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Found 28 results

  1. All things info for Call of Duty WWII:
  2. Hi folks, am still finding my feet here and browsing through the various forums looking for mention of games I enjoy/enjoyed and was reminded of this franchise. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War. These are probably anywhere up to 10 years old now (11 apparently!) but I really enjoyed them as a good take on a recognisable license. Of course they're base building games first and foremost but it always feels good to roll out dreadnoughts and summon Daemons and such so it still feels like a real battle, particularly in the middle of each encounter. One of the best parts of the first iteration of Dawn of War (1, Dark Crusade, Winter Assault, Soulstorm) was the campaign map which retained a decent tactical overlay to the individual missions. Now I have no idea how this worked in multiplayer as I only ever played a few skirmishes with a friend of mine where we either walked all over the computer AI or got hammered in minutes. Never quite found the balance! If anyone else out there has these games and fancies revisiting them though I'd love to get back into them (assuming servers still exist that is...) Give me a shout if you want to give it a try or just to voice your opinions on these games. [i have DoW2 as well which was another great (albeit very different) game. Not sure if there was multiplayer due to the nature of the game but probably?!]
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/285190/ Here it is, people of the Angry Army! New Dawn of War has just been announced and they have brought Imperial Knights and Wraithknights with them
  4. I play Eve online. For those who don't know what Eve is I'll explain. Eve Online is the biggest Subscription MMO on earth, in Eve your the captain of a space ship. In Eve there are thousands of stars to explore, mine and wage war in. Just one huge sandbox with over 30000 players in one server. In Eve there are corporations most are run and controlled by players some are computer run, these corporations either work together or go to war. Capitalism is the main driver in Eve. The only down side to Eve is Subscription fees Eve online is a fun game I would highly suggest that you give it a try (it is subscription based but it does have a 30 day free trial). I have been wanting to began an AJSA Corporation in Eve. If you are interested in the game and would like to be in a corporation together contact me at adamposs01@gmail.com. After I start to getting replies I'll create the corporation.
  5. First, I would like to say that if any of you are in the World of Tanks AJSA clan or are interested in this game, then you should follow this forum, as I am making this the official one-stop-shop for our small events and general information about the what we are doing and the game. (When your on WoT please use the TeamSpeak CH) Second, I will be posting some links that many will find helpful and should answer many of the questions you all might have. I will also use this post to ask questions on what days will be better for certain events. If you can’t find the answer to a question or mechanic you may have PM me. I will get back to you as soon as I have the answer or can direct you to the answer. Third, the following is a list of links to credible YouTube/World of Tanks players that do and have done informative tank reviews and covered basic tactics. I will do my best to add new sources of information as I become aware of it and will add/remove links as necessary. QuickyBaby-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/user/QuickyBabyTV/videos The Mighty Jingles-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnjlvS2zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ TheFochYou-Quick tank reviews and game play. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFochYou WoT Labs-This is a great resource for strategies and tactics for every map and every tank type use it if you want to make large improvements to your over all game. http://wotlabs.net/articles/ The Official WoT Wiki-Some very good and detailed information http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks (Thanks to MetGreDKo) And last, I will post a list of our key members, and their rolls, so you can PM them for questions you might have, getting friends added to the clan, give us event ideas, request information on advancement in the clan, and eventually how to become a member of our competitive team - when we get to a point where we make one. Griever IGN: Griever42605 - Commander (Clan event planer, leader, all of the not fun stuff) NightFox042 IGN: NightFox042 - Executive Officer (Does all the stuff I need help with) Cabooses IGN: PooonTangPirate - Personnel Officer (Recruitment, Clan events assistant) If you have any questions direct them to Griever. To apply to the clan go to http://na.wargaming.net/clans/recruitstation/ and put Banana Beer in your comment.
  6. With the closed beta now open I wanted to know how everyone that got in to it feels about the game so far. I like what I have played so far even tho the progression seems slow for now. The way this game looks is just WOW the water animations and detail is very good, the boat models are sharp, and the effects for shooting being shot are great. I think that World of Warships has so potential and in my opinion will be the next big thing. Please feel free to share your thoughts good or bad. I also wanted to let everyone know that the AJSA clan in World of Tanks is attached to all Wargaming.net games so if you play World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and as soon as they add clan support World of Warships and want to be in our ever growing group head on over to the Wargaming web site and apply hope to see you all on the battle field, sky, water soon.
