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Found 6 results

  1. *SHARE ME BETA IS CLOSED, WINNER IS DECIDED* CREDIT OF THIS SCREENSHOT GOES TO SB_NEXTGEN. Hello AJSA, We have our first winner of Share Me, Crazycrab! Congratulations Crazycrab, out of many pictures we see your eye for beautiful shots. Your screenshot will be used in all AJSA PS4 banners for the next month or so, while being credited. Next Month we will return with another Share Me. Keep an eye out we will be announcing the next Share Me event soon! Crazycrabs winning screenshot
  2. Thanks to 1mirg for helping me to figure out how to get screen shots. Hello Angry Army. I figured I could start a simple thread of we share each other's created characters for South Park: The Stick of Truth. Just add them on here and if you have any notes or anything go ahead. This is my first character based directly off me. Patrick Dunn the Necromancer. and my second character Nyx Omil the Shinobi.
  3. Hello everybody! storminn0rm4n here! Just a public service announcement about the new AJSA Community House! What is the purpose of this? This building is to help new players to the server have a start on a positive foot! Nothing is worse than dying over and over at the start of your game session, collect everything, then realized you a dead from starvation, or death by wolves, etc... What was the idea that started this? Credit where credit is due, I got this idea from Angry Drew's post (here) , his community storage box idea was a fantastic idea! But with the recent server change everything got wiped, and storage boxes don't tend to last to long in the elements, so I built the community house as something we could all work on together! How often are you going to replenish the house? I will try to do my best to replenish all the bare essentials for survival (hatchets, pick axes, sleeping bags, clothes) when I have an opportunity, and when I can I will try to put goodies such as guns and other assorted treats! Goals for the house: I would like to have a give/take feel towards this community house, if you need some items, please consider returning something even of lesser value as it can still help relieve the amount of time to replenish exponentially. With that being said, this is a great community and I'm sure everyone will respect the cause, and I hope to see you in-game! If you would like to know how to connect to the Angry Joe server click the link (here) If you are new to the game consider arming yourself with some tips before heading in and get your bearings (here)
  4. I am not a fan and try to support Digital as little as possible. However I do have a ton of experience buying them (Arcade games, Map Packs, myself, 3 kids, etc). So here is how it works in case any of you are interested. Microsoft: The MACHINE the game is initially downloaded on gets 100% Access to the full digital game. Regardless of the profile being used. So, if you want to download a game and split it with a friend. Just make sure you you purchase it on his machine first. Then, Go home and recover your profile and just re-download it again. Now you both have full access to the game, can play it simultaneously. To go one step further: Recovering Digital Rights: There is a thing somewhere in the settings where you can Transfer Digital rights, Whatever Machine you transfer these rights to gets 100% Access to all digital content you ever purchased. So what you can do is share your games. Go to a friends house, transfer digital rights. Go home, Your profile that makes the initial purchase always has 100% access to the games, no matter what machine you log into, you can re-download it and access it as long as you are using the profile that owns it. It is the machines themselves that get Digital rights on the initial purchase or when you transfer them. Not the profiles. If you have any questions, Let me know. This works with all things Digital and is 100% completely legal! You can use it for anything, Map Packs, even Digital Codes for Pre-Order goodies! I use it whenever we buy an Arcade game. In my house with the kids, I always make sure whatever kid is going to buy something makes the initial purchase on the other kids Machine so they both get a copy and can play it together and I only have to pay for it once!
  5. I find the share button as a touchy subject as of lately but what do you think of it and its possibilities?
  6. Hey! I wanted to help unite the Angry Joe Soldiers who don't have a PS3, XBOX 360 or a gaming PC! So I made this topic for everyone with a WII U, 3DS or WII to send out their codes/account names so we can unite and storm the Wii U multiplayer servers! Mine is ''Blincey_McBlince" Just say that you're from the AJSA and I'll add ya', so should anyone in the army you send it to!