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Found 4 results

  1. Finally, the Raid 2 has been released on DVD. I have been waiting for the DVD since April and I am so happy to buy it. Unfortunately, some of you guys, especially from Malaysia and Singapore, are unable to watch this movie in your country because it was banned in theatres. Instead you guys have to watch Donnie Yen's movie Iceman, which is just a joke of a movie. I mean just look at it! What a shitty trade off. So this thread will be for you guys that haven't watch this amazing movie so you can finally enjoy it. Here's how this will work. Since this is an Indonesian movie and most of you will find the plot kind of hard to follow, I will post a summary of the movie's plot. I will put in subtitled videos for plot points that is necessary for you to understand the movie and also post the various badass fight scenes that this movie has, so you guys will enjoy the movie's various action packed scenes and understand the plot easily. Without further ado, please enjoy the movie, and prepare yourself. The movie starts up right after the last movie ended. Spoiler alert for those that have not yet seen the first movie. Rama, the main hero, arrested a corrupt officer that sets his whole squad up in the first movie to be massacred. At the end of the movie, after kicking loads of asses, he's given incriminating evidence from his long lost brother Andi, one of the big bad guy's henchmen in the first movie, and was told to meet up with a good police higher up named Bunawar that's not corrupt like the other guys in the police department. So he does, and the guy congratulates him on his survival and thank him for the evidence he provided. Then he offers Rama a promotion: to go undercover and clean out both the streets of Jakarta from local criminals, and also uncover the corruption that's in their police force. Rama refuses because he had enough of the violence....... Until this happens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7PJK42P-eI Poor Andi. The guy in the glasses is named Bejo. He's a crook that's currently still a low level thug in the criminal underworld, but he's going to make a major change in the balance of power later. It gets better after this. Trust me.
  2. Here's an in depth review to the best action movie of all time.... until another movie takes the throne in the future. The Raid 2, or as it is known in Indonesia, The Raid Berandal (punkass, thug, whatever word is associated with delinquency). The story of this movie takes place right after the first Raid movie. Rama goes to the cop his brother pointed from the first movie that will help him bring justice to the corrupt police officer and gangsters in Indonesia, but to do that, he has to go undercover and befriend this pretty boy son of the local Indonesian mobster named Uco and learn who are the big criminals so the cops can take them down. So it is up to our hero Rama to get in the prison and get out. The plot in this movie is actually much more complex than the first one. Whereas the first movie is about a simple "get in the building to arrest the final boss", this movie deals with dirty underworld politics in Jakarta. Expect lots of twist and turns similar to Godfather, as well as great believable acting from the casts. I heard from people that this movie is sometimes hard to follow, but I fortunately understand Indonesian so this movie is easy to follow for me. For English speakers, you will have to watch the movie twice to get a more clear picture of the whole plot. That's alright though, because that's exactly what you will want to do right after seeing this movie the first time. Now for those that have seen the first Raid movie, you might think to yourself "This movie will probably has fight scenes that are as good as the first one". Or if you have seen lots of popular martial arts movies from Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or hell, great action movies in general, you might think "the fight scenes in this movie will probably be as equal as those movies". After seeing the first fight scene in the prison toilet and the prison yard however, plus this training video clip: that thought will change to "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST ACTION MOVIE EVER!!" This movie has 10 fight scenes: 5 short ones, 4 medium ones which includes an awesome car scene, and 1 LOOONGass fight from beginning till the end from crowd clearing, 2 on 1 boss battle, and the final boss battle. Every one of these fights are fucking brutal, realistic, totally awesome and are necessary for the story without feeling like they're just fillers. 4 of these fights, the prison toilet fight, the prison yard fight, the car scene and the final boss fights are notable highlights. They are so good, that when all 10 of the fight scenes are eventually released on youtube, I will post every one of them post per post in my Badass Movie fight scenes thread. There are just 4 things negative about this movie. 