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Found 4 results

  1. What are your favorite games that you think are underrated/overrated on next gen and last gen...
  2. Ok over the years a lot of really good rpgs came out but sadly some of them got overshadowed by other games and end up getting overlooked and didn't have best sales so tell us what are your favorite underrated overlooked rpgs? Here are some of my Favorite underrated overlooked rpgs. 1 Lost Odyssey 360 2 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch ps3 3 Xenoblade Chronicles Wii 4 Beyond The Beyond Ps1 5 Alundra Ps1 6 Lunar 1 & 2 Sega Cd Ps1 7 King's Field 1 & 2 Ps1 8 Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door GC 9 Soul Blazer Snes 10 Illusion of Gaia Snes SS 11 Albert odyssey legend of eldean SS 12 Shining Wisdom SS 13 Dust An elysian Tail PC 360
  3. We all have those games that we enjoyed that others didn't like, well this is for RPG's
  4. There are some champions that almost never get played unless it's ARAM, and I always have to wonder why. Do they just not fit the current Meta, or are they just unpopular due to not having explicit backstories or sex appeal? I'd like to know some of your favorite underrated or underused champions, and maybe hear some reasons why you think they're just as good as largely played champs.