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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, and welcome to the Smoke Break! In this article, I am going to be going over what tanks you're going to want to take into the World of Tanks Stronghold battles. I'll tell you why they're good for this specific game mode, and what your role is in these vehicles. This week, we're going to go over the big boys, the tankiest of the tanks- the Damage Sponges! Out of all the tanks you're going to see in the game, these, at this tier, are the best at deflecting hits, leading a charge into the fray, or blocking off an entire alleyway by just sitting at the end. If that sounds like you, stay tuned. If not, give this article a read so you know how to fight these tanks anyway! Let's begin with my personal favorite tank for Strongholds, the French ARL 44 heavy tank. French? Damage sponge? Smoke, you have to be drunk! Nope! This tank is a complete outlier in the French tech tree, vastly different from the rest of the French tanks. It has an incredible 120 mm of armor at the front, angled back at 30 degrees for 160-180 effective armor across the front plate. And the lower glasis? Oh, that's gotta be a weak spot, right? WRONG. From head-on, the lower glasis of the ARL 44 is an auto bounce. Even when coming over a rise, if the lower glasis is angled even in the slightest, it's always going to be an auto bounce. France got it right with this one, folks. The turret is a different story. While it's not as strong as the hull, and has a few extreme weak spots on the front, the gun mantlet is tough as nails. 200 mm of armor there. You won't pen that unless you have a higher tier tank. However, the turret cheeks around the mantlet are... 35 mm. Pathetic. However, they're relatively small targets. Hard to hit from far away... Which is exactly what this tank should be used for. Sit far to medium range away from the fight, while your brawlers and tankier tanks push ahead, while you give support. The ARL is relatively quick, and can move to intercept tanks that might be gunning around the side of your pushing friendlies. If you're going to drive the ARL, you have to realize it's a support tank. But support tanks are far from your normal healer or support in other games. Support tanks just mean you adapt to any new threats from behind, while your main force charges in ahead towards the enemy cap. This means you could very well do the most damage in a game! On to the next damage sponge, the second tankest tank at this tier, the O-I. This Japanese BEHEMOTH rolls onto the field with a disgustingly large gun, armor even more powerful than the ARL 44 at around 180-190 mm effective, and strangely comparable speed. What it lacks in comparison to the ARL 44 is the punchy gun, quicker reload, and high penetration that makes the ARL such an effective support tank. Therefore, with the O-I, you're going to be the charging force in the game, leading the way, and tanking the brunt of the enemy fire while your mediums and light tanks surround them. Angling your armor and side scraping are imperative tactics for this vehicle, to maximize the effectiveness of your tough as nails armor. What is side scraping, and how do you angle your armor, you ask? Let's just say it's a concept much easier explained in game, and we'd love to show you how it's done. Come down sometime to New Tankers Night, and any of us would love to be your teacher senpai for the evening. Now, on to the final damage sponge you'll want to play in Strongholds, and ladies and gentlemen, this one is a doozie. Roll out onto the battlefield, screaming the Queen's English and going on about tea and crumpets in the AT-8 tank destroyer! Seriously, this thing is a fortress. 203 mm of armor at the front? Most tanks of this tier hope to have a gun with more than 170 mm of penetration! This is impossible to attack from the front, and any fool dumb enough to sit in front of you and try to pump shot after shot into your bouncy front will be met with a terrible fate- your punchy 17 pounder gun with a fire rate of 14 rounds per minute! This little gun will tear through your enemies with 171 mm of penetration, and that quick fire rate will rip through enemy modules like no one's business. Only one problem. The tank has a top speed of 20 kmph. You're not going to be going very fast in this guy. The rest of your team will be set up, waiting for you to push ahead with the O-I's and the mediums. Still, once you're there? You can change the tide of battle by setting up in the right place. Tank destroyers are hard to get used to, as they don't have turrets. But the amount of armor you gain and the quality of your gun? Some say it's worth it. Some say it's not. Come try for yourself! World of Tanks is free, and we'd love to have you among our team as we power through to controlling the world map! - Combat Officer smoking0_0gun
  2. Anyone played World of Tanks? I have played World of Tanks. Unfortunately, there is no AJSA clan in World of Tanks. So I just joined BFPA clan instead. If you open AJSA clan in WarGaming. I will join you, but I would forgive my comrade to leave the BFPA clan for me. So here it is the official website. http://worldoftanks.com/ It's free-to-play. I just played World of Tanks for first time since I watched Girls und Panzer anime.
  3. World of Tanks is a free to play game with a great F2P model, which eliminates the Pay To Win style many games take. You can buy higher tier tanks that are locked in their tier and do not allow you to progress to higher tier tanks, but have advanced armor that allow you to survive longer, giving your crew extra training. In turn, their main gun has its effectiveness reduced. So, if you want massive firepower, you're gonna want to go down the normal tech line. The other way they get money is premium accounts, which allow you to get a 1.5x multiplier for EXP and credits. WoT is a really fun game with a world domination mode that I think some Angry Tankers could really rock. Pros Free to Play and NOT Pay to Win Huge selection of tanks to earn Easy to get into World Conquest map that the Angry Army could totally wreck Customization of tanks with different guns, different turrets, camos and the basic customization Cons Gameplay can start to feel repetitive at lower tiers, as tanks aren't too specialized until later in the game Takes a whole to earn up to higher tier tanks, and some tanks have a really hard starting grind Balancing is still a bit of an issue, no tanks are really overpowered but some are underpowered (It might just be that they're French but underpowered nonetheless) World Conquest won't be feasable until people get higher tier tanks, around tier 7 at least. There are premuim tier 7s and 8s, but those cost real money. I think the AJSA should take a serious look at this, it'd be great to see the entirety of North America under the AJSA flag. After that? World domination (Of course!)
  4. I have recently started playing Aion & am having a lot of fun with it. It's a solid mmo that i have described as, "WoW with combos". I would love to part of, or start if there isnt already, a guild in this game. I havent been polaying for more than a few days now, so i havent gotten a chance to try pvp, instances, or raiding yet so I cant comment on them but the solo experience & gameplay have really drawn me in. I am playing on the Tiamat server, my faction is the Asmodiians & my character in game is Angeledge, templar bc I always tank or heal in mmo's (in this case currently tanking) & am pretty good at both. Working on leveling at a pretty fast pace but not too fast so as to lose out on learning the tricks of the class > Just hit me up in game if interested.
  5. tankbox

    From the album my images

    an image from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

    © MGS Peace Walker property of Kojima Productions, and konomi computer entertainment

  6. KrytenTank

    From the album my images

    i took this image straight from Red Dwarf and i edited it myself (as Save Chicken)

    © Red Dwarf is a property of Grant Naylor Productions, and Save Chicken is my own Property