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Found 7 results

  1. As the title say the company tools for WoR has just been released!!! I already set one up on the website for testing purposes. If you interested in joinning it....in the near future, i recommend you to follow this link here:(You will have to Log in or Sign up first) https://www.warofrights.com/CT_ViewCompany?companyID=149#companyToolHeader (Look for 10th Maine Company A and then apply..this is just temporary.) At a later date we will discuss if you want to become part of the Union or the Confederacy! (If there is enough interest) I am aware that with the current active AJSA population, the/a company might not be formed unless mass of peoples have interests in it. Which is unlikely to happen. Till then the full game may not launch before 2017.
  2. I watched this youtube channel that focuses on RTS games. And he recently uploaded a couple of videos promoting this new game called War of rights. And watching it, i looked like a dream game for a community like this, where it`s a massive online battle, set in the civil war era. And an army marching, shooting and charging. knowing that each and every soldier is a real player. Idk, but you should check it out and watch for yourself.
  3. The kickstarter is now launch for War of Rights! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1947432146/war-of-rights This game has the chance to become the best Civil War game to date! Soo give it one! Expect Full Release: Nov 2016 or Earlier
  4. Prepare For Mandatory Fun! (Just Not too much) Hint: Its Coming Soon..and its the Planetside 2 of the Past.
  5. OK this might seem a bit too early to make this request as of now, but ill do it anyway because i intended it in the first place. Some of you may know already what is WoR, ill not explain it again here, in short words its a American Civil FPS unlike no one.That has great potential in becoming the best one in its genre. Moving past that,there is only one important note to write here,the game itself currently isn't playable for anyone yet. Campfire Games the creator of this game has announced 3 phases of the game. -Phase 1 (Closed Alpha) Running Around Christmas to New year,available for those who have pledge 45$ or more into the KS Campaign (Captain package) -Phase 2 (Closed Beta) Running January to Early February,available for those who have pledge 25$ or more into the KS Campaign (Sergeant Package) -Phase 3 (Open Beta aka Early Access) Running Around End of Feb to full game release.Available for those who have pledge 20$ or more into the KS Campaign or have purchased the game through Steam Store. Now for the not soo exciting part.Hope you are ready and..... The peoples who is interested currently (and will expended by time) -Myself of course -Agent 47 (Master_Thief) -Maghorn -Alexander452 -Conan Now how will this all work? Its Simple, Running a Regiment as it seem the most obvious thing to do right now. Who is going to lead it? Fast Answer i dont know yet,usually a reg have 2 types of leader, One who is doing all of administrator stuffs and leading the line not all the time and the second who is pretty much doing all of the leading stuff such as (CO-Hosting Training,Having Meetings,ect..) Then we have the casual events which will be decided later on how its will work. Now its the turn of Pros and Cons,which is honestly hard to expect right as the game isnt even at its Closed Alpha State yet. But i will list soo far what could be good and bad. Pros: -Historical Authenticity -Large Battlefields (Could be as large as PS2 continents!) - Key Locations of the most popular battles of the ACV. - Realistic Reloading Animation - Chains of Command System - In-game Regiment tool (Players list and their Ranks,description,ect..) - Graphically not intense but beautiful.(Those that can run Crysis 2,will be able to run this game) - 250-500 players battles!!!! Cons -Full Game is set to be release on around November time of 2016,which mean that this game will not go official (if ever does) before the said full release. So i will leave you guys at that for now! Hopefully this has been enough writing because now my fingers hurt bad hehe.
  6. Hello guys,this time i want to introduce the Steam Group for our future AJSA Regiment, The main purpose is not only to post announcement for events,its also to make sure who is really in the regiment and who is not. Although atm there is no definite leader of the reg or officers position yet. I only made it so we can prepared for the game to come out as in its full release! Anyone that are interested in joining the group is welcome! As long as you will play WoR. If you dont know what WoR, plz check the other topic ive post. We Did a reg for NW and we will do one for this game..this time the management will be easier! Cheer Boys - QwiK http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAWoR EDIT!!!! If its say OFFICIAL in the title of the group,dont panic im only futureproofing the group,its not a official game yet. Im sorry for any inconveniences! Its is also to avoid any copycat groups being made.
  7. ​So what do we have here,an alternative version of Napoleonic Wars while borrowing the mechanics of M&B a little bit. Set in the Civil War more specifically in 1862,in the Maryland campaign,players will be able to enjoy mass murdering in full HD,thanks to the CryEngine which is knowed to have beautiful graphics. The game itself will be launching on Kickstarter on October 15th which is currently in state of pre-Alpha as of now. If you want to know more about the game visit the official site here: http://warofrights.com/ If we could create a regiment for this game i would likely support it, +1 for that idea As of a matter of fact most of the NW community will move on to this game so creating a reg is more likely to happen.Anyway it a multiplayer only game so its count as like a clan,guild in a way. There will be a Regiment tool in-game so making one will be way easier than NW. Speaking of which peoples that have been in a NW regiment before like myself,Well most likely the knowledge and skills will carry to this game. This game will be pretty much be a replacement of NW on all aspects and much improved and deeply in contents. Looking forward to see this masterpiece be played! -QwiK