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Found 34 results

  1. Hello , I`m here to present a game idea that I think it would be really cool.It started from a small mobile game I made and thought I could make it into an actual great game.I would love to hear your guys opinion on it and I would respond to any question with absolute transparency.Now all the images you will see on the page are early development and since I can`t start working full time on it I could not provide with detailed media.If the game gets funded , full time development will start instantly. The game is called Argo Navis and follows the story of human attempt to colonize and turn away from the dark past it had.You will make clans, upgrade space stations, build capital ships and personal fighters, invade other player sectors and take their resources for your own.It also features a full single player campaign with an engaging story written by...well... me More details are on the indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-space-games-great-again-3d-pc/x/10127230#/ Thanks you everyone and have a great day.
  2. Yo everyone! Some of you may remember me whilst a lot of you probably won't have the slightest clue about who I am. Well, I'm an Ex-Game Officer/Moderator for the AJSA. I used to run all of the BF4 Events back in 2014... wait 2014!?!? Wow... 2 years... crap... Well, it's been a while since I've played any active role within this community and just recently I felt like checking back to see how everyone's doing. So what games are you all playing? Who's doing what? Who's the most popular kid on the block? Etc, etc.
  3. I decided to look into Star Citizen, so I got the starter pack and started flying. Right now there are two areas you can fly. The Arena Commander and the Universe. The Arena Commander is a small instant combat area where you can instantly kill things. The Universe is an example of the open world you can expect at launch. It is a single system you can dock, do NPC missions and PvP combat. If you decide to try SC out put my referral code in and you will get some bonus credits in game. STAR-7CJR-9YGH
  4. Hello every one I just made 7 Sketches involving space marines in this video I hope you enjoy
  5. Reposting this from PS4 Forums because useless: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/Consoles-Peripherals/PS4-Free-Space-Glitching/td-p/45628809 "So, my brother came in and asked me to fix his PS4. Everytime he goes to make a new character in any of his games, he gets "invalid amount of space" error. He currently has 216.8 Gbs free, and I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?"
  6. EDIT : Game has been successfully funded. For those of you that missed the Kickstarter you can still pledge on Indie gogo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/infinity-battlescape#/ Greetings Commander Joe and greetings to your angry army as well. I bring you news of a game truly special in nature you might like. Game made by small Independent studio called I-Novae Infinity Battlescape Game will be about teams of player battling over entire solar system in their space ships. with complete freedom over their flight. With such giant scale battles could lead to tug of war that can stretch for days possibly weeks as players capture or loose key location in solar system (rafinery, factories....etc) Unique selling point of this game is and always was COMPLETELY SEAMLESS flight between space and planets + procedural generation of planets and their surfaces. What you see is not a pre-rendered scene, trick or hidden loading screen. No empty promises! It works right now. What you seen was never before seen in such quality, scale and smoothness. You can see all of this on plenty of different videos Ask me Anything with Keith Newton small history video about I-Novae No is no doubt in my mind that I-Novae would provide Angry Joe prototype for evaluation, if he wants. keith.newton@inovaestudios.com Join us and help us make this game a reality. http://imgur.com/gallery/PLIfD/comment/498952735 https://forums.inovaestudios.com/ https://inovaestudios.com/Battlescape
  7. Hey, Been playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. I was wondering if there was a group open or if you were also looking for a group to play with. Please contact me and let me know you're interested.
  8. Alright, so. Do you want to be an interstellar truck driver? Maybe a miner? Bounty hunter? How about a good old space pirate hunting innocent traders who say "I have a family to get back to! Please spare me! I'll give you anything..!" when you attack them and take their precious cargo? Well, good news, AJSA member, this game is practically made for you! Basically, space sim. Really good. Even Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation liked it. But this game is for weird people who like to listen to podcasts/music while hauling crates full of Imperial Slaves from one end of the quadrant to the other. Great thing about this game that it has 400 BILLION STARS. Practically a 1:1 model of the Milky Way. You get money when you discover new systems and sell the maps that have been registered to your computer, assuming you have the piece. Or, you can become Boba Fett and in your freighter you can hunt slave-dealing scum. The kind that blow out the candles on YOUR birthday cake. You can shoot them and watch as their air runs out eventually and they choke to death.. sloowly.. Eventually, they say, they'll make an FPS element where you can walk around the stations and maybe visit planets or something. Maybe. *ahem* Anyways, feel free to look up Elite: Dangerous. Buy that shit, yo and holla at me. I know the basics on how to start getting money and the do's and don'ts of space. Think of me as a "Space-Guide 101: Don't do that shit" and I'll get you started on the right path. So send me a message and I'll find you! I promise I wont shoot you. Maybe a little. But not really. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some platinum to mine from asteroids. Good day, sir.
