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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to be honest, I've peeked a lot into the DOTA 2 section to see how the forums are organized and I stole this idea from them so I decided we could do the same here. I know that we have few players who are still leveling and still learning the basics of the game and they could probably use some help and this is why AJSA is here. If you are interested in helping new players to LoL who are part of the AJSA, feel free to reply here with your summoner's name or you can send me a PM so I will add you to the coaching list. Once you are added into the coaching list, any new player who browses through here can add you and ask you to coach/help him. We've had few guests joining League of Legends from our fellow DOTA 2 guild and that's Muddy and mrfool although they just play casually from fun, but you guys could still need some help.^^ Also anyone else who is new to the game, interested in maining some roles, learning the basics or more advanced stuff, you can reply here, add me or anyone else who is willing to coach, contact us in-game and we will help you. Now, I will start first so if you are interested in coaching, add the following info like this: COACHES (North America) Summoner name: Séph Region: NA Rank: Gold I (Currently in series for Plat V) Main Role: Top/Jung (S4) Hours in-game: Played since launch Extra: I have mained every role at some point while playing lol over the past few years. My only requirement is that you be in teamspeak. I may not be the best lol player but, I can definitely help you understand the fundamentals and why things are done they way they are done. Summoner name: VincentGK Region: NA Rank: Gold V Main Role: All Rounder. Hours in-game: Played since open beta of the game with a several breaks in between. Extra: I do not really play competitively, that's why my rank is not so high, even though I played a lot. But I'm willing to impart what I can to people who are willing to learn. Summoner name: Ravenkitsune Region: NA Rank: Bronze III Main role: Mid Hours in-game: ...a lot. (started playing at the beginning of summer and play at least 10hours a day and 24hours every saturday. I tried to calculate it but i got a head ache so heres my attempt lol) Summoner Name: Retributiøn Region: NA Ranked: Diamond V Main Role: Mid/Jungle Hours In-game: Season 1 Extra: I'm pretty much well experienced in every role and have a lot of knowledge of the game ie, champions, meta. itemization, tactics, and shot calling. You can ask me a question about any LoL stuff. You can send me a request on LoL or message me on the website here, for voice communication we can use the community teamspeak. I'll try my best to help out any way I can COACHES (Europe West) Summoner name: ZabuzaYo (ApexSpartan) Region: EUW Rank: Silver 2 (season 4) Main role: Support/ADC and I play lots of AP carries. As a lower tier player I can help lower tiers so don't expect any high level super plays/tips from me to show you however I can get you into basics of all lanes and some advanced stuff for mid lane, ADC and support plays. Hours in-game: About 700-800 hours If you are interested in coaching, you can reply to this thread like I did above so that new players who come here, can get your info, add you in-game and contact you. I will keep this thread up to date, once you reply, I will copy paste your info and put it here in the OP. As for students and players/members looking to learn about the game, add the following information: STUDENTS (North America) Summoner name: StickyChief Region: NA Rank/Level: Level 10 Preferred role: Can only play Garen currently. STUDENTS (Europe West) Summoner name: Humorousone Region: EU Rank/Level: Level 12 Preferred role: Any role on bot. I can play support, although i'm not a very good. I've only had a try at Ashe, garen, and a handful of other champions so far. This way, you can either add a coach if you are willing to learn or people willing to teach can add a student. Hopefully this way we get more members playing, interested in the game and get the whole community here a little more active. As I've said, once you reply, I will add your info to my OP here so nobody has to browse through the thread later.