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Found 9 results

  1. Everything related to Gamescom will be discussed here. Any additional post will be merged as well. The times for the conferences are below. Microsoft: August 4 - 7am PT/ 10am ET / 3pm UK / August 5 - 12am AET EA: August 5 - 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am UK / 6pm AET Call of Duty: August 5 - 10am PT/ 1pm ET / 6pm UK / August 6 - 3am AET Blizzard: August 6 - 9am PT/ 12pm ET / 5pm UK / August 7 - 2am AET The conferences can be viewed from here Here is an article from ign on where to watch the conferences. Current list of games being shown at Gamescom can be found here. I don't know if there is anything unannounced. Games that will be at Gamescom that are not on the IGN Site .SWTOR's new expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire will show off gameplay at EA's Press conference .Something involving the Sims 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to discuss reasonably below.
  2. Battlefront at the moment is Schedule to release in holiday 2015 Hey everyone. I decided to create this thread to gather any and all suggestions you have about battlefront that Dice hopefully listens closely to and e-mail it to them in order for the game to be as good as possible and stay true the the core of what battlefront is and at the same time adding new features that could suit the game. You can put in you suggestions/ideas from other battlefront threads such as battlefront is a first person shooter if you posted any there or not. It's a long shot I know, but there's nothing wrong with trying anyway. I'll update my own post if I come up with any more. My suggestions so far: 1. The game should support 60 players on xbox one, ps4 and pc using 60 fps with lots of details and effects since you are using the frostbite 3 engine and have dedicated servers. If the frame rate works well and is stable and smooth in 60 fps, then you can use it as 343 industries has done with the halo mc collections. 2. Faster, more intense dogfights, enable thrusters for ground vehicles/spacecrafts to boost the craft's speed for a short period of time. Enable evasive maneuvers/ countermeasures to prevent missiles to hit you from behind for example as seen in star wars episode 2, the clone wars movie where obi wan is being chased by jango fett, and in revenge of the sith opening battle sequence. 3. Enable optional cockpit view in space vehicles/land vehicles. 4. Acquiring upgrades and somehow outfit you'r factions ship/ units in multiplayer and its weapons/armor etc to improve them in combat. Having stats for these would be good too. 5. Put in Cooperative challenges in terms of different kind of scenarios of various difficulties in MP for the community to participate in, create something like Star Wars Battlelog similar to BF's Battlelog if it could work. 6. Make sure that the game ships with as much content as possible that should be in the main game at launch, and that the game is as glitch, bug free and runs as smooth as possible avoiding what happened to Bf4's launch. 7. DLC/add on content if needed for the game, if it enhances the gaming experience with new modes, new characters, new armor modifications, new weapons, new vehicles. There should be enough content so that nothing major is missing. Adding content to the game is fine and depending on what kind of dlc it is and if it was in the game at launch or not should determine if the dlc should be free or be bought for a small fee. Please do not shower this game with micro-transactions.
  3. You know I might call myself a hypocrite when I say this as I am getting Rainbow Six Siege after it releases, but that doesn't change the fact that this shit needs to stop. I know, PvP and eSports are the big talk when it comes to gaming nowadays. I fucking get it okay? But that does NOT excuse the fact that they are not worth the money they ask for, let alone for $60. I can't help but put the blame on Titanfall and Evolve for this. You know what? Never mind that statement, it is their fault. Titanfall was the most critically acclaimed games last year and just understand how that is. There was no Single Player content to speak of at all when it launched and its "Multiplayer-Campaign" was a complete joke. I can't believe how much they half-assed it. And this was from the same guys who made the original Modern Warfare games? What? How fucking weak... I hate Titanfall, I really do. I don't care what anyone says, I absolutely hate this game. It is the most overhyped, overrated, barebones shooter I've ever played and I never want another part of it. Fuck this game. Then there is Evolve; oh boy this game. Now this game was where I ALMOST could have forgiven it's $60 price tag due to the maps being free. But then I realized that was the only free content we would be getting in the game. All of the Hunters and Monsters you had to buy later on and the pricing for them was ridiculous. I mean $15 for ONE Monster? Why? What the fuck kind of jackass would pay that much for one playable monster? I guess people are that stupid then if it was selling well enough, sad fact though. I would have bashed my head in with a metal baseball bat if I ever wasted that much money on this game. Now we have games like Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege doing the same thing. As I said above; yes, I am buying Siege, but unlike Evolve, Titanfall, and Battlefront, what I played actually felt like something I would want to come back to at anytime and wouldn't get bored of so fast. Plus the maps AND the new Operators will be free; that's as far as I'll go when spending $60 on these types of games. However I am questioning a Day 1 purchase as the shown in the Open Beta that the servers are still not up to snuff. Which really boggles my mind how they can't even get it right after an Alpha and two Betas. Ubisoft Montreal what the hell you guys doing over there? As for Battlefront, hell no. I may be a Star Wars fan (The Force Awakens hype is real!), but when it comes to the games, I want quality AND quantity. I don't give a rats ass about how "authentic" it is to the films, the fact is that DICE's Battlefront is bare-bones in content and the content that it does have is completely lacking, and the amount of depth (or lack thereof) in the game is pathetic. I won't do it. I have more freaking self respect than the community itself has. "But it's a fun game!" So? I had fun with Colonial Marines and that game was a pile of garbage. I'm so sick of that argument it's not even funny. It's not even a valid argument. Overall all, as I stated with Rainbow Six Siege and partially with Evolve; if your PvP only game will be supported with free content constantly, then I won't be opposed to spending $60 on it that much IF what I played is addicting and satisfying. But as whole, these games are becoming more and more shallow in terms of content and depth. Its a growing, nasty trend that is slowly getting out of control. If you guys love this sort of practice, more power to ya. Me? I want no part of it and, quite frankly, hopes this trend finally falls on its ass one day. Probably won't happen soon, but when it does, I'll be one happy man.
