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Found 8 results

  1. Light up your torches, sharpen your pitchforks, because I am gonna complain about something in Skyrim. Okay, now with the little fun intro thing out of the way, lets get down to business. Skyrim, I'll start out with saying that I dont hate it I do like it, its just... the most fun I had in the game was attacking/defending Whiterun. Its the civil war quest line that interest me most. But its so one-sided. You take/hold Whiterun and then you take a few forts before you take Solitude/Windhelm. The End. And yes, I know you got the blackmail and messanger things aswell, but they are minor things. I want more out of it. They could've added a strategic element to it. Where to attack, where to focus on defence. Having to defend forts. Just taken a fort and preparing to take another? Oh dear, it seems like your new won prize is under attack. There could've been a tug of war, 2 forts were attacked at the same time, gotta decide which one is worth the most to save. Maybe even resources, gold from gold mines. Ores and ingots for crafting from other mines. Upgrade your troops with better equipments. And the biggest annoyance I have is, it the FIRST thing introduced to us in the game. "Ulfric Stormcloak? You're the leader of the Rebellion" "General Tulius, the military governor". These are the first characters to be introduced to us. They are the biggest characters in the Civil War. They are introduced BEFORE the dragon is. One of the first quests you get when getting out of Helgen is to join the Stormcloaks/Legion. Wasnt the Civil War supposed to be visible in Skyrim. Unless you follow the quest line, all you'll see is patrols or prisoner escorts. And dont get me wrong, I like the main quest line, its just I like taking the forts and fighting other people in a war more than I like hacking away at the feet/wing/tail/head of a dragon with it not even reacting to it. Now that I've said what I had to say I'll just step in this shower for some tar and feather. I started on a joke, I'll end it on a joke.
  2. Who else agrees that they should give us an option to take the volatiles away from the minimap at night? I was hoping for intense and scary nights in Dying Light, but the damn minimap with the volatiles vision cones and all that makes it not scary at all! You don't have to be carefull because you just have to look at the minimap to know if a volatile is near... Its not scary! If we had an option to remove it from the minimap however, you would have to sneak more and be on guard all the time, listen after the sounds they make and all! It would be so much better!
  3. This year, I notice one very annoying thing in gaming, specifically the capacity required to install PC games. Look at these games for instance: Wolfenstein, Titanfall, Thief and Dead Rising 3. What do these games have in common? Their fucking huge storage requirement. I'm talking 25GB - 50GB big. Yesterday I bought Shadow of Mordor, and that game too has a huge storage reqirement, 33GB. It's so annoying. Now I have to wait for 2 days just to play this game to wait while it downloads. But that's if I'm at home, but I can't be at home because I have to go to work. So I have to put my laptop's "sleep mode" to "sleep after inactive for 6 hours" just so The game will download, and that means It'll take 4 days for me to finally play the game, same with the other 3 I just mentioned. I understand that Thief and Dead Rising 3 are open world games with next gen graphics, so it's expected to have 30 GB of storage required, but what about Titanfall and Wolfenstein? These two are just fps games that has no huge world to explore and are just straightforward games! Why the fuck do they require 50 GB??? Is it because of their heavy graphics requirement? I doubt it because Battlefield 4 looks better than these, and that only requires 20 GB to install, waayy less. I discuss with Twisted Chi about this and he said it's because of audio files. How in the name of fuck can audio files take up that much space? Why aren't these games just 10 GB? Why 50? Do you have any idea how long you have to wait to download these games online? It could take half a day and that's if you have great internet. What about those people that has internet that can only have 500 kb max per download? With maximum 50 GB cap? They will have to wait 1 month till their internet resets just to use internet again, or buy a new internet plan just to have more capacity! Is it really necessary to have such huge storage requirement?
  4. I can't seem to join the Teamspeak server, when I try to link it, the Teamspeak client gives me this error: "insufficient client permissions (failed on Invalid permission: 0x26)" I have tried a new linking code several times (by refreshing the link page every 30 seconds). I managed to get on the server for a bit, then at one point the AngryBot put me in the guest server group then later I had left, and when I came back, I couldn't connect anymore and my profile says that I have not linked my account with a Teamspeak Identity.
