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Found 3 results

  1. As the title says anyone wanna play? And yes i realize there are topics about starbound but this one is for people who Just wanna play it. Also some Mods i recommend - Darkbound (still being worked on but cool to watch) - Future mine Pack (makes mining less repetitive at start) - Crew Pack (puts a set of NPC in ur starship) - Wastelands (makes the game into a apocalyptic setup) - Matter Manipulators + (lets u upgrade ur Matter Manipulator)
  2. So Starbound, a game entering early access on steam(It's been out since Dec 04), It's pretty much(visually) a Terraria clone, BUT it's sci-fi! There's no doubt if you enjoy games like Terraria/Minecraft then you'll probably love Starbound. What do you expect in the finished game? I for one want to see if there's a space travel segment, maybe later in the game as you progress and find the materials to build a Starship; to go to other planets and reek havoc, or build a nice and dandy space colony. I also want to see harder bosses and just relatively harder enemies.(To be entirely honest, I don't even know if the game has bosses. Although a guy can hope can't he?) Terraria became a joke once they updated with the new armours for PC(A.K.A. Spectre set.) Do you think it'll be better then Terraria? Why? I do, basically because I like Sci-fi... And the Race Variation is just too sexy. EDIT: After logging a few hundred hours into Starbound, I am totally hooked and find myself checking every day for updates. It may be a little rugged right now, but hell Starbound is a Beta game and it's already amazing. I love the varity in it with everything! Although... Creatures appearing on my -should-be- desolate Asteroids annoys the holy hell out of me.. but It's understandable at the moment, because there aren't really hazards in affect yet. One can only hope that when something else gets implemented(For Example, when you're in the exterior of the asteroids, you gradually take damage from rock particles flinging around all hay-wire. Or just apply the Meteor shower effect to it 100% of the time and get rid of the Creatures.)
  3. Starbound's beta has launched not so long ago, and its one of the most played steam games already, its open world and multiplayer makes it one of the most fun to play with friends games of all time. Pros:- Open world sandbox- Easy to learn- Supports parties and multiplayer with many players Cons:- Still Beta- Limited at the moment- Server needed for multiplayer