  9. I noticed, at least in my Friends List, that alot of people actually have this game. I know it is still in Alpha, but it is fully functional and looks great. It is quite similar to Dreadnought, but with many subtle differences. If anyone else is interested, I still have a few copies. If we get enough interest, I'll get us a community channel on TS. http://store.steampowered.com/app/310380/
  10. So i was looking around on the internet and i found an interesting game It's apparently "a sandbox game of creation of survival" They don't seem to have a trailer but you can see this video about the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8hndMlDqdc and you can check out their website http://www.planet-nomads.com/ Personally i think it looks pretty interesting and worth looking out for What do you think?
  11. Elite Dangerous is the third game in the Elite series, a series based around exploration and exploitation. This is no ordinary space sim, it is challenging and very difficult, with many other vessels have stronger weapons than you, but overtime as you earn credits you can upgrade and decorate your ship. In a universe with 400 BILLION star systems, no single play-through is likely to ever be the same, with 10 different major factions to fight for and thousands of smaller ones allowing you to create your own story in the universe, unique to you. With a adaptive, unpredictable civil AI, governments can be over thrown in the time it takes for you to do a job; suddenly friend becomes foe forcing you to change your tactics or relocate to a different home base. Pirates are an ever present threat, pulling you out of lightspeed and demanding your cargo or simply attacking you. Slowly you can build up your influence in a sector, with each mission impacting on the sector either causing civil order or damaging the local authority. Every job has a consequence.
  12. Do you consider yourself Trekkie and love games? Do you remember the classic Star Trek games Elite Force and Bridge Commander? Everyone that played the original Bridge Commander remembers how great it was in fulfilling a Trekkie's fantasy of commanding a starship from the captain's chair while being able to wage space battles with your friends online. Fans of Elite Force loved having that intense first person action set in the Star Trek universe. Now imagine if these two games were merged and think about what that would mean: Walking around a planet on an away mission then flying a shuttle or beaming back to the ship, walking to the bridge and setting a course to the nearest starbase. Travel where you want to go. Respond to distress calls without linear gameplay. This will be a sandbox Star trek experience that you want to have. Make your mark on the universe and the powers within, gain reputation as a feared or respected captain...Be what you want to be! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/star-trek-bridge-commander-2#/story https://www.facebook.com/stbc2
  13. so Zerahypt is an free space exploration game set in a universe based around the lore that a single guy has created if it sounds confusing you can watch the video here to get an idea of the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiPns70CV0U And here is an update video that shows gameplay and features in the game and here is the forum where the download link is located http://zerahypt.net/ it is certainly an interesting yet odd game It is still in development so there might not be alot of content currently
  14. With IM doing a free week, and even afterwards, anyone interested in running some regular, short, community games? The multiplayer is thin but decent. The co-op is where this game shines, like Rainbow Six in space. Reply here if interested, and once we get enough interest, we can get a community channel set up and choose times, etc. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236370
  15. i mean come on, its every sci-fi fan's dream!
  16. Flagship on Kickstarter: LINK I hae been interested in the concept of a real time strategy game where you, from the bridge of your command vessel, are placed in command of an entire fleet. Where you can see the battlefield from both a UI for tactical decisions and can view the battle from the bridge itself. I am a fan of games like Sacrifice and the 1998 remake of Battlezone. I have always wanted to see that type of RTS be applied to large scale fleet battles. It appears someone else has an interest in the same thing and has a functional alpha to show off their work with this game. Youtube links to follow, though I do not know how to embed videos.
  17. What were your Best Simulation games this year and last year? I Listed most of the common ones I see a lot on steam. Have one that isn't listed? No problem, just add a reply of the ones you think were the best. I am a heavy simulator fan. Why? Because you get to learn cool things which, to me at least, are fun. I feel Accomplished when ever I transport a bunch of soldiers from HQ to a LZ in a Huey (DCS: Huey) or send lander to planet Duna and make it back to Kerbin safely (KSP). Some people play it to just to show off or to troll around and I can tell you now, I am not one of them. Some people also say that it's "Boring", but so is COD after so many hours, Right? It doesn't hurt to try something new for a change. Who knows, you might even have to do these things in real life (in some simulators). That's why. Long live Simulators!
  18. Rolling With My Space Homies

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Rolling with mah Space Homies!
  19. Space Walking

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Let's go for a walk shall we?
  20. So while being bored and having no internet because a download was stealing all of it, i decided to mess around in photoshop with a picture of my friend Cannonperson http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/32662-cannonperson/ (or Sebastian) the messing around featured The head of Sebastian An angry chaos space marine and some random fire image found on google i then finished up with this So what do you think?
