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Found 24 results

  1. The Ghostbusters 2020!
  2. The Trailer is finally upon us! The question is, is it any good? Well for one, unlike Batman v Superman we haven't (as of yet) seen Darkseid or the major antagonist, well done! But there's something else we DON'T see, something... resembling a bird...? Or was it a plane... No! The Man of Steel himself, SUPERMAN! Now I get it, if they show him, it would reveal parts of the plot that you probably shouldn't know before going in for the movie, or should you? Do they really think that there will genuinely be a single person who would be surprised that Superman lives? That's ridiculous, anyone who would show any interest in this movie is well aware he will be there! I'm just worried that he may ( just like in Batman v Superman ) be treated like a minor character, IN HIS OWN FUCKING MOVIE! I don't remember seeing SUPERMAN in the Dark Knight trilogy so if the writers can stop making everything about Batman that would be FUCKING, AMAZING. Now that doesn't mean I don't like Batman, it just means I want Man Of Steel 2 ( BvS ) to be about... THE MAN OF STEEL, and Justice League, to be just that, a CROSSOVER not a Batman story that is all about stroking his cock about how mighty he is and how despite his only superpower is being rich he can still beat Superman and the others from the League. And why the fuck does Aquaman sound like a redneck? He "digs it" Seriously? Yee-haw...? I'm fairly certain this movie is going to be a gigantic, multi-billion dollar failure but... a fan can dream, no?
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/285190/ Here it is, people of the Angry Army! New Dawn of War has just been announced and they have brought Imperial Knights and Wraithknights with them
  4. Seriously, is spinach green? Does mouse shit roll? Why is this suddenly a problem? Don't get me wrong, the trailer does suck noodles.... ... but the same is true of pretty much every trailer for the game as far as I can tell. The same cheesy, un-funny voice over that trys to break the fourth wall before it's even built and the same assortment of game-play footage, what's different this time? However, for some reason, it's not the multiple delays or the other equally bad trailers, this appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back and internet has revolted. People often say "OK, the trailer looks cool, but the game might still be shit.", but that logic works both ways. I'm not sure if this game will be worth the hype or the price, though this has always been a "wait for review" kinda deal for me personally, but I bring this up because on this occasion I think the general consensus on the internet is wrong. One can't just suddenly decide that this game is gonna be shit because the latest trailer is a bomb, especially when there's plenty of other more legitimate reasons to be concerned. To this feels me like an excuse people are deciding to suddenly hate on something because they can't think of a better reason on their own. I still think is could be fun game for the price, so I say people are once again taking trailers way to seriously. This is just a drama train to jump on for no good resaon Is there something I'm missing about this that makes this sudden turn make sense? What do you guys think?
  5. DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the full reaction video at the time of posting this, only the trailer itself Personally, I'm approaching this with caution. The idea looks cool, but how well will it actually fit into the current Star Wars mythology? Could this be the story about how the info on the intelligence about the Death Star specks were obtained and smuggled by Princess Leia as seen in first star war film? If so, that sounds cool, but's all about the execution isn't it? So, we'll see.
  6. This popped up today. The director of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy did the trailer. Already better than the movie we had back in the day :)_
  7. Yeash!!!! This Remastered (or Remake?) is looking great. I hope they keep original System Shock Music though. But anyway finger-crossed for this would be awesome!
  8. Hey all. Just made my first GTA 5 machinima trailer in protest of there not being enough wellrounded, well produced machinima's on youtube. So here it is: Would love your guys opinion and if this needs to be the mini series I intended to do. -TheHolst
  9. People, Check out Grey Goo, made by Petroglyph Games, an indie studio formed from the creative minds of Westwood studios, creator of the Command and Conquer Series and the progenitors of RTS.
  10. So i decided to edit together some of the MGS5 trailers into my own fan trailer. I'm a beginner when it comes to video editing but i think its still pretty fun to make stuff like this. Tell me what you guys think! Link:
  11. They just released this today and yeah, this is getting a brand new dub. Not only that but they're also bringing in the final season... Sailor Stars. That's awesome.
  12. http://ap.ign.com/en/news/12533/watch-dogs-has-9-special-editions Wow, this is just crazy. Different special editions for different regions? Why not just have the usual collectors edition for every region? Also the new trailer has been released. Hihihi, hihehehehe, hahahahahaha! It's almost time! After almost 2 long years, this game will finally be released! Salvation shall be mine when I finally get my hands on this game!
  13. I think it looks ok. From what I can see, there's going to be 2 worlds to visit, the real world and the alternate world which is triggered by encountering the large pools of blood like the Shining. It's like Deadly Premonition + Dead Space/ Biohazard Revelations. It's not scary at all for me though, I've seen much scarier monsters from the game Cry of Fear that makes most every other horror game enemies in existence look like generic monsters. Still, I'm looking forward to play this game.
  14. If Anyone Has Seen Wolf Of Wall Street Or The Trailer To The Movie I found this Video of a spin of Game of thrones style parody xD Any Game of Thrones Fans who have seen the wolf of wall street also or the trailer will enjoy this xD WATCH ME BEFORE THE PARODY IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN WOLF OF WALL STREET OR THE TRAILER And this is the Video Game of thrones parody xD
  15. I redid it with a recent version of the mod Thumbs up for chaotic gameplay!
  16. Im linking the trailer below, its badass, the story, the characters aaand the director, Bryan Singer is back thank god. My xpectation is the best, see for yourself.