  5. Hi The info is especially for the tech guy\group who run this site and forum. Guys, you should check if some foreign domains like xyz.ru or xyz.pl are supported by your validating system. Because i tried two of my national email portals, and validating message was not sent to either of them even in 2 days after signing up here. Then i made a new Gmail adress and everything was ok, message was sent in something like 15 seconds. So, you should check it out
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new here, as you can tell by my 0 posts on the left (or soon to be 1, I suppose). Before I decided to reply to any other topic though, I thought it might be best that I make up my own. A topic that has been touched upon, but not in detail. I don't want to complain about a good game (not great, but so far good), yet can it really be called 'complaining' when these problems it has are not only so many in number, but so true and game-breaking? That they are so insultingly bad that your entire experience slowly begins to collapse, unlike the many indestructible walls and objects in the game? No. These are just the facts, and I would seriously like some change. And although I'm not sure of the army's ability to make changes, it would be amazing if it could happen. I understand these changes might be made by the developers (assuming they didn't have the time, and now are working to fix the rushed product), but if they are not, then a comprehensive list must be made. So let's go through some of the problems, in no particular order, shall we: 1) Obliteration This is, by far, one of my favorite game modes so far. Overall, the chaos and absolute madness in battle around the bomb, especially in the center of the map where the two teams first clash, is both exhilarating and a great spectacle for observers. Yet, for all the fun it is to mow down 20 people in 30 seconds, who are mindlessly running over their dead comrades to get at the bomb, it is ridiculous how long this game can last and yet go absolutely nowhere. In my experience, more than 50% of the time, the game is a draw, and its certainly not for a lack of trying. One of the main problems is that when someone carrying the bomb dies, there is a good chance that the bomb will suddenly lift itself into the sky and stay there until it re-spawns in the middle. This means that even though you may have had the bomb by an objective, ready to go, you now lose possession. You have to start again, and the madness continues. This is an obvious bug that needs serious fixing. The other two problems, and this is of my own opinion, include the long-ass time limit, and the fact that the game has no tickets - it continues until either someone wins, or the objectives are taken. I think adding tickets would help reduce the absurd game-time it takes to finish, and encourage the teams to work on the objectives rather than sit and camp the enemies dropping in or spawning. As far as I can tell, the game (as it stands) is more about raking in kills than actually getting the objective. 2) Squad Deathmatch Here is my, and many others, Squad DM experience: "Oh I spawned just to die. Damn. Better re-spawn." "Oh, just spawned in the same place... and got killed again. Okay." "And AGAIN." "Would you please stop spawn camping me!?" "AGAIN!? WHY DONT I SPAWN SOMEWHERE ELSE?" Squad DM is hell on earth if you can't somehow spawn on your leader, assuming they are in a safe position. This is for a number of reasons, but lets just cover the basic issue(s) at the core. The maps are just too damn small. Squad DM maps in BF3 were incredibly well designed. First off, they were large, meaning even if the map was full up of between 16-32 people, you still had a damn good chance to spawn somewhere safe, and get your bearing. Second, and because they were large, they had many more opportune spots for a soldier to plan to attack or defend from, or to interact with. Which leads to point number three, where you actually had time to plan and coordinate, and to hold an area from attackers. Now, the maps are about 1/4 the size, and can contain just as many players (I believe) as battlefield 3. This means that when you spawn, there is an incredibly high chance you will not only be seen before you are out of the dark womb that is loading time, but that you will be shot and killed before you even move. And, even when you do get to a 'safer' area, you are surrounded by enemies because the map is just so damn small. I actually found myself getting less kills less quickly on a smaller map, because I died much often despite trying to both camp and run around with teammates. There just isn't any time for strategy, its simply spawn, shoot, and die. Maybe you guys find that fun, but I don't. It's depressingly boring, and an embarrassingly bad example in good gameplay compared to BF3. 3) Defuse Easily the most buggy and broken of the modes, defuse has many problems that hold it back from being the great new mode that it should be. Once again, the maps are too small. The objectives end up being too close to the initial spawn of the enemy, and there is just no time to be strategic. Not really, anyway. Second, there are plenty of game-breaking bugs, such as the spectating issues. This includes spawning and then spectating your friends, even though you're alive, while not being able to move (this seems to happen on round 1). There is also the spawning bug when you first join and are unable to spawn, yet you DO spawn. Meaning you are still at the spawning screen, but are stuck in place in the game. It means the enemy has to hunt your ass down to win, or just let themselves been blown up. It wastes time. Last of all, the worst thing about defuse is the lack of a timer (or a proper one, anyway). The attackers don't even need the bomb - the mode might as well be called "Squad DM, without re spawn," because that is what it turns into. The bomb is meaningless without a timer that counts down in a way similar to rush or squad rush from BF3. When the bomb is planted, even if the timer is at 0, the bomb continues to tick until disarmed. That way it actually means something to plant it. And that's another thing! Squad Rush from BF3 fixed all of my above issues with this mode, and was a much better, more fun experience. And it will remain that way until defuse is fixed. 