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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Forum, I am recently getting into Total War games. I have a pretty powerful PC too. I beg the question to ask, What is your guys' favorite Total War Games and Why? Thanks so much, Hobo
  2. Greetings dear members of the AJSA You don't know me and I don't know any of you. My name is Yarben and I want to invite the AJSA to come and play the closed BETA of TotalWar:Arena. Why? the AngryJoeShow is about revieuwing games and pointing out the flaws, right? Wouldn't it be great that instead of running after the facts, this time you guys could be a part of making the game good before its release instead? I heard the big guy himself (AJ) is a big fan of the series. So I guess that some of you would be interested in it too. What is TW:Arena? It is a MP only game where you have 3 units under your control. Together with 10 other commanders on your team you fight epic 10 v 10 battles on historical maps. It is the TotalWar version of LoL and Dota actually. Why do I tell you this? Well the game has a very limmited player base atm. Which makes develloping and testing difficult. Thus the more players, the better! How to play Arena? get your code: totalwar.com/arena discussion forums: blog.totalwararena.com Before you start, keep in mind the game is in BETA, so bugs glitches and unbalanced units are very common. Another downside, retarded teammates in 10v10 are very common as well Best wishes Yarben
  3. Not sure if its already been posted in here but: We got any Total war players here or moders? Just wondering if we do as i recantly got into the games and brought: Napoleon Total war and loving it and if we have enough players i can easiler see us forming a new comunity on there of players who play across the games. (If we have enough players maybe we can try and talk Joe into forming a team or league for it for us to play on).