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Found 150 results

  1. This may be more a question to those who have played the original game and know the full cast but any FF noobs are welcome For the next game in the new FF7 series, its uncertain how many new characters we will see given how much content the game put just into Midgar. Anyone here have any characters they are looking forward to seeing? I’d say I’m most looking forward to Mr. Valentine
  2. So this game was released on Steam during Christmas recently. After playing this game, I conclude that there is no fucking way this is a Christmas game. Well..... there is a Christmas event in the game, but that is just a smokescreen to the deep2 darkness that you will experience. This is more of a 2021 game, which I will treat this game as. Because this game is fucked up & depressing as hell, and it's also a GOTY candidate. The game's basic plot from the intro is this: you play as this boy named Omori. You live inside this place called "whitespace", aka the place where an obvious red flag is up signifying that this is the place where a child with SERIOUS depression issue lived in. Thankfully outside of this whitespace, Omori can go on an adventure with 3 of his faithful friends: Aubrey, Kel & Hero (yep, that's his name. It's actually just a nickname but the game never give him another name so eh) & explore the whimsical world where everything is so very colorful & happy! And then you realize that nothing is at it seems & this game is an RPG maker game that's heavily inspired by the Mother series and another wonderfully messed up depressing game that you might know: Yume Nikki. So you know that even though everything is hunky-dory, it will go down to hell. And MAN OH MAN it does. I mean just look at the 2 trailers this game has & you will know what's coming your way Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................ As I had mentioned before, this is an RPG maker game. Now the great thing though is that it doesn't feel like your typical RPG Maker with the basicness that most other RPG maker games had. The game had been in development since 2014, and the efforts put into the game is clear. The dev went out of their way to polish this game to a damn shine with great handrawn cutscenes + art, pack the game with many2 fun side stuff + quests, REALLY damn good soundtrack and also pace the story really well that it becomes an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to the end. I will not spoil the story because it is the absolute best part about it, but be warned that there's some really fucked up moments in the game that's not for you guys that are the faint of heart. If you are brave enough though, you'll enjoy the hell out of this game like I did & come out of it bruised, but with hope for a better future. The combat for the game is your typical RPG maker combat: attack, gain powerful skills & items from completing sidequests, and try not to die. Buuut with a cool "emotion" system put in. Aside from neutral, there are 3 different emotions you can put yourself & your opponents in: happy, sad or angry. Sad beats happy, angry beats sad, happy beats angry. That's all you gotta keep in mind of, and the best part of the game is just the different sprites that everyone will have when they're a certain emotion. An enemy can go from smiling to going apeshit when you put them to angry, and then sobbing when you put them to sad. This emotion system also makes boss battles really damn fun to do because it's all a matter of switching to the right emotion so you can always be on the right advantage when fighting them. Aside from the emotion system, there's also these "tag" mechanic. You have this bar on top of your "fight" option At the start of every battle, you're given 3 bars. If a character in your party got hit by an enemy attack, the bar increases. The max bars you can get is 10. When you do a normal attack, you can extend that attack using different options that mostly cost 3 bars except for 1 skill that Omori has. For example: if you attack with Omori, you can choose to spend 3 bars to do another attack or do a sweeping attack that reduces the enemy attack. Or you can wait till you have 10 bars & unleash an all out attack that deals giant damage. With Kel, you can tag his ball attack to Omori which changes his mood to sad/ happy/ really happy depending on how far in the story you go, tag to Aubrey which lets her do massive damage, or Hero which makes the attack damage every single enemy on screen & lower their attacks. This Hero attack is my favorite cause I just make everyone eat shit. Hero's all about healing his party members & Aubrey's tag skill either give her extra hit, make her & Kel angry at each other or make her happy when she tags with Hero. Master this mechanic & combat will be a lot of fun, but I recommend doing Kel's tag with Hero cause that always works really well since most of the battles have multiple enemies. Another thing that's awesome: the freaking soundtrack. They are the boppers. The boss battles & normal battle themes kick ass. Here are just some examples I'm surprised that this game has around 130 songs, that's a lot of tunes! This game took me 35 hours to finally beat, and apparently, I was just doing the path that leads to the best ending. This game has an alternate route if you do a specific choice in the middle of the game that will take the game into an entirely different direction. I am not doing that though because that will lead to the depressing ass parts of the game & I am content with the path I took. It's like refusing to do the genocide run in Undertale: yes it's there, but I am not doing it cause what I got is the best I could hope for. Buuut in the end it is up to you guys whether you want to do it or not. This game is easily one of the best games of 2021, not 2020 cause it is so not the best time to release this game on Christmas considering how fucked up things get. I give this game my rating of "be prepared to be emotionally fucked up, but you will get through it a changed person & for the better. Hopefully." With a badass seal of approval. Not quite the ideal way to start off 2021, but it's an interesting experience nonetheless. If you are mentally strong, this game is definitely worth your time. Be happy, be sad, and have fun. Here's hoping that the rest of 2021 will be even better than 2020!
