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Found 3 results

  1. EDIT : Game has been successfully funded. For those of you that missed the Kickstarter you can still pledge on Indie gogo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/infinity-battlescape#/ Greetings Commander Joe and greetings to your angry army as well. I bring you news of a game truly special in nature you might like. Game made by small Independent studio called I-Novae Infinity Battlescape Game will be about teams of player battling over entire solar system in their space ships. with complete freedom over their flight. With such giant scale battles could lead to tug of war that can stretch for days possibly weeks as players capture or loose key location in solar system (rafinery, factories....etc) Unique selling point of this game is and always was COMPLETELY SEAMLESS flight between space and planets + procedural generation of planets and their surfaces. What you see is not a pre-rendered scene, trick or hidden loading screen. No empty promises! It works right now. What you seen was never before seen in such quality, scale and smoothness. You can see all of this on plenty of different videos Ask me Anything with Keith Newton small history video about I-Novae No is no doubt in my mind that I-Novae would provide Angry Joe prototype for evaluation, if he wants. keith.newton@inovaestudios.com Join us and help us make this game a reality. http://imgur.com/gallery/PLIfD/comment/498952735 https://forums.inovaestudios.com/ https://inovaestudios.com/Battlescape
  2. Hey, Been playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. I was wondering if there was a group open or if you were also looking for a group to play with. Please contact me and let me know you're interested.
  3. I stumbled on this game a few weeks ago, and thought It looked pretty awesome. http://www.navalaction.com/ It's an age of sail fighting game basically, you control a ship (real ships), fight other players and try to win. It's still in closed Beta, but they'll be moving it into Steam in the not too distant future, and It's already been Greenlighted. It looks great: And looks pretty damn fun: Apart from basic multiplayer, they're also working on a sandbox mode, with exploration, economies and such. Kinda like Star Citizen in the 1700s.