Apocalypse World. These are narrative-based systems, where the situations evolve around the player, and in-fact the GM doesn't make any rolls at all, they react when they succeed, partially succeed, and fail (much to our delight) on an action. One thing I would like our forums help with is determining the setting that our two intrepid investigators will be stepping into. In the poll above you will be asked two questions about the town they will be heading to. Namely what do the investigators think to be real about the town and it's people, AND what weirdness they've heard about the town. Everyone should pick THREE choices per question, each 3 choice combination describes a different town and it's unique situation, which gets even more interesting when mushed up with the other 3 choice combination question!! So hope some of y'all will stay up and watch as Tons and Ross descend into madness! The cut-off for this poll will be Friday evening, so vote now and spread the word! EDIT: POLL CLOSED, thanks for voting, Winning codes are ABE & CEF, see how they play out tonight on the stream!
  12. Oh My God this is so awesome i watched the sony E3 press confrence i saw No Man's Sky i personly think it looks awesome it looks full of exploration,freedom,LOTS OF SCi-FI, and lots more i think the game has lots of potential and i cant beleive its made ny and INDIE GAME COMPANY what do you think of No Man's Sky?
  13. Hello guys, I am making this topic/poll, in response to a issue I've experienced while flying realistic with AJSA, it involves lots of talking on Teamspeak, before we are able to decide on which country and tier, to fly with. So I through I'll make this poll mainly for fun, and out of curiosity, to see witch country is the "common/most played in AJSA! and who knows, we might even discover something, so vote! Obviously, my vote goes for the Germans. Let us know what you think! I made the Poll public, with multiple choice, since some of us, might have more then one preferred country Also, please let me know, if you would like to see a poll like this, for each of the different tiers! we might find some common ground. Also I've been wondering why there's no place for us to organize squads, maybe a list or something, so share your opinion on these themes, if you have one, and I'll work on something neat.
  14. Which game do you play the most and why i play the game Warframe on my PS4 the most whats yours
  15. Lets plan ahead
  16. I don't want to be that guy but i thought it would be interesting to see what FPSs people like to play. Please guys don't turn this forum into a flame war. also suggest more FPSs that aren't in the list and i will put them up for Poll, thank you. ​Please Invite your friends to come vote! Thank you
  17. I wanted to conduct a gaming poll for fun as well as research for a paper I am writing. The question is what is your gaming platform of choice this next gen( the 8th gen i think). answer here in the comments and of course the poll. Hope we all have fun with this.
  18. Hi, I just made this poll to know which of these two is more popular. If you don't have any models, just choose in which one you are interested. ;-) In my case I like both of them. (3 armies of WH 40K and 1 army for WH FB :-P )
  19. I am curious of the 3 next gen systems. What systems are you guys getting? PS4, Xbox one, Wii U or maybe all 3? Or a Gaming PC or Steam Machine maybe? Also you can type a reason why if you wish. I will be going with a Wii U and PS4. (Allready own a Wii U). I went with Sony since my brother and I had a PS1. I like the Sony excluesives like Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and Ratchet and Clank. Also Wii U for the awesome Nintendo games like Legend of Zelda and Pikmin etc. And I allready own a kickass gaming rig. Forza does look awesome tho
  20. The year is all most over and there have so many great games which one do you think you enjoyed the most .Which game would you pick for game of year. Which game brought you great entertainment. Which game surprised you the most.
  21. Do you think the display of any achievement/trophy score should be controlled by you? This includes you wanting to see it or not as well as anybody else!
  22. hello! i thought i make a short regulary updated list to represant some AJSA members experiences with all those key-stores you can find in the world wide internet. simply post where you bought how many games (approximate & keystore name!) and give a positive or negative feedback about that store. also post the payment method used. ------------------ +1 means: very good +2 means: good ~3 means: not realy thrustable but its working and i always got my key. sometimes i had little problems and send a support ticket. -4 means: i bought some games and they scamed me once or twice -5 means: they scamed me already on first buy -------------------
  23. aliens vs. predator is a classic title for pc users one of the best games in the year 2000 and still fondly remembered by those that got a chance to play before it lost its credibility in 2010. featuring three playable races in the stealthy aliens, resourceful marines, and brutally powerful predator, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. well no longer a competitive series, for thousands of users, its still a go to game when your bored as hell. I would love to see the AJSA revive this ancient and wonderful game, with its doom style off fast paced combat, and maps built to either compliment all races or give one race better advantages over the other two, this game still keeps up with its younger fps brothers and sisters. pros/// /fast paced combat with many game modes to keep it interesting /many maps to switch thru and play I doubt anyone will know each by heart /a retro throwback for those who want a nostalgic trip back to the avp world /game is only $5 on steam with all original maps and dlc Cons\\\\ \lack of players online \steam servers host multiplayer (I've had a few issues connect drops, hackers, etc.) \lesser graphics may give a few motion sickness still....I think its a game worth having in our approved games list
  24. Should The Angry Army Play Path of Exile? Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below! *No Flamewars *No Council Bashing *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA! Pros: 1. Free to play. 2. Hardware requirements are not extremely high. 3. Pretty good size party at 6 players including yourself. 4. PVP is available. 5. Gives a good nostalgia feeling for people that played D2. 6. Doesn't lock you playing for a certain amount of time, people can drop in and out if it is needed. Cons: 1. Can feel grindy if playing solo. 2. Has slight learning curve, but can be learned quickly. 3. The theory crafting in the game can feel overwhelming for new players to the genre. Current Council Decision: Passed! We have asked Agosparti to lead our guild. At Least 1 Experienced Officer - In order for the AJSA to run an efficient Division within that new game, there must be at least ONE Experience Game-Specific Officer who is designated as "Guild Leader" (creating the guild in game as the owner). This Game Officer will then have the responsibility to run the game in cooperation with other Officers that he selects (and are approved by Command). He becomes the single point of contact for all AJSA Matter related to that Game. Game Specific Officers may not run multiple Game Divisions within the Angry Army - They are in charge and support for only ONE at a time so that it has their FULL Attention. ***Please Remember that even if The Angry Army doesn't Officially Support The Game or Create a Game Division within it, that you can by all means still play the game with your AJSA Tag if you would like to do so!