  7. Before i begin this post contains info for every playable faction in the new Total War Game [Total War Attila] Anyways i want to know what you guys think i should play as what faction that is here is a list of the factions and some small information about that faction take a look if you want and vote please. The one with the most votes i will play first then second most next and so on and so forth i will be making a lets play on my youtube channel if anyone wants to tag along on my journey i am really looking forward to playing this i hear its basically how [Napoleon Total War] was to [Empire Total War] The Huns “The aura of terror surrounding the Huns is so great that their enemies are barely able to conceive that they are also human beings.” In truth, the Huns’ equine expertise is what makes them such formidable foes. In battle, their combination of ranged attacks and the speed with which they can cover ground is breathtaking – and terrifying – to behold. In this way, the Huns have swept into Europe and now threaten Rome itself. However, they must act swiftly to turn this chaos into an empire. While their leaders’ arguments rage, the horde waits, paralysed, for the arrival of a man. A man powerful enough to unite the Hunnic peoples and bind them to his will… As the Huns travel across the landscape, they exact a terrible toll on those around them, snatching regional food supplies at will and undermining the enemy’s ability to replenish their armies. Hordes also become more loyal with each fresh declaration of war, and razing settlements brings fresh blood to their ranks. Needless to say, the Huns are fearsome warriors, and to Christian soldiers in particular, they are a monstrous and demoralising force to face on the field of battle. Eastern Roman Empire “The division of the Roman Empire has unshackled the East, allowing it to take control of the Roman world. ” The new administrative centre at Constantinople has allowed the Eastern Romans to replace the antiquated systems throttling the economy and enfeebling Rome’s Emperors. As a result, new trade networks and fiscal reforms fill its coffers, all run by a centralised bureaucracy and a powerful state church. The East has safely weathered the storm of barbarian migration, often by diverting them into the West. However, the young Emperor Arcadius will have to negotiate barbarian threats, court intrigues, and the ever-present Sassanid menace to ensure that the last light of the Roman Empire continues to burn. While the Western Roman Empire ails and withers, the Eastern Roman Empire is an economic powerhouse, and reaps the benefits of this through treasury interest and trade tariffs. Militarily, she begins the campaign in a reasonably capable position, but with a clear and immediate threat as Alaric leads his Visigoth armies into Roman-held Thracia and Macedonia… mere regions away from Constantinople itself. The Vandals “Abandoned in their hour of need by their Roman allies, the Vandals find themselves at a turning point in their long quest for southern lands.” For some time they have fought as ‘Foederati’ allies in the Roman struggle against barbarian uprisings. Rewarded with land in Pannonia, the Vandals peacefully co-existed with Rome, even integrating to some extent – enabling figures such as Stilicho, the half-Vandal who now rules the West through a puppet Emperor, to rise. With the arrival of the Huns, however, everything has changed, and the Vandals have been driven out of their lands. They must fight their way across Europe to a kingdom of their own - wherever that fight may take them. The Vandals’ skill at raiding will serve them well as they search for lands to conquer and control, and their initial placement in the campaign presents them with tempting options. Situated just south of Germania, bordering territories held by the weakening Western Roman Empire, they are well-paced to threaten the old wolf’s largely undefended flanks. The Sassanid Empire “The Sassanids are the latest in a line of Persian empires stretching back almost 1,000 years.” Sassanid vassals consolidated their power in Fars before seizing control of the Parthian Empire. Since then, their lean, centralised administration has revitalised and expanded its boundaries. Such prominence inevitably attracts opposition, however, and the Sassanids now find themselves in a delicate situation. Forces from without threaten their control of the Silk Road, while the Eastern Romans undermine them even in times of peace. Yet the Sassanids cannot be slowed by such things. As their claim to the throne is rooted in military prowess it is imperative that their recent conquests continue, lest control be wrested from Persian hands once more. Beginning the campaign with a number of satrapies under its control, the Sassanid Empire enjoys an impressive recruitment base and level of income, and stands ready to expand. An educated people, the Sassanids understand well the link between cleanliness and health, and plan their capitals around the provision of sanitation. The Alans “As the Alani ride into battle, bloody scalps displayed proudly on their saddles, few can dispute their