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Found 19 results

  1. What are you favorite TF2 maps? I love Turbine and Pipeline the most, although nothing good comes with nothing bad. Just got done on Turbine against a sticky spam team...why do they exist? Why are they exist?. And on Pipeline...sometimes we get troll engies who love to build teleporters purposely to let spies in and spawn camp, AND NO ONE BLOODY CAPS IN THE PROCESS!!!. And the worst part...if i or someone else kills the spies who are spawn camping us, i get kicked. And now, why i love the maps. I love Turbine cause it's a simple and fun map, and if i had to have an HQ in TF2 that would be it. I love Pipeline cause there are so many opportunities for a good player to just whoop some ass. Love playing sniper on there. So tell me you lovely Angry Army <3, what maps do you like, and what pros do you like on em and what cons can you not stand on em?
  2. Last night I was a little late to the party with the Friday event, so I decided to go screw around on some valve servers. Big mistake, as it would seem. You guys remember that glitch everyone laughed at for a while in the last few patches where different classes (usually pyro) would swap weapons or taunt and change teams or whatever at the last point in a certain order to completely break the game? Well apparently that stuff's back again with the latest patch. I saw two pyros do it and then two more after that in another game, looks like everyone's trolling again, at least every time the map changes to Borneo. Just figured you guys should know, in case this problem ever comes up on our servers when the officers aren't looking. Delfy's already got his video out on it since last night, it's exactly what I experienced. I just hope Valve gets it together and fixes this for like the fifth time.
  3. Alright guys, Team Fortress 2 is resurrecting itself from the dead. Our first attempt of making a Highlander Team failed, but now it actually worked. We are currently looking for new players in our Competitive 9v9 Team. So, if you have enough skill and experience, you are welcome. Here's the Team Setup: Scout: Finnishfighter Soldier: Jossman Pyro: --> Free Slot <-- Demoman: Ugly Goldfish (not approved yet) Heavy: --> Free Slot <-- Engineer: --> Free Slot <-- Medic: Doctor GLaDOS (sub) Sniper: Agent 47 (me) Spy: Pig_Face As you can see, we still need 4 more people: a Pyro, a Demoman, a Heavy and an Engineer. If you would like to participate, just leave a comment down below, with your Steam-name and the class you want to play with. The Requirements are: Living in Europe Atleast 100 hours in TF2(for TF2Center) A microphone Have Fun! Im going to be organizing the training for Highlander. Doctor_GLaDOS will be responsible for the events. - 47
  4. I like to do a lot of MvM, mostly boot camps because I can't afford the MvM Ticket. Problem is I can never get past normal difficulty because: 1) There aren't many higher difficulty servers that are available to me because of my country which makes it pretty rare for me to experience these levels 2) The servers that are available to me are filled with players who have no idea about what they are doing because of reason you can probably imagine. Usually I get partnered up with a fodder demoknight or at least 2 hatch-nesting engies. I'm sick of not being able to complete higher difficulties and I don't want to try to help my teammates "get gud". So does anyone have any tips or tricks that can help me carry these deadweights? Photo for Reference
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a TF2 player who is looking for people in this community to play tf2. There is almost never anyone on the tf2 server Add me if you wanna play tf2
  6. Hi everyone i would love to see what kind of awesome screenshots the army has saved of either some awesome/funny moments while playing. or epic/silly hat combinations you would like to share with the rest of the army. ill start the ball with my Serious and not so serious engineer ;D
  7. TF2 Fun Night! ============================================= I think since we've gotten quite a lot of regulars playing every Saturday, I think we can have the bi-weekly fun nights, the first one we're going to do is really simple, we're going to play on some jump maps! We'll learn how to rocket/sticky jump and soar across the maps to reach different points! After that we'll go into some Halloween maps to unwind should anybody stick around long enough! If you've joined the server or the steam TF2 AJSA guild, you'll know about this a week in advance! But for those who need more info as to where the server is located along with the steam group, please click this link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17601-welcome-to-the-official-ajsa-tf2-group/ Hope to see you guys there, and let's have some fun! =============================================
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4uMervNb-E Not the best and not the worst, (I think). Enjoy.