  3. This game came out of nowhere recently to a surprising amount of great reviews talking about it. Now that I played it, I can see why. This game has...... quite an interesting way to start out its story. The game starts with you waking up from the worst hangover you had ever experienced. And by that I mean it's so bad that when you woke up, you have complete amnesia, so you don't know who you are at all other than the fact that you are a detective with a shit-eating grin & there's a dead body hanging right outside the hotel you stayed in. Luckily you can rediscover who you are throughout the game by playing through the game bit by bit. With detective Kim Kitsuragi accompanying you, it is up to you to solve the murder case & help out the inhabitants of this little village in any way you possibly can Holmes and Watson style. If detective Holmes is an amnesiac fat guy with a voice so deep that he actually sounded even worse than Rorschach from Watchmen, and his entire body eg. his thoughts, nervous system & personality talks to him inside his head. Yep, he's one of those people. Fun fact: the only time you hear your character ACTUALLY speaking to other NPCs is when he sang karaoke in one sidequest. The other times you just talk through dialogue boxes, and most of the main character's actual voice is heard during dream sequences where his brain & limb talk to him about how much of a loser he is. What a fun conversation to have with yourself. XD If you have played games like old school Fallout 1 + 2, Shadowrun Returns or Planetscape Torment and love them, then you're going to have a good time with this game because it plays pretty much like those games. You know the drill with these games: pick from a preset skill list in the beginning of the game/ create your character yourself, walk around the world and completing various quests + sidequests to level yourself up while also getting items to equip to increase your in game stats. Oh, and of course, a lot of manual save just to prepare yourself for an upcoming challenge. Now the interesting thing with the game is that there's no traditional combat. So what's the challenge of the game is like? Well, most of the challenge in the game lies with you having to overcome "skill checks" that are all over the place. You know like when you're playing Fallout and you talk to someone you have something like "70% success to use your Speech skill to get more information" or something similar to that? This IS the game's form of combat if that makes any sense because this game has a lot of those things, but they are all separated into different skills which looks like this I customize my character so he has a 3 base stats in everything because I like being an all-rounder, and that suits me well in this game. So you can pretty much encounter a situation like when you're talking to someone and he/she is withholding information from you. If you have enough points to the "SUGGESTION" skill, you can make them open up to you. Or when you're blocked by a man who's guarding a button you have to get to in order to proceed to the next part of the game, you can knock him out if you have enough "PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT" points. Otherwise you can get through him by listening to his crazy "race" ideology, going through this THOUGHT menu, research the ideology & wait until you unlock it so you can talk to the guy again and be friends with him. These thoughts take in game time to complete & when it's done, it stays with you unless you use your level up skill point to remove it. Some thought you can research are really good because they give you skill buffs, while others can actually give minus points to some of your skills, so I suggest having a save file right before a thought is 100% complete so you can decide to cancel it and research another thought. In fact, save-scumming in this game is highly encouraged because most of the game consists of these percentage-based skill challenges, and the typical bullshittery that happens with these percentage based challenges are inevitable. You think you're ok just because a particular skill challenge has a 78/90% success rate? HAH, being naive is the enemy here friends. Unless you want to spend 1+ hour to upgrade a skill or reload a previous 3 hour save file because you messed up and can't solve a quest after you fail an 86% success rate challenge, you better spam the shit out of that save button before you do that skill challenge! There are quite a few ways to finish your quests, and it is all up to you. I finished the game by being a skilled detective who can visualize a crime scene & easily talk through a tough situation to avoid confrontations, while also being a nice guy that always listen to what characters want without upsetting them. Well, as nice as a fat alcoholic who has his internal organs talk to him