reputation for unsurpassed ferocity.” The only god they worship is a sword planted in the earth, and they favour a life of relentless conquest. Yet even the Alani wavered in the face of the Huns and the relentless pillaging that followed in their wake. Many fled the carnage, becoming pawns to Romans and Vandals, while others joined the Huns in search of plunder. Those that remain with the tribe, however, possess the spirit of independence that hitherto defined them. They alone can restore the name and fortunes of the Alani people. Beginning the campaign on the edges of The Black Sea, The Alans lie perilously close to the heartland of The Huns. Born in the saddle, their warriors are peerless horsemen. But they also understand the value of their charges, and are adept at keeping them alive when the odds are stacked against them. The Saxons “Their distance from the heart of the Roman Empire shrouds the Saxons in mystery, granting them the freedom to pillage and conquer as they please.” While other barbarians fight over the scraps of the decaying Western Empire, the Saxons look to its northern provinces, neglected and drained of troops. Britannia is an especially tempting target, having faced Saxon raids before, when the usurper Maximus commandeered its defenders. Since then, the Saxons have continued to be a thorn in Rome’s side. A series of fortresses, the ‘Saxon Shore’, has even been established to guard against them - a minor obstacle to a well-marshalled and determined Saxon kingdom! While the weather cools, the sun is rising on Saxon fortunes. Their choices for expansion are many, but whichever direction they choose to advance in, these born pillagers are not simple mindless destroyers, and balance profit with destruction in their military conquests. The Ostrogoths The Ostrogoths' wanderings through Roman lands belie their origins as a powerful empire.” Originally known as the Greuthungi, they are a confederation of distinct peoples originally from the Baltic coast who settled close to the Black Sea. Unfortunately, this means they were the first of the Germanic peoples to face the wave of Hun and Alani invasions that have shattered the known world. Now leading an uneasy existence on the Empire’s borderlands, the Ostrogoths are vulnerable to Roman abuse and barbarian attack alike, and so sell themselves as mercenaries to the very same Huns that subdued them. Still, the memory of their former supremacy preserves Ostrogothic hope; a strong leader could rescue them from their plight and restore them to glory… The Ostrogoths’ long relationship with Roman culture, civic and military matters lends them much credence, to the point where they face little resistance from the local populace when occupying Roman territories. In such circumstances, they also have access to Roman military assets to strengthen their numbers. The Franks “As the world stands on the edge of chaos, the Franks hover between two roles. As destroyers - or inheritors of the Roman legacy - they are on the cusp of realising their full potential.” A confederation of Germanic tribes from the lower Rhine region, they were defeated and eventually allowed to settle at Toxandria as foederati. While the current Frankish leader Faramund’s rule is a fine example for future rulers, a bolder warlord could lead them to greatness against the failing Empire. If a lasting Frankish kingdom is to emerge from Rome’s ashes, the people must be unified - the Franks must be one! Situated on the coastline of northern Germania, The Franks have choices to make. Will they strike across the seas to seize the lands of Britannia? Or forge south perhaps, to exploit the weakness of the Western Roman Empire? Whoever they target will tremble in the face of their ferocious warriors, who fight with ever greater intensity the more casualties they sustain. The Western Roman Empire “The Western Roman Empire is on the very edge of catastrophe.” Its Emperor dances to the tune of a half-Vandal general, its powerless Senators idle on vast, poorly-managed estates. Since the Empire’s division the flaws besetting the West have rapidly become apparent. There is neither the manpower nor the gold needed for an effective army, leaving it unable to deal with the many displaced barbarians pouring across Rome’s borders ahead of the Hunnic horde. Roman Emperors have become increasingly fragile - many are manipulated by generals or deposed by their meddling Eastern counterparts. Nonetheless, it is still possible for the Western Empire to rise again. Times of crisis create opportunities which, if seized upon, will see the Empire re-forged and re-vitalised. While its ally to the east has implemented sound fiscal strategies to ensure stability and longevity, the Western Roman Empire begins the Grand Campaign haemorrhaging funds and close to breaking point. If it is unable to get its house in order, how will it weather the storm of rampaging barbarian tribes? Only the most inspired leadership can save the once-mighty Empire from calamity! The Danes “The Danes, or Dani, have achieved that rarest of marriages: barbarian vigour coupled with civilised sophistication.” As the most