  9. hello i was just woundering if anyone still plays team fortress 2 so we can play together
  10. My Actual Engineer Loadout

    From the album TF2 Screenshots

    hats used: Pardner's Pompadour Antarctic Researcher Grizzled Growth
  11. Okay, I'm sorry to see that the game failed the vote, but I figure if we get more support for this game and rally up enough people, we can get this in. Let me once again explain what this game is, and why we need to support it! TEAM FORTRESS 2 Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer FPS made in 2007 in which two teams fight each other to the death for control over territory, intelligence, and destroying the opposing team's base. Red and Blu are locked in an eternal stalemate over the badlands for it's vast wealth of gravel! Each team has 9 classes to chose from, all of which have their own unique play style and strategy to them, from the rocket jumping soldier, to the enigmatic and deadly spy, and the big bruiser known only as the Heavy, there is no way you can not have fun with this game! With an art style that is mid 50's to 60's cartoons, the game barely shows any signs of aging anytime soon. Currently it is still within the top ten most played games on steam right now, and with another update just around the corner, you can bet more people are willing to join up! Multiple game modes include Capture the Flag, Control Point, Territorial Control, Payload, Arena, King of the Hill, Payload Race, Medieval Mode, Special Delivery, and Mann vs. Machine. A horde mode in which you and 6 other players fight against a dangerous horde of robots that wish to destroy Mann Co. and it's supply of hats and weapons! And that's not including user created content and mods that add more life and entertainment to an already popular game! This game also includes well over 100 different and unique weapons for every class (not counting reskins) that can be unlocked through normal play, each weapon has a unique spin on the default weapon of each class, no weapon is a straight upgrade either, ever unique weapon has it's own drawback and negative traits to make them sidegrades compared to the default. So even if you are just joining, by having the default weapons, you have the most powerful weapons in the game from the very start! Each weapon does however offer different strategies for how you play each different class, from faster switch with less damage, to more damage but lowered health, etc... you'll never play the same game twice as you disintegrate your enemies with a righteous bison, or find yourself on the receiving end of a crossbow! But let us not forget the one major important feature of this game that overshadows all others! Hats!! Lots of hats! Show them off to your friends, piss off the veteran players, annoy others! ... Okay this ain't really a selling point, and this is where the game could potentially get it's cash-grab feeling from, but keeping in mind that you can trade for anything, it's not hard to customize your favorite class to a look that suits your style and personality! If somebody already is wearing what you thought was your own unique loadout, you can paint different items in a variety of different colors! It's impossible to not make your class look unique. But let us not forget that this game is also run by the community itself, lots of weapons, maps, and cosmetics have been contributed by YOU the players! A lot of TF2's own community has helped the game grow into what it is now, from silly cosmetics, sprawling and interesting maps, and devastating weapons! The community is what gives this game the power to be one of the most played games on PC to date (just behind DotA2 and LoL...), and now if you're a talented modeler, artist, or just have a great idea in general! You can work with other like-minded individuals to create your own dream items for the game, and even get PAID once they get in! What's not to like about that?! Also, with source filmmaker out there, you can make your own videos within the TF2 universe, and more! Tournaments! This game has the support for multiple kinds of tournament game modes. The most popular being 6 vs. 6, and Highlander (9 players on each team, only one of each class)! TF2 supports all sorts of tournament competitions, and even hands out medals for those that compete and do well. People can easily form their own guilds to practice whenever they please, lots of custom maps specifically designed for tournament play, and plenty of regulations to make things both fair and interesting for players and viewers alike! Oh... and did I not mention that Team Fortress 2 is... Yep! Everything in the game is FREE! You don't have to pay a single cent to enjoy the game at it's fullest! As with all free to play games there are some limits to what happens as you play, mainly involving item drops, trading, and limited crafting options, but purchasing any item regardless can get you a permanent premium membership. That or a friend could potentially lend you http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Upgrade_to_Premium_Gift one of these for free. ;3 Just remember to spend your money wisely as always. The Battle-Plan I suggest you play this video in the background as you read. