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Found 1 result

  1. Remember the times when the old RE is so popular that most games afterward copy it? I'm sure there's a couple of them that you all know about, with the awkward camera angle, the need of pressing R1 to aim and X or square to shoot, or the inventory system that's limited.\ \ Now is the time to get back to the past and unload all the RE clones so we will know and play them for ourselves. No need to be an exact copy, just the ones that reminds you of RE when you play or see it.\ \ I'll start first. There's one game I know of that's a copy of the old RE called Countdown Vampires.\ \ \ \ Basically RE in a casino with vampires instead of infected people. The cutscenes in the game looks awesome for 1999 PSX standards while the in game graphics, it's passable. It has a unique gameplay where you can choose between stunning a vampire enemy and use water on them to turn them back to normal humans, which I guess will give a good ending in the end but I don't know since I'm playing it right now and I haven't finish it yet, or just blast them with your handgun. There's a currency system in the game which you can gain by scavenging and playing roulette and slot machines, which is very2 weird when you think about it. Why not just break the casino machines and take the money? Oh well this is the time where such a thing is not thinkable. You can also buy items with it through a vending machine such as an energy drink, an energy snack and a water bottle. The energy drink is basically the green herb, energy snack is the first aid spray, and the water bottle is basically the red herb so you have to combine 3 energy drinks into the water bottle to get full health recovery item. You may think why not buy the energy snack all the time, but one vending machine only gives out 1 energy snack so you have to search for another vending machine to buy the energy snack elsewhere. \ \ Several problems with the game though.\ \ 1) Your starting weapons in the game are a stun glove and a stun dart, which takes 8 hits to knock an enemy down. Ammo is scarce and the enemies are really fast so you'll bound to get hit even if you hit them from far away. It's not until the later parts of the game where you gain more stronger weapons like the shotgun or the handgun. So in the meantime, run like hell when you see 4 vampires at the same time or else you are dead.\ \ 2) There's grammatical errors everywhere. I can nitpick most sentences in the collectible files apart.\ \ 3) The voice acting is HORRIBLE! This game makes the voice acting in RE1 and MindJack sounds like the Legacy of Kain series in comparison. The sentences are awkward and the character's voices are so monotonous with ridiculously out of nowhere tone changes. One particular scene has the character screaming and it's so painful to hear because it's 30 seconds long and it's like.... like..... I can't describe the shittyness. It's just bad ok. Here's the opening to see how awkward the voice acting is.\ \ \\ Uuuuuuugh, it's so bad that I feel a shiver down my spine when I hear it again. Other than that though, this game's fun to play.\ \ So what's the other games you know that's similar to the old RE? Let us know about it.}