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Found 2 results

  1. Space Walking

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Let's go for a walk shall we?
  2. Hi Friends I'm here to ask for your help. My roommate, Devon, is trying to fulfill a dream of his to walk across America for a cause. In this case, he's walking to raise awareness and funding for bullying. And now, a word from Devon: Hi, my name is Devon, I am 27 years old and lately I have been pretty restless and I came up with an idea, as a result of researching this idea, I was aware of another option. I have always wanted to walk across America, visit all the famous sites, enjoy the freedom of being on the road. Now I have been growing restless in my life as a dishwasher and have felt its about time I follow my dream. Well I was researching and found that a lot of successful walkers have walked for various charities. So when I started reading about this fantastic idea, I decided I will put a charity into my dream as well. I have always felt charitable to many different causes, animal abuse, cancer research, but above all children, abuse, hunger, poverty, all of it scares and hurts me. I was very fortunate growing up for I never really had bullies. Sure there were people who were just plain jerks but nothing I ever felt wronged for. The problem of my youth was that I did witness bullying a lot, and was in fact a bit of a bully as well. Now when I say I was a bully, I don't mean I was the type to take lunch money or give anybody a "swirly", no I was just an angry child who liked to fight and so I would. As I grew up and matured (and calmed down) I realized very quickly what I was doing and once that realization hit me, I was appalled at who I used to be. At that time I tried to make amends with many I had been harsh to. I haven't been able to find or even remember all I have wronged but I am sorry nonetheless and if I ever were to get the opportunity I would gladly buy them lunch and apologize and catch up. As a result of this profound realization I feel more compelled to use a charity that I feel closest to for my walk. I would like to contribute my walk across America to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center. My basic plan for this walk is to have a sign on my backpack, Facebook, other websites etc to help generate donations both for my trip and for this charity. I plan to check my funds at the end of every month and donate 60% of all I collect (using the rest for basic necessities such as food, supplies, repair for supplies etc). I have a goal of trying to reach and exceed a donation of $500,000. If I could do that, it would make me very happy and more fulfilled with my life. As I was telling this idea to a couple of friends of mine I jokingly came up with and decided to use "Walk it off" as my campaign name for my walk. I plan to leave (after preparations) July 1st. I am starting this indiegogo asking for only $2000 but whatever I can get will be great. I will make a blog here (not on this forum, I'm just quoting him from the site) within the next few days when I get the chance and find a domain site I can trust. Bullying Is a major problem. One that can so easily be fixed. Over 4400 people get bullied (not just physically but emotionally) and commit suicide a year. This is unacceptable. Pacer's has a slogan: "bullying ends with me". please look at the website. So there you have it, I'm hopping that you will read this and feel inspired to help in any way possible. This would mean a lot to me and so much more to Devon. Please help his dream, his journey, come true. I know this doesn't involve gaming, but he is a big gamer so there is that connection. I wish I could have put this on a page for Indiegogo here on the forums, but that doesn't seem to exist really, so I've put it here. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/walk-it-off--2