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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Guys i wish that you can answer my question.... What is official AJSA Planetside 2 sever?? nugali STEAM:nugali
  2. Yo so I've created chars for genudine and Palos, Ive leveled both a substantial amount. Now I'm told were playing on crux FML well I guess I'll create yet another one but man if we switch to searhus or xelas it better be on here fast cut I don't want to waste more time on useless characters.
  3. Hi everyone, SpacePope here. All of us in the EF previously thought that we would have to use a piece of software called “GameRanger” to connect to our Battlefront 2 server. However, we have recently found out that this is not true. We have since found another way to reliably connect to the AJSA server. Just below, this post will detail the easiest way to join the AJSA server. Instructions on how to connect to the AJSA server: First off, you’ll need to download and replace your existing Battlefront II.exe fileDownload the client file of your choice from the list of links below (German / American / English)Unzip the fileRight click on it and choose "copy"Go to your Battlefront II folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\Go into the "GameData" folderMake sure you backup the original Battlefront II.exe by renaming it (e.g. Battlefront II_Orig.exe)Right click and choose "paste" to place the new executable into your Battlefront II GameData folderDouble click on this file and enter the server list in-gameFind the AJSA server in the server listFinally, join the server and have fun! Below is the list of download links. Only download the files that are for your current region: BattlefrontII_1.1_europe_serverfiles.zip BattlefrontII_1.1_europe_clientfiles_german.zip BattlefrontII_1.1_europe_clientfiles_english.zip BattlefrontII_1.1_american_serverfiles.zip BattlefrontII_1.1_american_clientfiles_german.zip BattlefrontII_1.1_american_clientfiles_english.zip If you follow these instructions, you’ll have no problem turning up for EF related events within Star Wars: Battlefront 2. I’ll see you all on the Battlefield! EDIT: The site has been reworked slightly, refer to this link now: http://forum.gameshare.co/showthread.php?tid=485
  4. Insurgency Event Schedule Every Saturday at 8pm GMT (2pm CST). All Insurgency events will be taking place on the AJSA PVP Insurgency server and in the AJSA Insurgency teamspeak channel @ ts3.ajsagaming.com. These events will be hosted by me, AverageSpacePope. Here is a link to the AJSA PVP Insurgency server page: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Vote for what you want us to play on the AJSA server here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25723-what-game-mode-do-you-prefer-to-play-in-insurgency/ Can't find the AJSA server in Insurgency? Follow our simple instructions here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25722-welcome-to-the-insurgency-sub-forum/
  5. Attention Soldiers! We have a brand new competition taking place for Insurgency! For the next 2 weeks (19 February – 5 March), the AJSA will be hosting an Insurgency competition on the AJSA Insurgency Coop server. The game mode being played will be Survival (Wave defence/Horde mode). To take part, you must follow these simple rules: 1. First, join the AJSA coop server. If you need help finding the AJSA Coop server, please click this link and follow the instructions given: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25722-welcome-to-the-insurgency-sub-forum/ 2. Next, survive for as many waves as possible. 3. Once you have completed a round, take a screenshot of the rounds results (you can do this in-game by pressing F12 or by using a program such as Fraps). Here are some examples: 4. Post the screenshot of your best round (the round with the highest waves survived) here on this thread (or on the front-page article) along with your in-game name and a picture the end scoreboard. Once you've done all of this, you'll be entered into the competition. The person with the highest amount of waves survived will be declared the winner. The winner will receive a copy of Interstellar Marines (Spearhead Edition) which also comes with a second copy of the game that you can share with a friend. The winner will also receive the AJSA Champion Award to adorn their forum profile! · Do I have to play on the AJSA server to take part? Yes. In order to keep track of player stats, you have to play on the AJSA Coop server in order to take part. · Can we change the difficulty of the AI? No. The AI’s difficulty will be locked to the hardest difficulty (Brutal) in order to make things even more challenging J. · What if I’m playing together with a group of friends? In the event that you and your friends have the highest score/waves survived, the winner will then be decided by score. The person with the highest score will be declared the winner. If you have any questions regarding the competition or anything Insurgency related, please contact the AJSA Insurgency game officer, AverageSpacePope.
