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Found 2 results

  1. It wont be long until the landscape of DotA 2 shall be turned into a hellish zone. Techies is on his way along with a plethora of other goodies. Those that dare to play -Ap during this period will learn the horrors and suffering that is techies. The new patch will include: All Random DeathmatchGallery of TriumphsAll-Hero ChallengeAll Random Deathmatch-This was already in the game (can be played via console) but it is finally getting added. Essentially you get a hero and when you die, you spawn as a different hero. You keep your items which makes items like blink dagger important since it is so versatile. Each team has a pool of 40 heroes and once all 40 have been killed, you win. You can also win by destroying the other teams Ancient. Gallery of Triumphs-It is essentially achievement within the game. Accomplish a certain challenge and you will be rewarded with a trophy. Example being the completion of the Ten Hero Challenge. All-Hero Challenge-Upon opening your DotA profile, you will be assigned a random hero and once you claim Victory, you will move on to the next hero. You will be shown the average number of matches it has taken for all players worldwide to win and upon completion, you will get a trophy. The compendium owners from TI4 will be getting the Assured Victory Shout, Taunt for techies, Battle Glory Kill Banner, and the International 2014 Music Pack. Along with the content, there will be a variety of changes to the game but not so much balance related. General Removed waiting for spectators in private lobbies.Community Increased low-priority ban rate for players who receive high numbers of reportsItems Players can no longer drop or take other players' unshareble items on courierPlayers can no longer store other peoples' unsharable items in their stashItems on heroes controlled by players who have disconnected, but not yet abandoned, can no longer be dropped from their inventoriesFixed a case where picking up an item owned by another player triggered an item combine, using items from owning player's stash. If the item was owned by an enemy player, this would combine and steal the whole item. http://www.dota2.com/techies/ Upon arrival I have but one thing to say-Goodluck and godspeed.
  2. Techies are now offically in the game of dota 2. Prepare for explosions.