southerly of the Norse kingdoms, they came into contact with the southern European peoples early on, treating them with an uncharacteristic openness. After this, many left their lands to seek their fortunes elsewhere, returning with more than just gold. One recognised the potential of the Roman alphabet, adopting it to suit his native tongue and the writing materials available in the north. This led to the creation of the first runic alphabet, which rapidly spread across northern Europe, greatly enhancing the Nordic peoples’ culture and trade, resulting in the creation of objects combining both exotic resources and traditional Nordic styles. However, neither wealth nor culture has dampened the Dani’s desire for conquest. Many northern tribes plunder foreign shores yet neglect their own; not so the Dani. Poised to take advantage of the ensuing upheaval, they strive to forge a grand Nordic empire to outlast that of Rome! Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Danes know full well how to draw profit from destruction. Born to the sea, they can navigate the roughest waters safely, and seasickness is viewed as a weakness of lesser men. The Geats “Legendary ancestors of Beowulf, the Geati manifest all the intrepid boldness of the famous hero.” From their stronghold on the southern tip of the Swedish peninsula they have naval access to the whole of northern Europe, allowing them to launch frequent raids without fear of retribution. The most glorious of these exploits are told in the Geati’s rich oral tradition, immortalising their leaders and inspiring a new generation to seek glory. While the arrival of the Huns in Europe has meant disaster for most, for the Geati it is just another opportunity. Recently their king, Gizur, led a force into central Europe to fight alongside the Goths in exchange for Roman gold and goods – there are rich pickings to be gained fighting for the highest bidder in the south. Crisis is blooming in these fertile lands, and the Geati are determined to be at its heart, profiting from it. Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Geats know full well how to draw profit from destruction. They are also a hardy people, virtually immune to the cold, and relish the thought of fighting in the snow. The Jutes “The ocean laps the coasts of Juteland, summoning its inhabitants to new adventures and conquests.” As such, the Juti have always been the most intrepid of the Norse-speaking peoples, looking to distant shores or clashing over the sparse northern lands. Accordingly, they are in the perfect position to profit from the slow collapse of Roman Britannia, and relentlessly plunder its coast as its defenders dwindle in number. The Juti leadership use the spoils of their raids to make exquisite, prestige goods. Should the Juti succeed in conquering Britannia, many more will no doubt be forged. A successful conquest would be a great undertaking, and one requiring them to draw on the very depths of their fortitude. To drive out the remaining Romans, subdue the belligerent locals, and foil the ambitions of their Saxon neighbours who also covet this green and pleasant land – the Juti have vowed no less! Born to raiding like the other Norse tribes, The Jutes know full well how to draw profit from destruction. When fighting and destroying settlements, their fearsome warriors leave no stone unturned, and inevitably return richer men for their conquering. The Visigoths “The reluctant arbiters of barbarian vengeance, the Visigoths have sworn to repay the Romans in full for decades of abuse at their hands.” The ravages of the Huns forced them to petition the Roman Emperor Valens for sanctuary in his lands. Although he accepted, local generals brutally extorted the refugees, driving them to open rebellion. Whilst attempting to deal with the Visigoths the impetuous Valens was slain on the battlefield. A period of peace followed until the Visigoths, under Alaric, fought against the Franks in support of the Emperor Theodosius I. Despite their victory, they were denied their reward by Emperor Theodosius. Now, seeking revenge, Alaric has set his sights on the city of Rome itself... As the campaign begins, the Visigoths find themselves in Macedonia, with many choices before them. Head north into the unknown hinterlands, strike locally and arouse the wrath of the Eastern Roman Empire, or raid westward, and take advantage of the weakening Western Roman Empire? A people accustomed to taking what the world offers, the Visigoths rarely go hungry, and exact a heavy price on any factions they annexe into tributary states.
  8. Check my first two vids out as i try to fight off the Alien scourge and i do know and have adjusted the audio issue in the next episodes to come
  9. Anyone up for forming an AJSA Mount and Blade Regiment? Contact me on this forum or on steam at: prinz_von_preussen Not sure if I need an officer's permission to form this or what the rule is, but I feel that this is an amazing game for teamwork and it would be great fun to play with the already great PC game community in the AJSA. Angry Joe's review of this game for those of you who don't know about it.