anyway. I can talk more about the game's plot outside of the opening, but I can't do it because figuring it out for yourself is the fun of this game. It's a detective game after all & this game has a lot of mysteries to uncover. But I can say that the setting of this game world is freaking awesome. It's not like our world & looks like it takes place in what I can describe as a hybrid of the 70s where disco is a thing and modern times with tweaks, so the techs uses radio waves & the cds are these "crystalline cubes". It also has a lot of politics involved, and you can decide for yourself which side you are on. There are 2 things that I don't like about this game. First is that there's no fast travel, which gets quite annoying when you have to backtrack twice just to finish a quest and it'll take 3 - 5 real time minutes just to get from point a to point b. That's probably because the whole game just take place in this one village so this is their way of lengthening the game time. I played for 17+ hours despite this and I love most of my time though so I can deal with that, but what I am really annoyed with though is that the game ends JUST when things are escalating. The main quest is pretty much just about you figuring out who killed the man that's hanging in front of your hotel room, and the game ends when you solve this case completely. Which is good, but while figuring out this case, I came across factions, characters & conflicts that are part of this game's larger universe that I really want to find more about, but the game ends with even more questions and ends on a sequel bait. It's like playing Dark Souls and the game ends after you reach Anor Londo & beaten Ornstein and Smough, but you can't fight the Bearers of the Lord Souls yet and you have to wait until Dark Souls 2 to fight them! I WANT TO SEE MORE DAMN IT, MORE!!! But overall, I really like this game. It's old school RPG at its best, and without any form of traditional combat mechanic. I just wish the game doesn't end right when it did because I barely see what this game's universe has to offer. I give this game the rating of "so good that you can't wait for the possibly inevitable sequel". I was considering putting a badass seal of approval, but that sequel bait changed my mind the more I think about it. I have to say though, $US 40/ $AU 56??? Damn that's a lot! If the game goes on far longer that would be a good price. I would personally lower the price to $US 30/ $AU 43 because of that sequel bait. Still, this is a really good game that will satisfy old school RPG fans. Not quite as awesome as AI Somnium Files, but still a really good game nonetheless.
  4. Hey Soldaten, I figured I would share this project I look forward to with all of you guys and gals. Let's begin by talking about Face of Mankind. Who here has even heard of this wonderfully small MMORPG? It was a game with the idea of having player run factions creating the game's lore as it progressed. There were Government factions (Army and Police), Mega Corporation Factions, and Criminal/Fringe Factions (Anarchists, Gangsters, and Mercenaries). This game was set in a future where humans had created off world colonies and cloning was a everyday thing (The lore reason people respawned if they died). It was a small game with a loyal fanbase, but after being released all the way back in 2006 and having owners of the games switch hands a few times, the game fell out of light and close. (For viewing pleasure ) There is a return as foretold by a prophecy, however. A small band of developers, artists, music composers, and writers have all come together to work on Mankind Reborn! Mankind Reborn (MR) follows a similar formula from Face of Mankind and has taken a large inspiration from it. Factions are present in the game's universe (All pre-made, however due to the early development some of the factions can be renamed to something lore friendly.) This game differs from Face of Mankind significantly, and has a new Cyber Punk aestethtic that is reminiscent of such genres like Blade Runner or maybe even RoboCop. Anyway, I would recommend anyone who is interested in finding a Cyberpunk MMO to play, this one is in development and a release date is not yet available, BUT the people working on it are hard at it. (http://www.mankindreborn.com/)
  5. So there's this game coming up called Elex. Which looks promising. An action RPG which has you able to choose between using guns or melee weapons. Then I saw the gameplay footage And I was thinking "wait..... why does the melee combat look like Risen?" Then it turns out this game is made by the people who made Risen.......... now I'm less than excited...... I sure hope this game will finally be a step up from Risen and that they learned from their mistakes, but this can go either north or south. Do you think the game will finally be good? Or will it suck?
