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Found 6 results

  1. For the few people that still remember me, I've been in the AJSA for a while. Life sorta caught up with me and I needed to step away for a while. I wouldn't say I'm "back" to fulltime AJSA but I'm gonna try to be around the forums a bit more. My downtime has been almost exclusively WoW lately. I only got into it recently, but its hooks are deep. I tried getting into it on three separate occasions since Wrath of the Lich King, but I think Hearthstone was the thing that made me fall for the lore and world of Warcraft. (The RTS was pretty good too, but that wasn't enough to hook me.) So yeah it seems like there are one or two people here who frequently play WoW, and I wanna play with you guys if I can.. and I also wanna see where everyone stands when it comes to server and faction preference. Maybe we can band together and do weekly raids or dungeons. (I've still got to do the group Apexis dailies if anyone wants to help with that.) So for people interested in adding me my Battlenet is AngelAquila#1241. I'm probably gonna get Overwatch when it comes out. Or you can watch me suck at Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm.... I've never played, but I might in the future?
  2. The Event You’ve All Been Waiting For THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE WATER The Tequatl Quaggan Zerg Do you like Quaggans? Do you like Spoons and Karma? Then I strongly suggest you join in on September 6, 11:15pm server time [45 minutes before server reset Tequatl]! The idea is simple- we’re gonna do a quaggan zerg out of the water and onto the beach right before Teq lands for fun, coooOOOing all the way, and then we’ll join the main zerg and kill Tequatl! Feel free to invite your friends from other guilds, the more the merrier! Arrive early and stage on the opposite beach, and make sure you stay for the fight (no backing out because we don’t want to make a map fail, eh?) Contact XioKigh.3809 with your questions.
  3. Hello everyone who is reading. My name is Abraham Motta, Motta for short. And im new. I just joined the army and I want to be a around the spotlight, not in it but there. I would like to ask you(the reader/player/Mr.Mc.Badass[if you are as]) and/or join me to 100% GW2. That means everything and more (insert event here).The map, the views, the bosses, raids, Wave points, enemies, loot, and stuff (everyTHING!!!!). So will you help me out. I know the basics, the advance stuff, well... Will get there when we get there. Note. This will be PVE only till we hit the level and where everyone is fine with PVP together. Note. will be using on the AJSA TS3 Sever Note. Most start a new Charter. Im not in the AJSA guild at this time, i will be sending a request after posting. The C.O.C stands with playing with me and the people that are playing at the time. NE. I will look back on this a few days from now to check if anyone is up for it. This is not a way for me to get notice. This is me trying to find people that want to play this for a long term comit. to have fun and a way for me to get to get more active on the forums for GW2 and others. To help the AJSA more than i can by doing something. Note. This, me and you that want to play this game. Not a official event by the AJSA's Event Planner for GW2. So yep. Done. Love: Motta
  4. Hey guys! I've been a long time viewer of the Angry Joe Show, and have just decided to pop in to check this community out. I've been a long time player of EVE Online, and the clans (corporations as they are called ingame) of the game are amazing. The game is almost entirely player driven, and whilst with a 'skill system', even the newest of players can have a significant impact on the game world. Best of all, it is all on one server ! Below are some pros and cons about EVE: Pros: Solid corporation (clan) system as well as alliance system integrated.API system allows vast integration with out of game killboards, websites etc.Wide ranging PVP, from 1 v 1 fighting to all out 5000 man battles (See: Battle Of Asakai), which also includes an annual 'alliance tournament' where groups fight in a televised tournament run by CCP Games.Game is very much group based, with some of (including the current 'most powerful' corp) the alliance and corporations ingame being from existing gaming communities (eg. Reddit & Something Awful).Almost entirely player driven ingame economy, including a very complex notion of 'market pvp'. Some players play the whole game without shooting a turret due to the complexity of industry in EVE Online.2 expansions each year (Summer & Winter), which are free of charge.Already has a solid and great existing community, with content guaranteed.Cons: Learning curve is considered infamously steep by many, but depending on how this is approached, a good corp can make it much easier.The game at times can be stagnant, but this however depends on the circumstances and varies all the time.Requires a monthly subscription. (NOTE: This subscription can be paid with ingame currency if you make enough).'Wild West' environment.The game turns off a lot of players due to the rough nature of the game, namely in the PVP aspects.Has a huge meta game. Depending on how you look at this, this could be a negative or a positive.PVP style is not for everyone. It is surprisingly adrenaline filled, but does use a 'strategic view' whereby it is not an action packed FPS.Community is highly intelligent. Yeah, don't mess with some of them, they know their shit. So yeah, EVE Online is not for everyone, but having originally jumped into the game hesitant, and ending up loving it having played for over 4 years, i can say it is a great game worth the money (not that i pay the subscription anymore anyways). My main character's name in game is 'Jon Kauton' if you are already playing. I have a wealth of experience in corporation management and know many people not currently in this community who could also be valuable assets in establishing a legitimately viable corporation for this community. Please feel free to ask any questions and they will be answered! Fly safe o7
  5. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  6. Terraria is a game near and dear to my heart. For those that don't know, it's a voxel based 2-d game where you create a character and a world to explore, there are numerous enemies to fight or avoid, biomes to explore, and loot to be had. You can have fun building the ultimate fortress, create elaborate mines or underground bunkers (or my personal favorite, the hellevator...a shaft dug all the way from the surface to the Underworld ) some pros and cons of the game are as follows: PROS - you can invite nearly 200 players onto a single server (hardware specs providing of course) - fun boss battles and lots and lots of weapons, armor and accessories to gather - ability to build and shape nearly any block type to make a house/fortress your own (can be as artistic as you like) - lots of NPCs to acquire for your 'town' - a triggerable in-game hardmode for when the regular gameplay gets boring for you - the game is cheap, only $9.99 on Steam CONS - it's not very fun to play by oneself - updates to the game (usually) are few and far between (this does not include bugfixes, the devs are generally good on that front; conent is the main factor) - it can sometimes be difficult to get people together on a server - no voice communication (outside comm systems like ventrilo or teamspeak would need to be used) - game can lag with large numbers of people on server, also block physics (such as liquid flow) can react oddly with more people