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Found 2 results

  1. GAME: "WARGAME: RED DRAGON" INTRO: This game is really Fun its like the "Next Level" RTS game its a combination of General, Red Alert, total anahilation, Battleship: Pacific and other RTS game in 1 game. No need to build Factory,barracks and Etc.just deploy your units that you want to use like (Jets for air superiority)(tanks for bringing the big guns) (arty for long range barage) and ETC(includes Infantry,APC,tanks,anti air units, helicopter and SHIPS-crusers) THE NEXT LEVEL RTS GAME..FOR ME! AND THE BEST! PEOPLE WHO WILL ALSO PLAY: well to tell you the truth i dont have yet any AJSA member to played with but a have friends on wargame:red dragon willingly to join any CLANS that have teamspeak for better cooperation. PROS: Has great community system, free dlc, lot of players, no bugs(non that i seen so far), you feel like you at a real modern battlefield on their ERA Cons: if your not patient on this game then its gonna be frustrating, you get really gonna be piss of when you start lossing a lot of units especially the costly and advance weaponry units. HEHEHEHE but still fun. EVENTS: well clan vs clan battle, Ranked battle, ordinary multiplayer rts game BONUS: COOL STORY LINE(alternate story line some like korean war,the commonwealth vs china, USSR vs CHINA) I just want this game to have a own Teamspeak server dont realy care if its official or unofficial just wanna have fun and win battle for the AJSA IF YOUR PLAYING or HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME plss...give me your Opinion on this Game... LETS MAKE A "AJSA" Number 1 clan or group on the WARGAME Franchise. PLSS add me on steam if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXwdVJIlk0
  2. Hi how ya goin? So who the hell are you? Ok where to begin, perhaps a proper introduction. So people like to call me Capsaicin. I live in California but was in Australia for a bit of some time. I'm a crazy bastard who somehow eats hot peppers (yeah I'm talking habaneros on an average day) while playing games at the same time and perform considerably well. I've been watching AJS for longer than I can remember but somehow never knew about this website because I had a lot of other crap goin on everywhere. I love to act, and have been in commercials, but then again, this is an introduction, not a job interview. Why do you call yourself Capsaicin? Well considering the fact that I love hot foods and have gone as far as drinking a dropper of pure capsaicin (16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, the Ghost Pepper is 1,000,000) and btw I'm not the only one who calls myself Capsaicin either. What games do you play? My favorite game so far has been Team Fortress 2 and I've been playing that since my first steam account (which was made in 2007 until it got hacked) and my second one (created in 2009 and got hacked as well, don't ask) up until now. Although I do love to play a variety of games like Unturned, Garry's Mod, Killing Floor (for when I have a bit of a rage), and many others but my favorite genre of games are most likely FRS/RTS really any game with heavy teamwork will do! When do you play? Hell I love to play everyday and I'm always on after school's out. But when it's summer time it's 24/7 all day everyday! Have you been with other clans? I've been involved with TOO many other clans that were relatively small but ended up breaking down because of a massive fall in money (which I can't blame them for), or because they let in too many kids (really?!), or because he clan just wore out (meh, it happens), or because of a corrupt "government" that just lost it (again, really?!). In almost all of the clans I've been in, I've ended up working my way up to the top to admin or main admin or whatever you want to call it, which is really sad when you witness the group slowly degrading. I've always been that guy who doesn't like to be involved in big clans that thousands of people are in because you don't get known very much until you do something like win a championship of a game or some shit I don't know! But when I was exploring a bit through the youtube channel and actually looked in the descriptions (yeah I'm that guy who never reads the description) I found out about this and decided to give this one a shot. What are your expectations of being in this clan/group? Well like I said I'm just expecting to not really get known here and maybe get to know a couple of people. BUT, like many games have shown, there's always that possibility that expectations can be in vain... Favorite Movie? Forest Gump cause Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and it has some awesome messages to it. Favorite Youtuber? Now everyone would most likely say here AJ, but in my honesty, I am a BIG fan of AJ and I've watched most if not all of his vids, so yeah I would say AJ is my favorite youtuber. Would you like to meet Angry Joe? Who wouldn't? If AJ joined you in a TS3 channel, what would you do? If I didn't know it was going to happen, I would shit my pants. If I was knew it was going to happen, I would shit my pants beforehand and put 2 boxers on to prepare XD. JK, but in reality I would most likely be that fanboy wanting to play a game or two with him. Well it looks like I've made this post too long so I'll stop it here, but if you guys got any questions (not that you would have any for a recruit but IF you do) post it up in the comments and I'll answer them very shortly! Other than that, see you in the heat mate! -Capsaicin