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Found 3 results

  1. FINALLY!! after many years of watching Joes videos on youtube for about 5 years or so I made an account on this site..maybe a year ago. Now I finally made my first post. I came here to see if Joe has any plans on talking about Star Citizen I know about a few years ago he made a video where he pledged to the game but then that was about it. Am hoping to see if any new information comes up of him checking out Star Citizen. Also hoping to find other who are apart of AJSA who plays Star Citizen so maybe we can play some time. Cheers and blue skys!
  2. What is StarCitizen? I just read a post on these forums where a person was asking for information on StarCitizen. That opened my eyes a bit... There might be a lot of people in the AJSA that don't really know much about the game (other than what was on Joe's video). I'm no expert, nor do I claim to be in Chris Robert's mind, but I'll try to give non-citizens a quick glance at what you can expect from this game. Please, feel free to add or correct me where you see fit. In the beggining, there was a vision... Chris Roberts. That's where the story of SC starts. Who's he you ask? Pretty much the go-to guy when it comes to space combat simulators. He created the Wing Commander games, Starlancer, Freelancer, Privateer and many other excellent games for this genre. He took a brake for a couple years and delved into movies... but now he's back, and with him, so is the space-sim genre. The rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated... I don't know if you are a space-sim fan, but even if you aren't, you'll notice that on the last few years have been kind of a dry spell for us. Sure, there's games that have space as their setting (Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire, Mass Effect, etc) but none of these are true space-sims. Chris saw this, Chris didn't like this, Chris aims to solve it. And who better than him to do it, honestly? We are talking about the guy behind the best and most loved space-sim games of all time. However, it's not easy to make a good game when you are pressed by publishers. Multi-platform compatibility, "trendy" themes, content cuts, paid DLC schemes, impossible deadlines... All the things that make games end up being bad and Joe go on a rampage. By the people, for the people... Chris wants to make the best space-sim possible. He wants StarCitizen to be everything his previous games where and more. He wants to show publishers that they can't keep doing what they are doing to the industry and that if they continue, people like him will show up and rain on their parade. Star Citizen is crowdfounded. This means that it's development is being paid by the players, allowing Chris and his team to work unhindered by shifty publisher companies that'd rather have the game release as soon as possible, not caring if it's ready or not. StarCitizen is currently the most succesful crowdfunded project ever. At the date of this post, it has raised 26.5 million dollars and it raises over half a million per week on an average. There's currently 294k pledgers, two hundred and ninety four thousand people who hope Chris and Robert Space Industries will finally provide them with the ultimate space-sim experience. Not just a space-sim game, THE space-sim game... You may be thinking... how different can this space-sim be from the others I've played? Space, ships, cheesy story line, aren't they all the same? Yes and... no. A carrier class vessel in SC has about seven million polygons, a fighter, about three hundred thousand. On an average, AAA games feautre vehicles with about thirty thousand polygons. Just so you get an idea of how much effort and time is being put into the design of these ships, a fighter type costs about thirty thousand to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to bring into life (and that's just for the ship's hull, not the extra parts like guns or other modules). SC is an entirely new IP, with it's own story line (which is still under development and you can help shape) and universe. The guys at RSI (Chris' company) and their sub-sidiaries want to provide players with a unique and detailed game, one that will finally quench the thirst of all the forgotten space-sim fans out there. Dynamic player-influenced economy, super-large constantly evolving game universe, newtonian physics, PVE & PVP content... The list of features is enough to make any gamer (space-sim fan or not) giddy with anticipation. Shut up and take my money... StarCitizen is getting made. That's for sure. They already have enough funding to bring it to life. But the best never comes easy, nor cheap. Each dollar you pledge helps Chris and his team add more to the game. Be it a new type of ship or an Iphone app that allows you to check prices on goods across the verse, there's a lot of things that can be done to get this game to be as close to perfect as possible. So go, check the website, watch the videos, browse the ships, read the forums... pledge if you share Chris' vision: A return of the times when players could trust companies to build quality games, not just money grabbing scams.
  3. Im excited to see the size and scale of this game!