  6. Hello. So me and my brother want to play Arma 2 together but after the downfall of GameSpy its been rather hard. I have downloaded TADST. I have port forwared 2302 2303 2304 2305 8766 and 27016. I have turned off the firewall completely on my PC. And still it shows up in LAN. I need it to be on internet. My brother stubbornly refuses to install any programs such as Hamachi, while I uses over an hour on Google trying to figure this out and downloading TADST. And by over an hour I mean we starting doing this 3 hours before I quit. He lastet something like and hour before he gave up and I went on for another 2 hours. Is there way so that I can get a private server up and running for me and my brother?
  7. After some patches BF4 has become more enjoyable. After the patch addressing the netcode, I have been thinking about creating a server everyone can go. What maps would you like to see? So far I have Guilin Peaks, Zavod 311, Operation Locker, Siege of Shanghai, Caspain Border, and Gulf of Oman. I am planning on creating the server after the new DLC is resealed to see what maps I should add.
  8. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  9. Hello, I am fairly new player who bought Rust thinking I will play with the AJSA as this is officialy supported game. But I was wrong. People on Teamspeak in the room played different game just were in that room. I was playing 3 hours straight, NOBODY joined. After those 3 hours one guy joined. Magically found where I was (you know that big chance you spawn next to the only other person on the server), killed me, laughed to my face and logged out. I know this is the part of the game. (I am suggesting he was a cheater tho or he was really lucky ) I am cool with dying. But there is NO officer for Rust as far as I am concerned, there is no official room for Rust in TeamSpeak, and the one that is there is under the Unofficial games (wait what ?...). It would be nice to have a officer and play together as AJSA, games like Rust are always better played with others. I will try to contact someone on higher position who will be online so we get someone to play. Rust is very good game and I desire to spend a lot of time playing it, but if I should stay on the AJSA server, to build something there depends if it will be organized, I know it is about betrayel, about not trusting anyone, but within the AJSA we could work together and have great time. We just need someone to organize it. Let's make a list of what is wrong with AJSA Rust server: 1. It is mostly dead ! 2. There is no leadership for this server ! And now let's look what we could have if there would be a stable leadership and player base : 1. Very nice cooperativly based game 2. Nice time playing with other in AJSA 3. Organization of people (in Teamspeak) and in-game to behave nicely and follow the rules. 4. Teams of people building their own towns and working together and competing against other teams. I think it would not be hard to find someone to be an officer even there is not many people online. He could make people start playing by putting rules together etc... It is more of a discussion. With this post I am asking anyone within the leadership of AJSA to respond and tell me (please) Yes or No towards this proposal + (if possible) a reason for negative response. As it stands I will be actively trying to get people into Rust, on TeamSpeak or other chats, also I will ask them to join the AJSA. For any responses, I have made a long and constructive criticism towards AJSA Rust server and said how to improve it or eliminate the problems. Even here everybody has a right to free speech (if not using vulgarism or attacking someone). So please responses "Rust sucks" etc... Don't even try to write you will look like an arse. To anyone who tries to accusate me of trying to get a position of an Officer, I am not ! I would be honored of course. But I am not suggestiong I should lead by any streach of the imagination. All I am saying we NEED officer. Someone who will play enought to keep it running. And honestly why to host a server where are 2-3 people/day ? It costs money and does not bring anything to the table. Thank you for any responses and/or support in this matter. If anyone wants to solve this matter (any form of leadership) I am ussualy on TeamSpeak around 9pm GMT+2:00. Or you can PM me and I will come when you want me to.
  10. So ATM AJSA only officially supports the NA server "Northern Shiverpeak". This comes as a problem for me (and others in my possition), that currently lives in EU and has our account over here. Now paying to move is no problem for me. But I was wondering since I live in Finland (Eastern Europe) and moved my account to NA, would I still be able to play on decent graphics and do dungeons, PvP etc without having a ton of lagg? Or is there an EU based branch coming up soon, people are talking about it but I haven't seen any official statement on this.