4) Destructible Terrain and Levolution (My own opinion here, really) Where is it, exactly? Yes, on many conquest maps there are buildings and so forth that explode, fall down, and are destructible. Yet, on other maps like Resort, there are many walls inside the main building (and I noticed this especially on Defuse) that are not destructible. This goes the same for certain objects outside the area, and its unfortunate. I'd like to strategically place some C4 to get in a different way, like in BF3. I understand that may have been done purposely, but I think it was a bad decision. Its also possible that the developers didnt have the time to make it all destructible, or at least the majority, and thus left it out. Am I wrong here? As for levolution, I have seen little of it. The only examples I've noticed are the skyscraper falling, and the storm raging on in parcel. Yes, the storm and the building are awesome, but what about the dam? I've seen it explode many times and effect nothing, not to mention not pour out any water. Are they fixing this, is it being released later, or is it just me? 5) Net code/ Shooting at someone and they don't die or take damage (or you seem to get 1-shot) I think we all know how annoying it is when we shoot at someone, their character reels back and spazzs out in their 'hurt' animation,' but nothing happens. Then the enemy turns and kills you immediately. Well, it seems that this is because of some bad net code, or some bad lag that I'm just not aware of. It's more than annoying, its game-breaking. It needs to be fixed. 6) Commander This needs to be improved. I've heard many tales about how battlefield use to have commander and it was much more involving and awesome, and I would honestly like to see it return. The commander needs to be on the field, or have the option to be on it, and have a more impressive and useful impact on it. Scans are useless (except to the commander, I suppose) on hardcore or maps without a radar, and squad promotions and supply crates are very situational and not helpful overall. It can be fun ordering squads around to different objectives, especially since you know where they are needed most, but generally people don't listen and don't care. They do their own thing. 7) Teamwork/Spotting/Etc In hardcore, spotting is useless. You're better off typing to the person where the enemy is than relying on "they're off the west of you, soldier." As for general teamwork, squad leaders seem to have trouble getting their squads (including my own) to go to an objective they designated. In fact, most of the time they don't care and don't bother to work together. In the case of squad DMs and defuse, this is likely the case because the maps are so small that teammates have little time to get together and react as one unit, or to plan effectively on the fly. For bigger maps, this sort of thing has been around for a while, but here it seems worse - people just want kills, and don't care to work as a group to get objectives. 8) Crashes, Bugs, and little things Finally we get to the crashes, huh? Are you excited!? Oh, hang on, my forum just crashed. Need to retype this all. Actually the forum didn't crash, but what if it did and I lost all of this? It would be absolutely frustrating and depressing, much like how you might work your way through 99% of a game and be on the top of your team, winning 600 to 10 tickets, and yet crash and lose all that data. If this doesn't happen to you, I hope it never does, because its happened to me and it sucks. I've wasted hours playing games and crashing to not even get a god damned battle report - its like I never even played in the game. This isn't even MENTIONING the crashes between map switches, or loading a map, or even leaving the damn game. My game will crash about 80% of the time when I do these things - its ridiculous. Joe was right, and he isn't the only one. Other bugs, for me anyway, include: - Being kicked and not having anything tell me why or IF I was even kicked. Or tell me if I simply disconnected, like when BF3's battlelog did. - Trying to defib people as a medic requires you to try more than once sometimes, if it even works at all. - Bipod on my guns seem unsure whether or not they want to deploy, and most of the time they undeploy at the slightest movement Right now I can't think of anymore bugs, but I'm sure I will after I post this. My brain is fried from thinking so much about battlefield, and I think thats enough for now. Feel free to share your opinions and debate me on anything I said - I honestly think I might be wrong in places, and I DO like the game. I just hope many of the legitimate bugs/crashes/problems get fixed, because otherwise I don't know if I want to play it anymore. Its depressing.
  7. Hi i actually joined just about 4 days ago and decided just now to make a introduction anyways i'm Problem Sleuth the most hard boiled sleuth to ever exist i also like candy corn.Anyways i'm kinda new to the whole forum thing and hope to have a lot of fun times.So yea i guess that all i really have to say .
  8. Every so often I will be running and I will have no control except to turn my camera. My person will keep moving in a certain direction like when you will hit the auto move button in battle field or in other game except you can't shoot or move back the other way. It only happens for around 5 seconds and occurs every 5 minutes or so but it's enough to get irritated and constantly get killed because of it. If you know a fix or are having the same problem please comment and I don't know if it's the game, keyboard, mouse or any other equipment/software. I have tried fixing the game through origin as well just so you know and it didn't work.