  4. The post launch support will suck, and here's why. And no, it's not this news that they're already announcing sequels, although that is a factor in that ideas for improvement may just be saved for the newer games instead of being patched in. It's about the season pass. To explain what I'm on about, we first have to look at another multiplayer only shooter published by EA, Titanfall. When the game first launched, allot of people were bummed buy it's lack of content for a full priced game (familiar story, eh?), but was heavily tweaked with better balancing, matchmaking, levelling, emblems and a multitude of new game modes in the months following the games launch. Werther one feels with all this game was still worth it the price comes down to the individual, but the most important thing is this was added at no additional cost completely separate from the games DLC packs and season pass. The season pass also was eventually offered for free with DLC maps put into general circulation, but that was after quite a while from launch and I'm not gonna count them for this, it's still worth noting that happened though. Now on to the season pass. Each of the three DLC packs offer new cosmetics, but more importantly three new maps for $10 each or $25 for the season pass. So if I'm getting my maths and assumptions correct that's not far of the same amount of content currently advertised as being a part of the Battlefront's season pass for about half the cost. So, already Battlefront's DLC looks bullshit by comparison, but I fear it's going to get worse. Here is what was put into the game for free outside of the bug fixes and balancing ect. Marked for Death Game Mode Marked for Death Pro Game Mode Pilot Skirmish Game Mode Frontier Defence Game Mode Private Matches (TBH, should have been there from the start, so you could call that a patch) New Insignias New Unlockable OS Voices Deadly Ground Game Mode Stipulation DLC Maps Added to Circulation Now on to the point Given that Battlefront's season pass doesn't offer much more (IMO) that Titanfall's did, what do think the odds are that Battlefront will have this much added to the game for free? Not a chance. EA and DICE simply can't afford to not lock this stuff behind the season pass to help justify it's cost. I'm not saying DICE aren't gonna improve the game, but it'll be the kind of patching and general improvements that are necessary and always, nothing extra. Being a seasonal EA game, DICE will inevitably be kept busy with these bug fixes and balancing. Titanfall was developed by Respawn who weren't exactly very busy in year post Titanfall except for post launch support on that game, not like DICE who'll be working on at least one other Battlefront and probably a new Battlefield over the next few years. DICE won't have the time nor the budget to develop the equivalent of what we got for free in Titanfall and the amount of DLC to justify that kind of cost of that season pass planned for Battlefront separately, there's just no way. This coupled with new Battlefronts already announced means the post launch support of Battlefront is going to suck. That is my prediction. That's something EA were actually doing pretty the last year or two. What a shame.
  5. Still server browser would have been nice for the AJSA
  6. Look, I'm only a 19 year old gamer who is just about to finish High School and head to College afterwords. Being a cynical prick to every game announcement, is not something I want to be as I age with this industry. Star Wars: Battlefront is one such game I can't get excited about because of it. Sure the fact that DICE (Battlefield) is developing gives it a lot of potential to be great; DICE and EA's track record over these last couple of years deflates any type of hype I had for the title. I just can't shake the fact that Battlefront is just going to be both a BF4 re-skin and a DLC cash cow. I don't want to believe any of it, but I just can't; and when you count the fact that it will have NO Space Battles, No Clone Wars Era, and only 4 planets on launch, makes the entire thing sound more like DICE trying to make a movie tie-in instead of a normal Battlefront game. We haven't seen any gameplay yet and there is already a Digital Deluxe pre-order available? Seriously EA, fuck off with that shit... This also affects my anticipation for both Rainbow 6: Siege and The Division. The concepts for both these games are fantastic and have a huge amount of potential. However, just like with DICE and EA, Ubisoft's track record completely destroys my hype for it. Everything from Assassin's Creed Unity's broken launch to the Watch Dogs fiasco just lead to Ubisoft dropping the ball again with both titles. I seriously don't want to feel like this with any of these games. I should be hyped up about every announcement for each of these games, but with this routine the gaming industry has been following, I just can't get excited anymore.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront gameplay leaked, it seems DICE and EA have a different direction for the series than previously thought as they announced it will be a sequel to the popular and much loved Star Wars Kinect game focusing entirely on the Galactic dance off! Also the pricing plan for Star Wars DanceBattlefront by EA states that you buy the game for $60, then a monthly subscription fee of $20 a month which then gives to option to buy each level for an additional $5 each Happy April 1st everyone Please don't hurt me
  8. In my opinion, change nothing. Battlefront 1 and 2 were amazing how they were. I dont want battlefield 4 with star wars skins. give it space battles, 1st and 3rd person option. If you want a battlefield-like star wars battlefront, fine, but DO IT JUSTICE!!! make it stand out, give it a good campaign!!!!! no crappy campaign from battlefield thats only 4 HOURS!!! I was amazing at Battlefront 2 i could go 100+ kills 0-2 deaths. make it like the originals. the question is, what do you think would make it awesome?!