  6. The AJSA is proud to provide a home for Pen & Paper RPG discussion in the AJSA! The evolution of Internet voice-communications, digital distribution of materials, and online tools to play RPGs together have sparked a new Golden Age for Role-players to play together online! It's only fitting the AJSA allow for a place to discuss RPGs and organize games together! Purpose of this forum - Provide a place for discussion of RPG Rulesets, Systems, and Tools. - Provide a place for AJSA members to organize their own in-person or online RPG campaigns - If the demand meets it we can expand into further sub-forums dedicated to popular RPG systems!
  7. Today is the release day for Divinity Original Sin 2, i played for the last year in Early access and just want to share how amazing this game and Larian Studios are, you can tell how much heart, sould and passion they put in there, i think this i a clear example of what a good studio can make when they can do what they love to do (make games) and have not hit the "Super Publisher Suit Wall" with their microtransaccions or "ruin game changes" to low the cost. Ill be very happy if a can see a Angry Review of this game i think they really deserve one. Ps. Sorry for my bad english is not my native lenguage.
  8. If one is interested in deep Cyberpunk RPG experience Sindome is an excellent choice. As the front page says "roleplaying is required" so the game requires a bit time and dedication to play it properly. Sindome can be played with browser but more traditional telnet connection can still be used. http://www.sindome.org/ Has anyone here played Sindome earlier? How about other MUDs?
  9. How about we create an Angry Joe Army clan on Of Kings and Men? I love playing the game the community usually plans events every saturday, wednsday and 1st sunday of the month. The game doesn't have the playerbase it had in the begining but it has been reviving. With love, Fox
  10. What is EON? In short: One instance you're attending a classy party, something goes wrong and the next thing you know you find yourself mentally scarred and fighting for your life EON is a Swedish roleplaying game in the fantasy world of Mundana. There's a heavy dose of "realism" in the system, while it will sound like a simulator in most things, it however offer a lot of roleplaying stuff. Due to the realism aspect of the game, there's a slightly higher mortality rate of characters than D&D. The core rule system can feel difficult to learn and remember, and it in some aspects are, on the bright side, there are tons of different skills you can negotiate with the DM how to use them in certain situations where you think they'd fit, outside of their obvious use, or for a fun story. I'd place EON in medium fantasy. There's magic, other "Peoples" ( EON uses "Peoples" instead of "Races" ) than humans, religious miracles, different kinds of monsters and so forth. However Mages are not that common, and there are downsides to being a mage, aside from failing a spell and then failing to dissipate the out of control spell. The other peoples aren't that different to humans, though from other fantasy games it is, no Orcs or Gnomes, basically they go by a different names though. True "monsters" are also rarer. Non-combat events are grouped into two groups, Challenges and Conflicts. Challenges are events in which there's no direct opponent but a special goal. Another person or monster may be a part of that challenge, but not as a direct opponent and not the end goal. Conflicts are when one part is trying to win over the other part about something, there's an active opponent. Combat can be very fun, damage tables and hit tables really help in the story telling of what's happening and bring the fight more to life. As well as there being no health, but your character gets exhausted instead, and may or may not drop down when taking damage, because that is also a check you do with a dice pool. Another aspect is Mental Trauma from events. Your character may be exposed to mentally disturbing challenges that can affect him/her in some way. Unfortunately they've recently updated the game in the newest version and a lot of the old material isn't usable anymore in terms of gameplay, as fluff it works well. Magic is one of those things that weren't worked on so proper magic is for the time being out of bounds. The characters have some random elements in their creation, important things in your backstory and what kind of bonuses or not-so-good things you carried with you from it. You usually get points to spend on skills. Character improvement isn't as drastic as a "level up". As your story progress you'll be awarded with points, these points can be spent to have a chance of becoming better at a certain skill, learning a new specific skill, new religious stuff, a new language or