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Found 11 results

  1. I wanted to open a new thread about it since the old one was locked, and the game never went to a vote. Heroes & Generals is a WWII combined arms FPSMMO set in the European theater of the war. It was developed after being greenlit on Steam and kickstarted by Retro-Moto, a developer in Denmark, and published by Square Enix. The game has recently been released on Steam, bringing a flood of players into the battle. Players can choose to play as soldiers who can be leveled up and assigned to different roles, (sniper, paratrooper, pilot, tanker or ground infantry.) or be generals who supply fireteams to the fight, which determines which classes can be used in a battle. Each season, or "war," sets the Allies and Axis forces against each other for control of territories. Progress can be seen on a map in the "Generals" tab of the menu. When one faction captures all the other faction's territory, they will be declared the winner and the game starts over. Pros 1. The large variety of maps featured, ranging from small towns to fully detailed European cities in France and England 2. Players can randomly join a battle, pick where they want to fight on a world map, or form a squad with their friends and go into battle. 3. Players can purchase several characters to use in battle. Depending on the class of the soldier they start with and the fireteams available , players can change to different classes in battle. 4. The game isnt really "pay to win." All items are locked to classes and ranks, so players cant buy the most powerful equipment without earning it. Everything, once unlocked, can be bought with real money or in-game currency. Otherwise all that can be purchased are cosmetic items and exp boosts. 5. Players can collaborate by spotting targets, using in-game chat and squad leaders can set objective markers for their soldiers to help win the battle. 6. The game is well balanced, but still realistic. Pilots and tankers will still have difficulty fighting infantry units, unless their target makes it impossible to miss. 7. Vehicles are extremely useful. A single car can carry as many as 10 players to the front lines, while aircraft, tanks and stationary turrets and AA can bring high casualty rates to your enemy's side. Cons 1. Allied players like to ram Axis players and generally take cheap kills. Most of my team's deaths can be attributed to infantry being run down by cars or being spawn killed by tanks. 2. Bombing as a pilot is difficult, since you cant see your targets, even if your allies mark them. 3. Wait times are really long, Although the game will warn you if your faction has a high concentration of players.(The Axis side is usually stuffed) 4. It's easy to find yourself as the only member of a squad, while your opponent's team can have several of the same class of soldiers, which will tear you apart. 5. The game requires a Battlelog-like browser plugin to run. It doesn't take long to download, but there's no reason for it to exist other than to be the main menu. EDIT: Since the most recent update; Paratroopers have become even more powerful with the addition of class specific LMGs, matches are now split between training and campaign missions, the later being more balanced but has long queue times. Generals have been added as a non-combat class for players above rank 17. Generals cant fight, but they can give their weapons to other characters you own and supply the battles with assault teams, which create the cap on the number of soldiers in a battle. This game is still in it's Beta stage, and a lot of things are still being fixed and added to the game.
  2. As I was trying to mention earlier. I was having a mission finding the servers of the =AJSA= for each game. What I meant was introduction video for the guilds. I was trying to get a guideline to where to establish your character and where to sign up on which server and guild officer to contact to join. For example all I know about know about Planetside2 was that we are Terran but it took all day to learn what server we are on. Now I know teamspeak helps but the time zone is a killer here, no one is on for the darkside of the planet. If a video can't be made can we at least have a small chart?
  3. I am Kinda getting lost here, Don't suppose I could suggest a welcome to AngryJoes Army Video and how to sign up for the army/guilds/game and how to use the gallery and donations and such. Sincerely Vintson
  4. Welcome to the first ever [AJSA] Game Suggestion, where I take 5 minutes to come up with, explain, and support, the most bad-ass game idea that I can! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUhKXHgzoh4 Thank you guys for watching!!! Please enjoy, and feel free to like, comment, subscribe, and share! I'm new to the YouTube Game, so all of your support is GREATLY appreciated. You guys kick ass. :-P Special Thanks to Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Go Watch Their Shit!!! www.youtube.com/user/TeamFourStar And Special Thanks to Nate Kittelson for the Awesome Countdown Timer!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjtkte_Fmsqt_SDpTAIFxRg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My AJSA: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/26854-m1k3yvasnormandy/ Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  5. So, one of the ways that I interact with posts quickly is the "Recent Topics" addon on the side of the Forum master page. Is it possible to have one just like that that instead shows Recent Posts, so I know what topics are currently being discussed at the moment? That would be pretty helpful. I don't understand the limitations of the forum structure, so I don't know if this is even feasible.
