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Found 2 results

  1. I was just watching Death Battle and the brief analysis of Tony Stark and I was wondering. Who do you guys think would win in an all out fight between Tony Stark and Lex Luthor? Give me your reasons on who would win. I will post the video or share the link when the episode airs, but we can keep debating it if you want. Personally I need to sit down and really think about it before I come to a decision. So yeah, please discuss.
  2. A short perusal of the forums shows there's no thread for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, which I find odd and kindof a shame considering Angry Joe is one of the prominently featured guests. For those who haven't heard, SGC is a gaming convention happening July 11th through the 13th at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas Texas. It's run by the titular ScrewAttack Network, who in previous SGC's have had insane events, panels, and guests, including Keith Apicary, Life and Level, and the former bane of gamers everywhere: Jack Thompson. This year they're pulling guests from everywhere. Here's the guest list: Keiji InafuneJonTronAngry JoePeanut Butter GamerPro JaredThe CompletionistBlack NerdMega64SmoothMcGrooveCaddicarusBrutalmooseSpace HamsterBalrog The MasterNintendoFanFTWYungtown MatPat (Game Theory)TrailerDrakeGaijin GoombahBrentalflossDid You Know Gaming?Team Four StarPatrick Scott Patterson "Original PSP"The Game ChasersPat the NES PunkMike Matai (Cinnemassecre)James Rolfe "The Angry Videogame Nerd" (Cinnemassecre)DJ CutmanGrimecraftEpic Game MusicNateWantsToBattleYoutubableMsHeartAttackSoCloseToToastCaptain RedbeardChaosXsilencerTheKingNappyWe also know that other personalities will be in attendence, such as Satchbag's Goods and possibly Continue, and everyone in The ScrewAttack Network (everyone who does videogame related content on the Multichannel Network FullScreen) was invited with free tickets, so there's no telling who you'll find there. Having been to SGC last year, I can confirm that it's an insane, fun convention that should not be missed. So will there be other Angry Army Members coming?