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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys, I was just wandering if anyone here is from Scotland or am I the odd one out?
  2. Hey everyone Whilst I want to get to know everyone I was wandering how many of us play xbox from the uk? Would love to get to know u all and get some quality gaming done! I play halo and battlefield mostly - looking to buy b1 soon to join in the fun! Also considering buying destiny again. The collection is only £28 on amazon... I owned it but couldn't even make it to the first dlc as the grind was doing my head in. I also couldnt find anyone to raid with without matchingmaking. What do u guys think? Battlefield, Destiny or both. Thanks for the welcome Caistyn
  3. I have been in the AJSA for a while now and live in the UK. I would love to take part in events but most of them are usually after 7pm EST (Eastern standard time) which is 11pm GMT (Greenwich mean time). Being a student I am not able to stay up past midnight into the morning as i need to study and not fall a sleep in class and stuff, so i was wondering if there might ever be UK events that start earlier in the UK? does anyone else have this problem? Any chance UK events might start soon?
  4. Listen up UK AJSA members! There is a great gaming event taking place Saturday 6th June 10am - 5pm, in Bolton at SCAN computers. I've been to the last 4 SCAN gaming events and I've won around £800 - £1000 worth of gaming equipment (not including what was given away for free!). The first 250 people that pre-register and turn up to the event will receive FREE game digital download codes for the new Batman: Arkham Knight, Dying Light and another great game. That's £120+ worth of game codes! There'll also be free food, Cosplay and T-shirts too! Click here for more information: http://www.scan.co.uk/shops/nvidia-summer-gaming-event-2015
  5. Hello AJSA! I'm Payne, huge fan of Angry Joe and I'm brand new to the Angry Army. My name is Steve and I am from England, 20 years old, and I've never really had anybody to play many games with... Especially MMOs, so I thought I'd join AJSA. I have just started playing Guild Wars 2 again and reaaaalllyy want to join the Angry Army guild and find some active players to play with, and hopefully teach me!! The last time I played I never got to play with anyone, and got bored of playing alone. I struggled a lot. I got to around level 12. I also play games like League of Legends and Battlefield, along with plenty of other games. I can be kind of shy, but I want to meet new people who I can befriend and hopefully spend a lot of time playing games with in the future!
  6. Hey Fellas! Recently started watchin ANGRY JOE reviews on Youtube... ye hes funny! Gotta give it to him... but personally i wanna see more reviews! stuff he's done is good! esp. Metro Last light, enjoyed the Angry Rant! and also Hitman Absolution is pretty awesome too! BTW does anyone know any news/rumours about the next Hitman game???!?!?! Peace!
  7. Currently a team of four regular players, need another member and other people to play with in general. Living in UK would be ideal for server connection. We usually use Skype while we play. Leave a link to your steam profile below.
  8. Hello everyone, my name is D-DayDan and I'm a gamer from the UK. My name derives from my Battlefield 2 days. I'd always lead from the front and as a medic it was a tad silly but I can't stand hanging around, I need to charge something, players, flags, bunkers, buildings and beaches. At one point or another I have owned pretty much every console apart from the Sega Saturn which my mate had anyway so I wasn't too bothered about that. I own a 360 at present but have also owned a PS3 and a Wii. I was addicted to GTA Online but it's getting tired now, so I'm probably going to switch back to the PC for a while and my trusty old steam account. I have no specific genre I specialise in, I love action, adventure, RPGs, FPSs, strategy, simulators, sports, platform, I'm pretty much into most things gamey. I'm not into the whole console wars thing but I'm currently leaning towards a PS4, mainly due to bang for buck. It's not released here in the UK until the 29th and I don't have it on pre-order so I'll have to wait 'til after Christmas probably, perhaps even later when the prices drop a bit and there are some cheap games flying about. I'm looking for a new challenge and I'm also looking forward to teaming up with you guys for many glorious victories as well as some good banter and comradery.
  9. PS+

    Xbox360/Steam gamer, preordered PS4 (Waiting UK). I don't mind paying for online, I still have my XBOX LIVE for another nearly a year. I don't really know much about PS+, I found out somewhere else that if you download a PS+ Free Game, you keep it until your PS+ runs out then you get it back if you renew it, is this true? Also, IGN said Contrasts and Resogun are free now with Plus. Two games I would love. Are they? I can't check because PS4 isn't out yet in UK, when it is in UK, will those be free?
  10. Hello im a sixteen year old gamer from the uk.I like most types games from civ 5 to smite to dark souls to battle field 3(haven't got 4 yet hoping to get it soon ) Ive been a fan of angry joe ever since his mass effect 3 review. Im looking to get involed more with other gamers so if you ever want to play any muiltplayer games or talk about game releated stuff just add me on skype or steam. I do own a ps3 buts it stopped working lately . This is me --------------> p.s My names not Ed Skype: edfriedrice my steam name is the same.
  11. Greetings AJSA Comrades, I was going to write an inspiring intro but I'll save my wisdom nuggets for our strategy meetings Im Josh, an avid gamer as you have probably come to expect from signing up to a gaming community. I play fighting games, Street fighter mostly but I have a passion for all fighting games as I generally adore the design of them. I watch a lot of anime so I guess that has something to do with it. You will have to forgive me for the format in which this is written, I am on my phone and it isn't the best mobile site. So yeah... let me know what games you play annnd im on PSN as Janrabbit. I am on steam but im currently saving pennies for a new rig. Thats all for now.
  12. Hello fellow army members, I'm RayZeroA. You can call me Ray if you want but... since when am I allowed to pick my own nickname. I'm a kilt wearing scot learning to program games technology or to be specific the creation of computer game engines (and to do it without wasting the complilers time) And a monkey for designers that are always changing thier minds xD I'm in my second year so I must be doing something right xD University yay. And whats the point in programming games is you dont love games, I love games... games games games. I cant think of any genre Im losing interest in ..well except the musical games genre (RIP Rockband and Guitar hero) The mainstay of my gaming career is LoL and DOTA 2, they are too addicting for thier own good and when you put so much money in you remember how much and leaving is a pain. Poor WoW subscribers, I know that feeling ;( Oh and an avid anime fan, Ive seen pretty much everything under the sun and still going xD And just on season 3 in breaking bad.... beautiful show ;(
  13. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night/Ungodly early morning AJSA, I suppose I kinda consider myself a bit of a Vagabond at the time being, straying between a few communities that see to just wilt or go in a direction is dislike, but that won't stop me trying to see if the AJSA could be that place! Gaming wise, I'm typically a pc gaming with a vast Warcraft Addiction (Doesn't help when an expansion announcement is on the horizon, oh my) but when I'm not raiding, I typically find myself playing a handful of old and slightly old-schooly games - most notably stuff like good old doom, anything command and conquer/dawn of war related, but also a bit of PSO blue burst on the side (Incidentally, if anyone plays on the schtserv server for this, you'd get along immensely well with me). But for the most part, 'Ello 'Ello...Now its time for me to start looking around and seeing what's happening!
  14. Hey everyone! I've just joined, so I thought i'd come and introduce myself. My name is Gary, i'm 25 years old and i'm from Kent in South East England. I've been playing video games for 22 years now, starting with the Sega Master System and moving on from there. I'm a very friendly person, so feel free to say hi. I'm always looking to make some more friends. I mainly play Platformers and RPG's but I will play other games if I think they are good or not. I'm also into a variety of music, ranging from dubstep (not the crap you hear on the radio) to Gothic Metal. I think this intro has gone on long enough, but I hope to talk to some of you soon and possibly make some new friends. Take care!