1) 2 of the scenes with Uco while he's in a karaoke room and a nightclub has noticeable jump cuts of the same shot like when Mr Joe did his reviews. At first I thought that it's just this version of the movie in my theatre, but I saw this movie again and it is in the movie. These jump cuts takes me out of the scenes and makes me go "huh? Why isn't that edited out?" 2) some of the brutal stuff in the fight scenes are kind of unnecessary. There's this one part in the prison yard fight where a guy rips another guy's jaw with his hands, and there's this fight with Rama where in the end he puts a guy's face to a cooking metal board that's in Japanese grill restaurants. These 2 can just be taken out and the fight scenes will still be awesome. 3) this movie makes every other action movie, including the first Raid, pale in comparison. I can never see martial arts movies and classics like Terminator 2, Die Hard or Ip Man the same way again. All I think about now when I see these movies is "the Raid 2 is waaayy cooler". 4) the film finishes in such a satisfying end that I don't know how the sequel of this movie will continue with the plot. This series is actually going to be a trilogy, and I can't see any way of the third movie continuing the plot of this right after the fantastic finish. Oh well, only time will tell. I am now heavily anticipating that movie. Overall, need I say more? I give this movie the rating of "so awesome, you will watch it again and again until the dvd is released, and then watch the movie again, and again, and again." This movie is the first movie I have ever seen where it just makes me want to watch it in the theatre again. 9.8 out of 10 because of the jump cuts and unnecessary violence in some scenes. But due to rounding of the score to the nearest number, 10 out of 10.
  3. If the thread title isn't obvious enough, I just saw the Raid 2. Now I think the first Raid movie is badass. It's brutal, the story is simple and easy to understand with some twist here and there, the fight scenes are fantastic and in the end it left me really satisfied. The Raid 2 on the other hand, took what's great from the first movie and just amplify it by over 9000. The story is interesting with a Godfather esque plot, the acting in the movie is great with believable characters, notably the guy who plays the pretty face underworld boss' son Uco, and the fight scenes, oh good Lord the fight scenes, I didn't expect this movie to surpass the first movie's fight scenes. I thought "the fight scenes will probably be as good as the first movie". However, this movie surpasses the first movie's fight scenes by injecting them with steroids. The fights are now even more brutal, much longer and plentiful, and most importantly, much more "HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS AWESOME"!! Several of the fights that stands out are the prison toilet fight, the prison yard fight, the car chase sequence and the final fight against the final boss' minions. These fights makes me say "OOOOH SHIIIT" in the movie theatre, and by the end of these fights, I clapped. Unfortunately there's not many people in the audience since it's Tuesday and I watched it at 12:30 PM. If it's on the holiday, I bet the theatre will be packed with people and they will scream and clap all the way through the movie. I am not over exagerating by saying these words, but this movie is most definitely the best action movie of all time, for now. I say for now because I want to give chance to later movies in the future that will surpass this movie. That's going to be really hard to do though. Terminator 2, Hard Boiled, Avengers, Kill Bill, Jackie Chan's, Bruce Lee's, Jet Li's, Donnie Yen's, Tony Jaa's movies, and hell, all the other action movies that you know pales in comparison to this movie. Movie directors both new and old should see this movie and learn how to make action scenes from it. Go watch this movie right now. No, this isn't an April Fool's joke. This movie is incredible. I'm dead fucking serious. Go. Watch. This. Movie.
  4. The Raid 2 is almost here! Surprisingly some people watched this movie already, but from all reports, they believe this movie is brilliant. Well, I'm not surprised at all. The first movie is badass and I am looking forward to watch the second one. Here's the trailer for those that hasn't seen it. I'm in Jakarta Indonesia right now, the setting this movie takes place in, and the traffic displayed in this movie is waaay off from reality. In reality, the car chase scene will be replaced by people getting outside the car and running on top of the cars. So many traffic here everyday. And here's the fight scenes from the first movie to show you how awesome it is.