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llOvd2yGEio Now, I'm saddened by the fact that this game did not get the time needed for a full vote compared to other games, so I think it's fair that we get to try again. After 20 days of voting, we had 86 people in favor of letting the game in, and only 10 people against it. That's a good number but not good enough. My goal for all of you right now, is to at least double that number or come close to it within a month. So here is my battle strategy that I want you all to follow. Find all of your friends who are interested in gaming, and show them the AJSA forums immediately. Do your best to convince them to join our forums and socialize. Talk to your friends who actually play Team Fortress 2 and convince them to join up. If you have people interested in the game but are intimidated by the pay wall of getting full membership, go out of your way to give them an Upgrade to Premium Gift: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Upgrade_to_Premium_Gift This not only gives them full benefits, but also gives you a free cosmetic for your troubles as well. Let your friends know about this topic so that they too can spread out this info to others. The more people, the better. Advertise the AJSA in game through sprays in game. Be immediately ready to vote on the forums and remain active, I do not want to see people say they will vote and suddenly drop off of the face of the planet when we need you! It is vital that all troops keep alert! Be calm and civil when or if a second decision is made. Comment here first if you pledge to play this game with the AJSA regularly and again... BE READY TO VOTE AT ANY TIME IF ANOTHER ONE GOES UP!That will be how we attract others to the site in general, if just 10 of us was to bring in 5 people on board, we'd have 50 people ready to be deployed, and ready to vote! The Goal Since there is a very short time-span for the vote we need to work quickly and not slack off on this! So here is what I want to see from everybody: At least 5 new people joining the AJSA through recommendation to your friends per person.Support for your friends joining the game, including coaching them, teaching them the basics, and maintaining a positive attitude amongst the growing community.AJSA sprays in game to advertise the site (or AJS in general). Keep it tasteful and simple! Explain the site if necessary but do not spam!I want to see over 150 positive votes within 20 days if a new poll is created! We did not have a lot of time, and we only got 86, so I KNOW we can do better! I will be so proud if we can get close to 200! That's all there is to know about the game, and how to go about getting this game in. Right now though, gather up friends who are interested, have them join, and comment in this thread ASAP. Let's work together and be credit to team! My personal request to the council: Apologies if you saw me getting upset on twitter, but I do highly urge you to reconsider the vote, and I would also like to see you guys include these things as well should you go through with this. Equal voting time with other games. A set date for when voting will end. A set goal for number of votes required to get a game officially supported.Thank you for your time and keep up the good work on the forums.
  12. There's gotta be a way to just make a poll without starting a new topic no? (new guy to forums in general) I'm sure Joe already has a tf2 server planned but you know......poll :|
  13. Hi peoples,I was just wondering if it was a possibility if the AJSA could expand to tf2 seeing that we already have cs;go part of it. just wondering maybe some feedback Add me on steam [AJSA]Solar-Inferno
  14. I'm sure a lot of you have watched at least one GMod or SFM video at some point. I'd like to know some of your favourite ones, whether they're well filmed, hysterically funny or just awesome in some way. If you can, try to avoid the obvious ones like the Gmod Idiot Box series. Here's some of my favourites at the moment: This one is a parody of the "Funny guy" scene from Goodfellas. I think it's really well done in animation, and the TF2 angle on it is a nice touch. Link to the original scene is in the description. As before, this video has very good animation. It is also really funny
  15. I want Chuck Greene, Frank West, Jontron, and Others. Chuck Greene His "RAGE" Would be taking out his BlamBow and He will say "Just Like Mom used to make." What boss do you want to appear in The game?
  16. I'm unsure whether or not the AJSA has a TF2 Server or not, however I'd love to at least meet a few of you in an empty public server, not necessarily to fight and cause conflict but to goof around in jolly co-operation and get to know one-another. If you're interested please reply, I'll be sure to add you.
  17. Hey guys I'm not sure about this but If you get TF2 as free to play, if you want to trade you need to have bought an inter from the in game shop at least. Is this true?
  18. Post all your tf2 crap here! Hats, weapons or gameplay! Pack your sandviches and strap on your canteens cause' the Angry army is coming to Team Fortress 2! Update: I am indeed, an idiot. I didn't realise someone had already made a tf2 thread even though it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. Post there, its got some good stuff!
  19. What's up guys! Regrettably I don't have as much time to game like I used to, but I manage to make time for it. I do most of my gaming on the PS3, I used to be a PC/PS2 gamer but I got a Mac for college so cue the terrible Mac jokes. I have Steam so you can occasionally find me running around after a Heavy as a Medic in TF2 or mowing down zombie hordes in Left 4 Dead 2. I'm usually only on if someone asks to play something, so hit me up sometime so I can procrastinate from my school work like a pro! The games I like to play are too plentiful to list in detail, but I made some hoodie graphics to represent those at the top of my list: http://i.imgur.com/t79zW.jpg (front) & http://i.imgur.com/Q9jBj.jpg (back) If some of my favorites are on your list too then hit me up, let's be gamer friends =]