  21. I was wondering if it is possible to create a corporation in the universe of New Eden. Setting up a corp in EVE online can be carried to it's companion game Dust 514, a game that I play. These games are quite fun once a player has made enough skill points to progress as well as ISK. EVE online is a PC game and is famous for it's massive pvp battles in null sec space. Dust 514 is it's console counterpart and it is directly connected to EVE online by the corporation system. Which means less work is required to set up the community. EVE online is an MMO set approx 20000 years in the future. There are 4 main powers (not counting the Jovians):the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallente, and the Mimmitar. Each race has an extensive history that (unfortunately) has to be checked out outside the game, but the lore of New Eden is extensive. There are stories of rises to power and falls from great heights, all player done. There is a stock market, great battles, and a planet's worth of different ships. Pro's EVE online -The community is easy to develop and corporations can reach sizes of ten thousand and can be augmented by alliances -There can be full scale, day to day wars, and battles between alliances that can reach into the thousands -The graphics are amazing and so is game play -There is a wide variety of roles and ships Con's EVE online -The game can be brutal to first time players and there are many an infamous alliance known for pirating off of lower ranked players -This game requires a subscription (can be played for free through plex but plex is expensive) -This game allows for espionage capable of destroying whole alliances -Building up a character takes a lot of time Dust 514 shares the same universe as EVE online, the major difference being that the battles are on the planets. There are three modes, Ambush, Domination, and Skirmish. These battles can be long or short depending on who has the bigger and better guns. Tanks are powerful game changers, but LAVs (light attack vehicles) can keep small groups moving all over the map taking null cannons or moving ordinance dropsuits. Squad leaders can call down Orbital Strikes that are supplied by EVE players (if they are above the planet). There is a skill tree to enable the use of new suits, which opens up new load out customization opportunities. Pro's Dust 514 -FPS that features complex roles and infinite customization -EVE corporations carry over onto Dust 514 -Like a future version of Battlefield with squading available -Lots of guns Con's Dust 514 -Can be brutal to first time players due to a practice known as proto-stomping -Requires squading to do really well -Vehicles are game deciders -AUR (money) can be used to get better equipment early
  22. I've just downloaded the patch... yup.... free content! If you have never played this game before.. DO IT! If you have and always wanted more go check out your library on steam. New ships! New ship variants! New difficulty! More stuff! Ok, enough typing!
  23. This game is currently in Early Access, alpha stage. Currently it has got (relatively) little content, but you can build a lot of cool stuff if you get into how it works and you can battle in multiplayer. Pros: You can build spaceships in space with your friends in multiplayer in Creative mode, or engage a more realistic approach in Realism mode. Great damage physics on objects. Active dev support and constant(weekly thursday) updates featuring new mechanics every time. Cons: Early Access/alpha - bugs, multiplayer lag issues and framerate issues are a common problem. No dedicated servers, yet. Support has been confrimed but not yet released.
  24. It seems to me that all of our theories are going to start to break down, not because they are wrong, but because the observations and experiments are being done at the wrong time. I think the fundamental laws of the universe are subject to change, like at the beginning of creation, where the laws we have today came from the laws of a cosmic yesterday. We can describe bodies in motion at a level of instantaneous change using Newtons equations. Now imagine a universe where the bodies in motion were actually the laws itself or even dimensions. Now try to describe the bodies from which time/space were created from (I say created from but i really mean is changed into from one to the next). So without time how do you measure such things? How do you even describe such things? It may be possible that it is beyond our capabilities to understand. I hope i am wrong. I think before we can even answer the big questions, the hurdle we must cross is the time mystery. What is time? Is it just something that we living things perceive? Does it really exist? We can measure things like atomic time and radioactive decay, but take away those and you are still left with space. You can move through space, and you can ask how long did it take V to get to x,y,z (coordinates). But how do we know that the product of that equation (time) isnt something that was created in our minds. When you think about the scale of the universe and how old it is, it seems a little off that the very tiny particles and the very huge objects suspended in space have the same age, and this leads me to question time itself. You cant tell if an object is moving if there is no other object to compare it to. How can you gauge time when everything in the universe is the same age? The atoms that make up my body are the same age as the sun, the sun is the same age of the galaxy. But is the galaxy the same age as the universe? If not, then HURRAAAY we can rejoice because then we have something to gauge time. But what if the age isn't different? If they are not different then that would mean that we are dead and alive, existing and not, all at the same time. I dont know about you guys, but that freakin blows my mind. idk.......i dropped out of highschool. me stupid lol Tell me what you guys think, if you can point me in the right direction to some reading material it would make me so happy. I'm pretty good at math, not the best but i can hold my own so by all means give it to me straight.
  25. So while thinking about the universe and all of its awesomeness i came upon a question that i cant seem to find an answer for, and i was hoping that maybe someone can help me out. It is my understanding that 2 objects can not occupy the same space. I hope im not wrong so far lol. So when an object enters/created in space, space itself is pushed out around the object, I think this is our current understanding of how gravity works in a nutshell. What would happen if the object were to teleport out of existence? What would happen to the space that was being pushed out by the object? I think that space would fill in the void left by the object. My question is. How fast does space fill the void or what is the speed of space? I cant find an answer anywhere, someone please help me out. Thanks a bunch AJSA and as always, AJSA FOR LIFE!!!!