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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, Jamstaman here! hope you are all well. I've just started a new RP on my channel and thought I would share it here as I know it's a nicely tight wound community. This game is such a great Role-Play game. Let me know what you're opinions of this game is. Please check it out brothers & sisters and let me know you're opinions! thanks in advance to all that help a brother out Just a side note. I know my voice acting isn't really on par but it's all just for a laugh so not to be taken seriously. I am on the look out for people to get involved and do some voice acting! let me know
  2. Just wanted to know what class, role, and type of builds everyone is planning on playing.
  3. So I was wondering what is your guys's favorite role?
  4. So Wasteland 2, a game I am ecstatic to see come to light, is now on steam and with early access (I'm personally not a fan of the early access thing as it is literally paying for an unfinished product). While normally I would be foaming at the mouth to get on, I noticed something rather irritating. The price. I'm not one to complain that "PC games should not be subjected to the Console disease of publication fees", I am going to say that $60 is a rather high price point for a game like this. $30 I can see. Heck, I'd pay $40. But It pains me to have to wait for the eventual price drop and/or sale. I'm not so much mad as I am disgruntled at this decision. Am I the only one that feels this way? Or am I simply getting cheap?
  5. Hello everyone! I thought i would make a Poll, just for fun! I wanted to see what peoples roles are in multiplayer FPS games. Everyone in every FPS game are diffrent, depending how we play it. Sooner or later we see that some of roles are suited for us and that allows us to win matches. Sometimes our role in game is the mirror of real life. What we do in game, we do same in life jsut in diffrent form . Below where are roles and a bit of my description: Soldier - Front man in game. Loves shoot-n-nading and is effective at killing enemies quickly. If he sees that the team is losing and morale is dropping, he will do everyting to win, no matter if he dies first. Soldier only listens to strong and reliable commender who knows waht he want and how to win. Soldiers' equipment is simple : Assault Rifle, Grenades and Pistol. Silent Hunter - Hard to see , Hard to kill, thats the life of Silent Hunter. He is always hiding and taking best spots to take out his enemy from afar. Silent Hunter is teams radar which can see everyone in battlefield. He is always calm and dont like rush things, instead he will stay still and quietl util he shoots someone. Heavy Metal Guy -This guy is tough deal. He prefers sitting in machines, like tanks or planes. Team memebers knows that he is a wall on the battlfield. Heavy Metal Guy loves explosions, he even wouldnt live without them. Also, he hates when his Metal is destroyed. Heavy Metal Guys equipemnt: granades, C4, mortar and assautl file. Support - Loving to help team as much as possible. He is fearless when bullets fly around him, if he sees that team member is in trouble he will always help him. Support gives covering fire for team to let them advance, destroys vehicles, heals team or give an ammunition. Support is the one who can handle variuos situations on the field. Supports' equipment: Heavy machine gun, RPG, medic or ammunition bag, granades. Commander - Now this is real deal. Commander is always on the front line, event in front of soldier. Commander have such unique skill that can inspire his team and make change in winning. He is always talkative, have high scores in scoreboard, and loves to give orders. He knows how to win because he is always having a strategy in his mind. Commander knows that team trusts him, and if he fails the team will still be happy about his decisions.