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Found 1 result

  1. Well I'll be damned, I can't believe my own eyes, Vergil ( my favorite game character of all time ) is coming back in DMC 4 special edition. The news hit recently with the announcement of the "Definitive Edition" of DmC, but at the end of the trailer we got a teaser for Devil May cry 4 Special Edition. Now, some of you probably know this, I've written this in many other topics but I'll say it here again. DMC 3 SE is my favorite game of all time, thanks to the Vergil character addition most of all. I've spent literally hundreds of hours in this game playing as Vergil alone, I absolutely loved it. To hear that he's coming back as a playable character in DMC 4 is the most exciting game news I've heard in years. I was also extremely excited about the DmC DLC Vergil's Downfall last year but it failed to recapture the feeling I've had with this character in DMC 3, because of the new combat system and all, but it was still alright when you don't compare. However this news is even more exciting because knowing DMC 4's combat system and gameplay, Vergil will surely return with most of his moveset/abilities intact (hopefully) and some new additions. For the average DMC consumer however this probably is just a lame cash grab on a game that was released almost 7 years ago. Which it probably is and I get that. Thoughts ?