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Found 4 results

  1. When two of video games most infamous antagonists collide, who will be left standing? Ganondorf vs. Bowser
  2. I am interested in which Villains or bad guy armies or species are peoples favourites, I like the idea of the Reapers from Mass Effect because of the way they operate and how they judge the galaxy, if it gets too developed wipe out all life. I also like Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 and DmC, I just love the way he speaks and his fighting style. There are too many Villains that I love though, what are yours? IT could be from Video games, tv shows, comics, anything really
  3. Most of us it not all of us know Joe's favorite comic book hero is super man. My question is who is your favorite? This doesn't pertain to only hero's, you can list villains and anti-hero's as well. For added fun I made a poll to see who you guys like more, hero's villains or anti-hero's. Personally I'm a real big fan of Anti-hero's due to the fact that they aren't goodie goodie saviors or all powerful masters of evil, they are a balance of good and evil. My number one favorite character has got to be Deathstroke AKA Slade or Slade Wilson. I can't really put my finger on why i like him so much but i know it's not a sudden "everyone loves this character because [insert reason here]." I think it has to do with the fact he is more of a bad guy than he is an Anti-hero even though assassins are widely considered Anti-hero's. Deathstroke himself My self painted deathstroke mask.
  4. Interested to see what people's favorite villain quotes are they can be from any movie, video game, or anime. I will start the thread of with my choice of villain -Vaas (Far Cry 3 Video Game) : ""Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change... That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, I shot him. The thing is... He was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing... over and over and over and over again thinking 'this time is gonna be different' no, no, no please... This time is gonna be different, I'm sorry, I don't like... The way... you are looking at me... Okay, Do you have a fucking problem in your head, do you think I am bullshitting you, do you think I am lying? Fuck you! Okay? Fuck you!... It's okay, man. I'm gonna chill, hermano. I'm gonna chill... The thing is... Alright, the thing is I killed you once already... and it's not like I am fucking crazy. It's okay... It's like water under the bridge. Did I ever tell you the definition... of insanity?"