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Found 3 results

  1. Ok first off, hi, I'm a frustrated Australian gamer who is sick and tired of how gaming companies are treating the entire Oceanic region. However, we don't have a voice. I want to give us one, and I need the Angry Army to support us. I plan on starting a youtube channel with a few other passionate gamers and doing something like machinima and game grumps, but for this cause. This will take a lot of effort, and potentially a good amount of money. We will not be profiting from this. We have a lot to plan before doing anything. For example: Who does what, The name of the Channel, segments, and more. I will be leading the charge to fight for equality in the gaming industry. I will be putting a lot of time and effort into organizing this. I need to get programs, learn to use them, learn to edit (video and audio), and so much more. But it is worth the effort! I am going to put my all into this cause, and I hope I can find people who will do the same. I know there is a small chance of success, but that wont stop me from trying. Something has to be done. Video plans for the future/brainstorms: Group rants. Solo Rants. Gameplay of high ping in popular games. News. Company praising. Company shaming. There will certainly be more ideas in the future and some of these, or most of these ideas, can be scrapped. I know somebody who knows people, so this idea can spread. If anyone is willing to offer their help, I will definitely discuss things with you and see if anything can be done. This will not be a quick project, this will be a very long one. I am not made of money, and I am in the process of getting ready to move at the end of the year, which will put me in a horrible spot as I will be moving somewhere with horrible internet and little space at first. It's family, and me and my family will be looking for a place to buy or rent afterwards, but I will not be in an owned or rented place for a minimum of 6 months. But I will still be putting effort into the cause. I am very passionate and I am only turning 18 in may. Yeah, I am a youngin, but I want change more than anything. This cause is by gamers, for gamers. Oceanic Gamers Unite! P.S: Forgive me for grammar, spelling, or idea errors, as I was typing this at midnight. P.P.S: This idea is not a flash in the pan, this is going to be a revolution
  2. If anyone here plays or has played a pokemon game which region is the best in your opinion. Mine personally is gen 3 hoenn!
  3. Dear Comrades, I was thinking with the new AJSA League of legends is coming up I Was thinking what the Disadvantages for Players on the different Regions. Riot is not the kindest Maiden when it comes to lowering the cost for changing Regions. If the Cost was lower I would be able to change Region on time but as it stands I wont be able to. So What can other Players who want to show off there skills and Show that a underdog is in a Different Region. But as it stands for other Players who have there accounts in different regions will seem to be out of luck into Being able to either join or make a team for this great Idea. So please do not misunderstand me I am not saying that this is not a great idea and that I am not for it because I have my Account on the EUW but because I looked at how I was out of luck got me thinking about the other players who would love the opportunity to go and show off there skills but wont be able to. So I ask of you Angry Joe what could be done!? As I know you are a very busy man with people nagging you for reviews and so on and so forth I thought of a idea you could imply to Expand your idea and to give everyone a chance and not just the NA Region but for the rest of your army all over the world Solutions As you cant Simply Stop the long awaited event how about doing the event as a finding the best NA team that means everything can go as planed as normal without needing to make changes to everything and can be left as it is. Then what about Finding the best teams in all the regions then making them face so that one Team remains as victor so this means every region has a chance and then you find the best of the best in your army then it mite be the case when you look and each team that they all had a special something in there team. Example: The NA team in the finals Has a amazing ADC and the EWU Team in the Semi Finals had a Crazy good support This then could be the first Team ever to have the first World wide team not like other teams like team solo mid from america or Azubu Frost from Korea. The Angry Army could be from all over the world not just placing them from a country. Finishing Statement As you have said you have Friends, Fans and Family all that will help you in your in devours you are not alone and everyone will help with the idea if you give it a chance to win big you gotta think big and take risks something my father told me a long time ago so if you all and not just Angry joe like this idea and think this could happen and the want to see the AJSA Rise to glory in league of legends then I ask of all of you Like this page this Comment on it bring your Idea's to the table Support the idea Lets get it out there for Angry Joe to see Your Comrade HashTagtm http://www.youtube.com/HashTagTM http://www.twitch.tv/hashtagtm