  11. Domination isn't the best for 64 players in my own opinion but I want your guys' opinion! as the population of the server increases, so does its max players maxing out at 64. 64 players just turn into giant clusters where it literally becomes the spawn step die formula. Domination maps are just too small for 64 people even if its great to have such a population on the servers, I believe it'd be best for the max to be at 32 to avoid this cluster. Hopefully I created this right and the poll is above! Enough about me, I want to hear from you guys! the fellow members!
  12. Okay, after watching all 3 of our servers playing Ghost Town, today I finally saw that the Op Lock No Ex server was booming with life. And you know what? Half of the players used RPGs and Grenades. So, either get some kind of a script to enforce the rules, or get more Admins. It was a mess. Or maybe change it back to a normal, ruleless server. Also, we have 3 damn servers. 3! I find it funny, at best, that most of the time there is noone on them. And I do look for players in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. So either the AJSA members stopped playing BF 4, for the last few weeks, or they play somewhere else.
  13. Since there where some discrepancies regarding the realm..... This new post is aimed to fulfill two roles. First and foremost decide the server which the guild will be set. Second, to decide what type of server, PvP, PvE, RP. Discuss EDIT: i forgot to mention that Horde was the selected faction by vote majority
  14. This Mod basically takes the world of just cause 2, takes all the NPCs and Cops out and throws thousands of Players in it. Pros Large open world for thousands of players and fans to join.The server will be mostly populated since the Mod is currently being played by many people.Total Carnage and who doesn't like that. cons might be hard too control and organize since that isn't really the point of the Mod. (but that doesn't mean controlled chaos isn't possible) Mod isn't entirely stable at present, a few people are having crashes. (But the modders are patching these Problems)
  15. Can we have a room on teamspeak for BF3 as BF4 still has a lot of issues as some BF fans might not want to buy into BF4 at the mo because of the terrible launch I am one of them. I found this Platoon that is not officially backed by the AJSA but wants to represent the AJSA on the BF3 front. I have joined so I can do some representing with tags. Some feedback and action could be good for the cause. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4382-join-the-ajsa-platoon-in-bf3/ Hopeful by me drawing attention to this might bring about some more platoon members eg raise awareness I think Server support is one thing for a game and Teamspeak is another. More games can be support through teamspeak as less bandwidth is used. This can give the council abetter idea as to what games to support on the server front. Just a thought
  16. THe solitary Craft server is now closed! I have relaunched the server with a different pack here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/10376-relaunching-minecraft-server-as-direwolf20s-164-pack/!
  17. Starbound's beta has launched not so long ago, and its one of the most played steam games already, its open world and multiplayer makes it one of the most fun to play with friends games of all time. Pros:- Open world sandbox- Easy to learn- Supports parties and multiplayer with many players Cons:- Still Beta- Limited at the moment- Server needed for multiplayer
  18. One of my all time favorite shooters has and always will be C&C Renegade. When it came out it was by far the most revolutionary shooter for its time. The one downside was terrible netcoding. But even with bad netcoding, it was so fun to have a FPS/RTS Hybrid. I think it'd be pretty awesome of the angry army could get at least 1 C&C Rengade server set up and play it together. Anyone else up for that? Also, man it'd be awesome if we could get another C&C Renegade type game that was more modernized in its multiplayer coding (don't even care about the graphics, could seriously be the same as C&C Renegade). I know that there's Renegade X but that seems to be really out at all from what I can tell and ya... I can understand the difficulty though for an indie team. Anyways, regardless, anyone else agree it'd be cool to have a C&C Renegade server to play with others who enjoyed that old game?
  19. Now I own Minecraft, though I do not play it often. I would love to play with some of you guys! Good servers aren't cheap, so we would need quite a few people on board. In the mean time, post about how much you think an AJSA Minecraft server would rock, or suck. What you would do in said server, or your ideas for the server. Please keep on topic, and may the force be with you.