  6. In light of the new contest in the giveaway section, I thought I'd place a suggestion for a future contest. I'd think it'd be fun to have an Angry Joe fan art contest OR an AJSA T-shirt design contest. We have so many talented artist and graphic designers, a contest like this could give AJ some cool artwork for the site or for merchandise as well as make it fun for everyone! Hell, having your artwork appear on merchandise or on the front page may just be prize enough! Of course, winner would get a free T-shirt or some other type of merchandise with their artwork on it that Joe chooses to be added to the store. I like arts :3
  7. Indie games have become super popular in these past years with games like Braid, Castle Crashers, Fez, Super Meat Boy, Gone Home, and Slender. I suggest that and Indie Games subforum be added to the Other PC Games forum. It can be a great place for indie gamers to get together and discuss awesome indie games like the ones mentioned above or we can discuss upcoming ones like Tower of Guns, Scale, Transistor, That Dragon, Cancer, Hotline Miami 2, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, The Witness, Mew-Genics, the list goes on! This would be a great addition to the site. And from one Joe to another, please consider adding this Angry Joe.
  8. A few threads have appeared already with some ideas regarding this particular suggestion. I figured it would be best to gather it up, put in one post and have you vote You can also vote for multiple options. I'll try to edit this post and poll with any concerns you voice both in this thread and elsewhere. A quick summary of each of the options: 1) A general chatbox on the main site of the forum. Many raised concern that with this many mebers it would get flooded, and without proper supervision spam and abuse would ensue. 2) A general chatbox restricted to proven members of the community. This option would limit the amount of posts and the possibility to abuse, but also cut some users off, of course. Sergeant up is my proposition for limitation. Another suggestion is a chatbox for administration only. 3) One in every online game subforum. This would limit the amount of posts/minute, and allow easy finding of partners for a game, but would make it difficult to supervise (simply because of the number of chatboxes) and leave no protection against abuse. 4) Self explanatory. No chatbox - no problem. Also, we already have teamspeak server up, that should suffice. 5) IRC channel would be best. Handles large groups well, easy to moderate, and with a few browser based clients also doesn't require downloading anything.
  9. I was just thinking that a subforum for Management games would be of use, mostly after seeing the Strategy Games subforum over at “Other PC Games” in the PC Gaming Central section of the Forum. Now, some may perceive that stagey and management games are the say, I however would like to argue that this is not the case; mainly due to the very different appeal and game focus these games generally possess. I won’t argue that strategy games can have management aspects no more than management games can be strategic, they have however their focus in one or the other. To say that, for example, Prison Architect or Gnomoria is a strategic game wouldn’t be a wrong, however it wouldn’t be as precise as calling it a management game would be more precise. Just as calling StarCraft II a management game wouldn’t be a lie, however it is not where the focus and appeal of the game is. The core of the problem here is that genres often have overlaps, but I believe that the different in focus between a strategy game like Planetary Annihilation and Dwarf Fortress or StarCraft II and RimWorld is sufficient enough to justify the distinction.
  10. I think we could use a place for guides and tutorials. I see many people say "I'm new to some game" and "I don't really know how to play, but I can try". With a dedicated sector, people can easily find guides to their games made by other members of the AJSA. Does anyone agree? For example. Bob wants to find a Terraria guide, because he doesn't really know the basics. He can check Terraria's official wiki, but it's hard to find the essentials. He comes here to the "Guides & Tutorials" area. Bob finds a nicely written basic guide to Terraria. He learns to play Terraria, and keeps coming back to find out more. Sound good?
  11. Realised there wasn't any headwear in the merch! Either put the logo or AJSA on the front and Angry Joe Show Army text on the back. For the Bandana, make a vector art of the AJSA. What do you think guys?