as we house ruled, have a chance of increasing an attribute. As such, character progression is infinite and there's really no end to your character unless it dies or you retire it. Though improving your skills and attributes get more and more difficult the better you get. From an earlier version of EON, my best kept memory was spending about one hour creating a new character, only to spend five minutes into the game and turn to sand. Mage using Earth magic turned my character to sand, a mage I didn't see after I exited a tavern brawl. As for this newest version, I've only been DM, however last time we played, the party of three players came upon two "toad-people mummies". The mummies beat down the party's tank by round 2, then the ranger got one down in round 5 but went down himself in round 6. After that, the little Missel, gnomish / halflingish, character spent 10 to 15 rounds dodging and hitting the remaining mummy only to utterly destroy the mummy's ribcage and spine so hard it fell apart, how did he do it? He crushed it with a short sword. A fun little thing is that EON uses "infinite dice pools", so to speak. Your skills and attributes are measured in a dice pool, as you may have noticed in the character sheet. When you then do checks you use the pool connected to the specific skill against a numeric value, difficulty. Any 6 you get on your throw is not added to the sum of all throws, instead you get two more dices to the pool. Example, you have 3D6 in Jumping, thus you roll three die, with the results 2, 5 and 6. You add 2 and 5 together and then roll two more die, 1 and 3, adding those to the total sum of 11. Had you gotten another 6, you'd have continued untill you didn't roll any more sixes. Characters also have something called "Focus" which is a resource players can use to increase the size of their dice pool in situations they feel they need the extra power. It however recharge slowly and can be hazardous to ones health if all focus is gone and you start acquring disturbances that affect focus and well being. The latter is the max amount of focus your character can have. To recharge focus, you have to wait to a new game meeting, provided it's justifiable yo regain focus between meetings. Alternatively you can complete a task from your Character Trait, which is basically an incentive to roleplay your character more. You can complete one step of it as many times as you like, but only once per meeting will you get rewards for it. Seeing as I'm hoping to get enough players together to DM EON, I thought I'd start off dropping some resources. Mind you, these are translations from the real game, not something I've made up on my own. The real game is written in Swedish so I took the liberty of translating. It needs work, especially the text heavy ones. I will put my mind to it when I get another project done. Character creation is at this point possible. Will also translate more stuff so there's more content in English. Pleasd do provide feedback so I can improve it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qarbmrlb002p3qm/AAA5iZ7A9R2pywtbAcVd6fqQa?dl=0
  11. Hey guys CrazyAssassin67 here, I'm new to this sort of thing but have been interested in it for a while now. I play xbox and pc and i have been gaming for over 13 years now. My mian game atm is battlefield so hope to play with you guys and join the AJSA community
  12. what rpg/mmo are you excited for and what are your predictions for future series or games.
  13. Spy DNA, the game we’ve been working on for the past year, is on Kickstarter right now! Spy DNA is a tactical squad RPG for Windows PC that combines turn-based game mechanics with realistic combat simulation. Using advanced genetic modification technology, you create and enhance your super-spy character to match your playstyle. The game puts you in command of a small team of super-spies on missions around the globe. We are greatly inspired by the RPGs of the past that made the genre popular in the first place: Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, and the original XCOM. Here’s the Kickstarter page, and here’s the game homepage. Thank you for your consideration, Alex
  14. Me and my brother are looking for a coop game to play. These are the requirements: RPG (Else I wouldnt have been here, Im smart) Storyline Open-world (Preferable, but not required) Medieval (Sword, bows, axes and such, not guns) NOT SIDESCROLLER OR TOPDOWN (I am aware that there are such games that fits the bill, but not what we're after) Thanks in advance for all help
  15. Howdy Ho. Saevial here, GM of 6 years and avid Numenera fanatic. I want to run a Numenera game with some of the Angry Army and see if we can show people the amazing, weird awesomeness that is this game. If you are interested, drop a line. I'd LOVE to run a game like this.
