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Found 1 result

  1. Overview: This guide is mostly for new players, or for those who want to refer back for material gathering information. Basic dungeon info will be added as well. This is mainly just a reference for all our members to use instead of wading through Google and Wikia's as they seem incomplete. If you have information, or notice something incorrect please let me know. The Basics: As a general guideline (not mandatory) new players are advised to follow the Main Storyline Quests and Side Quests at least up to Level 25. At this range the game begins to open up to the player in the way of crafting and doing your own thing. You can sandbox before then, but it's very difficult. You will also acquire Gilda Stars used at Mirage Isle to purchase Houses, Ships, Aquafarms, etc,etc. Players will need to decide if they wish to purchase a house after attaining 15 Gilda Stars (provided there is any space to build on) or risk waiting and saving for another goal (Like a Cutter ship for example). If there is land available, it is HIGHLY recommended that you go for a house/farm first. Once space runs out it can be one of the most difficult things to do as far as finding a place to call home. It is highly recommended you open your Map and configure all the filters to your understanding, so you can easily locate dungeons, merchants, Warehouses, etc. Crime and Infamy: Guide to reduce Crime Points HERE. Actually... This one is better. Jury Duty: To be eligible for Jury Duty you must complete the Witness Protection quest line in Austera located on the north end of Solis Headlands. A guide can be found here. Leveling By Zone: SOURCE Nuian Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Solzreed Peninsula Level 11-14 - Liyut Hills Level 15-19 - Dewstone Plains Level 20-23 - White Arden Level 24-26 - Marianople Level 27-29 - Two Crowns Elf Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Gweonid Forest Level 11-14 - Liyut Hills Level 15-19 - Dewstone Plains Level 20-23 - White Arden Level 24-26 - Marianople Level 27-29 - Two Crowns Harani Specific Guides Level 1-10 - Arcum Isis Level 11-14 - Tigerspine Mountains Level 15-19 - Mahadevi Level 20-23 - Solis Headlands Level 24-26 - Villanelle Level 27-29 - Silent Forest Firran Specific Zones Level 1-10 - Falcorth Plains Level 11-14 - Tigerspine Mountains Level 15-19 - Mahadevi Level 20-23 - Solis Headlands Level 24-26 - Villanelle Level 27-29 - Silent Forest Nuian/Elf Shared Zones Level 30-32 - Cinderstone Moore Harani/Firran Shared Zones Level 30-32 - Ynystere All Races Shared Zones Level 33-34 - Halcyona Level 35-37 - Hellswamp Level 38-40 - Sanddeep Level 41-42 - Rookborne Basin Level 43-44 - Windscour Savannah Level 45-46 - Perinoor Ruins Level 47-48 - Hasla Level 49-50 - Karkasse Ridgelands Level 50 and Endgame Gearing: A guide to gearing up after hitting level 50 can be found HERE. Dungeons: Palace Cellar: Abbreviated as "PC."This dungeon is located in the City of Towers in the Mahadevi zone. It is located under the south bridge. It is available to Levels 19+ with a Mentor option at Level 30. 3 Players to Party Party abilities required: Single target pulls to take out mobs separately. A durable tank is recommended. Boss Strategy: -- To be added later-- Hadir Farms: Abbreviated as "HF."​This dungeon is located in Ynestere next to Finnea Harbor. Note: There is a difference between the Hadir Farms location on the worldmap and the actual Dungeon Entrance. It is available to Levels 30+ and Mentor at Level 35. 5 Players to a Party. Party abilities required: Single target pulls, Crowd Control (CC's), a durable tank, and a healer are absolutely mandatory for survival. Note: Best dungeon for loot gathering Boss Strategy: -- To be added later-- [Greater] Howling Abyss​5 Players to a Party It is available to Levels 45+ Dungeon designed for very highly skilled players. Will require a highly organized and efficient party to pass. (More info to be added later) Where to Gather Materials Where to find things like Logs, Ore, Mushrooms, etc,etc. Not everyone has their own house or farm to use and this can help those who are new to ArcheAge as they begin to level up and need to find basic crafting materials. Please feel free to contribute and i'll edit the information. If we can get this into decent shape and get this stickied, that would be awesome for our new players to be referred to. Mining: Iron Ore and Raw Stone: The earliest area to begin gathering Iron Ore as well as Raw Stone is in the Gnawbones Cave near the North Devi River in Tigerspine Mountains. This is around Level 15. Veins spawn often and drop both materials. They also have a chance to turn into Fortuna Veins which drop more Raw Stone and different types of ore (Silver, Gold, Archeum). West Arcum Iris, West Solis Headlands and a cave in south Ynestere also have places to mine from. (I'll get screenshots and map info) Logging: Old Trees can be logged in the Silent Forest which is a level 26-28 zone. They spawn either with a 2 hour timer, or instantly ready for harvest and yield 2-4 logs at the cost of 15 Labor Points. It is possible to gather 300 logs per day with one person (from personal experience, I used this method to get enough Lumber for my ship). With 2-3 people the amount you can gather goes up exponentially, as you don't have to compete with other players. Below is a picture of my route for logging Old Trees. Please note the map. Maple and Cherry Trees grow in Villanelle. Water pools in Arcum Iris have trees to log as well. Plantlife: Clovers, Azaleas, and Corn Flowers grow in abundance at Ynestere. Making it ideal if you need to craft Dried Flowers Ynestere is as level 28-33 zone, however. Underwater Mining (Level 30-50, parties recommended): One location we know of for Underwater Mining is south of Cinderstone Moor which resides on Nuia. So this is risky as you are sailing and diving close to the enemy faction territory. It is also an open PVP area so you can be killed in competition for these nodes. What you are looking for is Star Shard Veins. Which drop Star Shard Chips and Raw Stone. These are used for Star Shard Ingots which are needed for mid-level crafts. The ingots sell for a decent amount on the Auction House. You will have to sail passed a few Seabugs and Jellyfish, as well as potential enemy ships on your way. Ships are essential, otherwise you can't dive for long enough (without the 10 minute dive gear buff) to harvest any Star Shards. The nodes are plentiful as long as other players aren't around. It is highly recommended that teams of 2-4 people (at a minimum) go so you don't get yourself killed. Diving Locations: Need to add more to this later, as I explore it. Gilda Stars: Following the main storyline (Green Quest) will net you your starter Gilda Stars. Around 50, not counting the Stars you'll get doing other side-quests. After that line is finished you'll have to do daily quests and trade pack runs in order to keep GS coming in. Mentor/Mentee Dailies provide the best amount of GS for time invested. Each one gives you 3 Stars. At least doing PC and HF will get you 6. Then you can get another 4-6 off other dailies. You can easily maintain about 10 Gilda Stars a day. Doesn't sound like much. but 10 days is 100 Gilda Stars. Factor in a few Trade Packs, and other possible quests. I also need to confirm if you can do the other factions dungeons for an extra 6 Gilda Stars. This could be a possible minimum 19 GS a day if thats true. Thats 190 Gilda Stars in 10 days. 570 in 30... let that sink in a second. Misc.: To rename your Pet: Right click on its nameplate/healthbar and click on "Rename" To take screenshots: Hit F9 To disable the UI: F12 A list of other FAQ's can be found here. MOAARRRR to be added later....