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Found 1 result

  1. The post launch support will suck, and here's why. And no, it's not this news that they're already announcing sequels, although that is a factor in that ideas for improvement may just be saved for the newer games instead of being patched in. It's about the season pass. To explain what I'm on about, we first have to look at another multiplayer only shooter published by EA, Titanfall. When the game first launched, allot of people were bummed buy it's lack of content for a full priced game (familiar story, eh?), but was heavily tweaked with better balancing, matchmaking, levelling, emblems and a multitude of new game modes in the months following the games launch. Werther one feels with all this game was still worth it the price comes down to the individual, but the most important thing is this was added at no additional cost completely separate from the games DLC packs and season pass. The season pass also was eventually offered for free with DLC maps put into general circulation, but that was after quite a while from launch and I'm not gonna count them for this, it's still worth noting that happened though. Now on to the season pass. Each of the three DLC packs offer new cosmetics, but more importantly three new maps for $10 each or $25 for the season pass. So if I'm getting my maths and assumptions correct that's not far of the same amount of content currently advertised as being a part of the Battlefront's season pass for about half the cost. So, already Battlefront's DLC looks bullshit by comparison, but I fear it's going to get worse. Here is what was put into the game for free outside of the bug fixes and balancing ect. Marked for Death Game Mode Marked for Death Pro Game Mode Pilot Skirmish Game Mode Frontier Defence Game Mode Private Matches (TBH, should have been there from the start, so you could call that a patch) New Insignias New Unlockable OS Voices Deadly Ground Game Mode Stipulation DLC Maps Added to Circulation Now on to the point Given that Battlefront's season pass doesn't offer much more (IMO) that Titanfall's did, what do think the odds are that Battlefront will have this much added to the game for free? Not a chance. EA and DICE simply can't afford to not lock this stuff behind the season pass to help justify it's cost. I'm not saying DICE aren't gonna improve the game, but it'll be the kind of patching and general improvements that are necessary and always, nothing extra. Being a seasonal EA game, DICE will inevitably be kept busy with these bug fixes and balancing. Titanfall was developed by Respawn who weren't exactly very busy in year post Titanfall except for post launch support on that game, not like DICE who'll be working on at least one other Battlefront and probably a new Battlefield over the next few years. DICE won't have the time nor the budget to develop the equivalent of what we got for free in Titanfall and the amount of DLC to justify that kind of cost of that season pass planned for Battlefront separately, there's just no way. This coupled with new Battlefronts already announced means the post launch support of Battlefront is going to suck. That is my prediction. That's something EA were actually doing pretty the last year or two. What a shame.