  16. I'm going to be playing this game for a while and I'm sure i'm not going to be the only one. I would like to really know what NA server you guys wanna play on so we can get some AJSA members together.
  17. So this is out of nowhere. The games that I was gushing over in 2014, my 2014 game of the year, has arrived on Steam all of a sudden. The same game from the creator of 80 Days. So for you people that are curious about what this game actually is but never gets the chance to play it, now is the time. It is worth every single $6. Fuckloads of replayability, so many secrets to uncover, and a plethora of ways to play the game. And lots of deaths. The only bummer is part 3 isn't here. Urrghhh, if everything comes in 1 package, it'll be PERFECT. Man, first Dangan Ronpa is coming, and then Super Hot, and now this game out of nowhere has shown itself. That's not counting Xcom 2 and the other games coming. This February is amazing!!!
  18. Hey guys and gals! I have since been playing Dragon's Dogma and honestly cannot believe how awesome this game has been. I played a little back on the PS3 and was surprised to see a very well done PC port. For those that have played you know about the pawn system! Players can make an ally and that ally can be rented by fellow friends/gamers/AJSA! This leads me to my question! If you are playing and wanted to share your pawn, give a shout out with your pawn's name! WadeMcGinnis is mine. A short weathered old Mad Max style healing/buffing mage.
  19. Tom Clancy's The Division Beta starts XBone Jan 28, PS4 and PC Jan 29. While the engine looks like it may have been downgraded, the gameplay/mechanics may still be viable. Anyone who plans to be part of the Beta, whether by pre-purchase or beta key, please post here to show your interest. With enough people, we can set up a TS channel specifically for the Beta, and even schedule an event time for enough of us to meet up, maximizing our "REVIEW MODE" ability. We can then compile our feedback for a unified thread to send to the devs. I always think the AJSA needs to be visible, and focused feedback through group threads is one way to do that. If The Division turns out to be a "Classic Ubisoft", then we need not spend a moment longer on it, but if the hype is real, then we can move towards supporting it. After the Destiny debacle, this game could fit that niche for us. Beta sign-up link here: http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-us/beta/ Preorder link here (I'm not judging): http://store.steampowered.com/app/365590/
  20. What happened to the AJSA's support for Archeage? The forum is completely gone. I played the hell out of the closed betas with the AJSA, but when the game launched I lost interest (especially cause the guild chose the east faction). Wondering if anyone knows.
  21. Hi ! Wouldn't it be cool to make our own AJSA RPG minecraft server ? Because of Minecraft's open source nature and limitless customization potentiall, It's possible to make great RPG servers with community driven events an story. It could be the closest to our own in house made game as we can get. I'm experienced in minecraft server making, since I made alot of them back in the old bukkit days. I also have basic understanding of modding and adding new blocks to the game. Why do would we want something like that ? Minecraft RPG servers when well made, have very active and supportive community's. And from what I can see, We could use one right now. Please comment below and tell me, What's your opinion on the subject. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  22. Hello angry army what games are members of the AJSA playing on steam?? i was looking to get in on the action with fellow AJSA members seeing as i just joined steam yesterday. Mainly looking for free to play games right now but i am hopimng to upgrade to other games as well like The Elder Scrolls Online and hopefully The Old Republic Online(i know these aren't great games compared to other titles from the franchises) im mainly just looking to game with the AJSA community. i'll try anything to(so long as my shit computer can handle it) Look forward to hearing from members of the AJSA
  23. Think again apparently it's some sort of "rpg" somewhat odd approach after the horror games, but it might work either that or there is some hidden message in the trailer, maybe or maybe not Here is a picture from his website what are your thoughts
  24. I want to know what you guys think of dragons dogma online an MMO version of what joe reviewed some time ago and i was wondering if joe was going to attempt some kind of info on this games development or when it is going to come to the states.
  25. After a long time waiting for System Shock 1 to be revived by the GOG team it has happend. http://www.gog.com/game/system_shock_enhanced_edition It's bloody awesome that they finally have managed to get it on GOG. The second game is really good and i can't imagine that the first will be too bad