  20. I've never been part of a group like this. Maybe a group like this has never existed. Either way I'm excited to see how well we can expand this unity into all types of games, consoles, and communities. I play mostly single player titles driven by story and creative design, but I can't wait for some epic full scale Planetside AJSA ass-whooping. I'm also excited to see more servers pop up. Spaces for AJSA members to congregate. Minecraft springs to mind right away. I can already envision the first goal of a minecraft server being to make a huge rendition of the AJSA logo. Then of course to construct a volcano mountain lair for Joe to brood and scheme his world domination. Badass! It might even be interesting to expand into live events in the bigger urban areas. All of my best gaming moments are from years ago in high school when my friends would gather in basements, auditoriums, classrooms, and even a church once; for LAN parties and local multiplayer. Maybe the AJSA can bring that experience back in a way. Either way I have high hopes for this as do us all. Happy to be here -- wi1shire
  21. I remember there being a couple of threads about Minecraft, and there's actually a server that my girlfriend owns and she says we can chill out on it. The main focus right now is creative until tekkit updates to 1.7.2. The IP is Derpsunited.minecraft.to
  22. Hello Angry Army. I was wondering whether any servers for Minecraft have been put up. I would love to see a survival or possibly even creative server where we, as a team can build things like giant buildings, etc. I would love for this to be put up, but I am not exactly sure how to put up a vote for this, so If anyone can inform me, or if they are so inclined, try to start one. Or if they already have one please reply and link so I and others can enjoy as well. I am a Minecraft fan and having a server where we do things together would be EPIC. Peace!
  23. Dose anybody use the west server other then me. It would be nice to play with you people and get this sever rolling.
  24. *Whew!* WOW. What a day man. It's been crazy as hell over here among command during Launch Day for The New Angry Army! I am really taken back and humbled by how much support you guys have shown me and our new community! Get this... 5,814 Members, apart from our stealth launch where we got around 300 members, those all came within just one day, less even! We launched around 3:00pm. So its actually been about 9 Hours! LOL! Wowie! Good GOD! You see this is why! This is exactly why. I really respect the fact that when I make a video or ask for your support you guys come through, and so that's why I tried my best and worked my butt off to create something that looked good and had some of the best features around for you. Now I'm no where near finished yet, and now that you have shown us so much support im only going to redouble my efforts to make this the best community we can make it! As a direct result though you guys obliterated my dedicated server, lol. The site went down almost immediately. I got on the phone ASAP and was troubleshooting and tweaking the settings with my host nearly the whole way through! I apologize for the crashes and slow loading times. Angry Bot on Teamspeak which assigns you guys the correct permissions also got knocked the eff out by your might, lol. I'm currently repairing him with his creator. Anyway the server people tell me that even with my current configuration there is not much else they can do if we plan to maintain these levels of traffic or if we continue to push very directed youtube traffic to the servers at one time. They have recommended me adding one possibly two servers and even a load balancer that should be able to offset this in the future. Unfortunately that's pretty expensive. They are putting together some options for us and will get back on Friday. On the flip side, we absolutely destroyed our November Site & Server Goals, hell it was at 95% just from the Stealth Launch Users alone! So what may end up having to happen is to raise this goal to cover the costs of running those new servers if we decide to upgrade and add em'! I want to personally thank (and have been in the forums) everyone who has donated so far, and everyone who has signed up to the Club Memberships we offer - the Club Memberships allow us to know for sure how much the guild treasury will have each month to cover our costs and allow us to do some of the cool things we have planned! Thanks to everyone who helped and to those who plan to help in the future! There still much I have to do, more people and club members to thank in the forums, features to fix and upgrade for the site yet. So please stay tuned for that! Also, the AJSA Recruitment video will be going up on AngryJoeShow youtube tomorrow, please be on the lookout for it and give it another view! Spread the word too! See you guys then. This post has been promoted to an article