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Found 1 result

  1. On tuesday The Banner Saga was published. It is a Kickstarter founded project by Stoic Entertainment, and it was envisioned as a triology, and this is the first part. It's set in a Viking setting, after the gods are dead (you are told gods are dead in the intro, so it's not a spoiler). A great threat has reapeared and you company is fleeing with a whole caravan of civilians. YOu have to make sure you have enough food, otherwise you start losing civilians and fighters - witch will negatively impact your morale and morale impacts willpower witch is a cruicial element of combat. Combat is resolved in turn based tactical combat. The combat engine is so simple you could easily play it with p&p, easy to understand but with plenty of tactical complexity. (changed the image for higher resolution). The blue area is where the current character can move this turn, the yelow area is where you can move by expending Willpower I mentioned before.In the bottom to the left you can see the turn order. In left to the bottom you see a bunch of numbers. Those are stats of the current character. It very simple realy. Basic combat mechanics: I do have a few issues. It lacks manual save option and save-points are infrequent. For an RPG it's a bit on a short side and it's fairly linear - The path taken is fixed(predetermined, no choice of paths), events and resolutions aren't. There is still a few stability issues (but I count those as less pressing since bugs can actualy be fixed). I know it's part 1 of 3 and it's an indie title, but 8-12 hours for an RPG is a bit on a short side. Edit: I still like the game and I'm eagerly atincipating sequels (hoping they fix isues). If you think this sounds great despite the issues I listed, then you'll probably enjoy it. If you are on the fence then I suggest you wait for it to be on a sale or wait untill the triology be complete.