  10. We are looking for constructive structuring feedback, what do you think we can to improve future weekly training events.. Please be thorough with your feedback Please no one sentence feedback. We are looking for a good structure in order to make future events go as smooth as possible, perhaps some idea's for changes, but keep it realistic and don't disrespect each other. Or come to us directly on Teamspeak Mondez - ACTO
  11. Gatling Guns

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Gatling Guns never dissapoint us,,, For some reason...
  12. Frontline Shooting

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    It's always nice to see the frontlines, is where the fun begins!
  13. Remainings of a War

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    I love the end of a battle, we get to know who won!
  14. How to Fly in Shogun (2)

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Step 1: Throw a Bomb Step 2: Wait for Physics to do the rest!
  15. How to Fly in Shogun

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Step 1: Throw a Bomb Step 2: Wait for Physics to do the rest!
  16. The next Total War game is probably Medieval 3. We all hope that they learned their lesson with Empire and Rome 2. Medieval is my personal favorite Total War and I hope they don't mess it up. What new idea do you think they will have or you would like to see in the next Total War game? OR Just want you want the next total war to be like? -Kaiser Wilhelm
  17. Not sure if its already been posted in here but: We got any Total war players here or moders? Just wondering if we do as i recantly got into the games and brought: Napoleon Total war and loving it and if we have enough players i can easiler see us forming a new comunity on there of players who play across the games. (If we have enough players maybe we can try and talk Joe into forming a team or league for it for us to play on).
  18. I was wondering if it is possible to create a corporation in the universe of New Eden. Setting up a corp in EVE online can be carried to it's companion game Dust 514, a game that I play. These games are quite fun once a player has made enough skill points to progress as well as ISK. EVE online is a PC game and is famous for it's massive pvp battles in null sec space. Dust 514 is it's console counterpart and it is directly connected to EVE online by the corporation system. Which means less work is required to set up the community. EVE online is an MMO set approx 20000 years in the future. There are 4 main powers (not counting the Jovians):the Amarr, the Caldari, the Gallente, and the Mimmitar. Each race has an extensive history that (unfortunately) has to be checked out outside the game, but the lore of New Eden is extensive. There are stories of rises to power and falls from great heights, all player done. There is a stock market, great battles, and a planet's worth of different ships. Pro's EVE online -The community is easy to develop and corporations can reach sizes of ten thousand and can be augmented by alliances -There can be full scale, day to day wars, and battles between alliances that can reach into the thousands -The graphics are amazing and so is game play -There is a wide variety of roles and ships Con's EVE online -The game can be brutal to first time players and there are many an infamous alliance known for pirating off of lower ranked players -This game requires a subscription (can be played for free through plex but plex is expensive) -This game allows for espionage capable of destroying whole alliances -Building up a character takes a lot of time Dust 514 shares the same universe as EVE online, the major difference being that the battles are on the planets. There are three modes, Ambush, Domination, and Skirmish. These battles can be long or short depending on who has the bigger and better guns. Tanks are powerful game changers, but LAVs (light attack vehicles) can keep small groups moving all over the map taking null cannons or moving ordinance dropsuits. Squad leaders can call down Orbital Strikes that are supplied by EVE players (if they are above the planet). There is a skill tree to enable the use of new suits, which opens up new load out customization opportunities. Pro's Dust 514 -FPS that features complex roles and infinite customization -EVE corporations carry over onto Dust 514 -Like a future version of Battlefield with squading available -Lots of guns Con's Dust 514 -Can be brutal to first time players due to a practice known as proto-stomping -Requires squading to do really well -Vehicles are game deciders -AUR (money) can be used to get better equipment early
  19. Should WarFrame be added to supported games for the AJSA?
  20. Voting Lets start with the introduction for the voting poll. The trick is simple, you vote, we look. Lately we've experienced some minor Intel problems. Fact is, we are not sure, where you are, what you fly and which tier. So here's a other attempt to get some solid voting done. AJSA War Thunder Squadron Info (Steam Group) Yes that's right, we've made a official private War Thunder squadron group on steam, only for our War Thunder pilots. Here we plan to share info,playtime,events, and most of all, activity, because spots in the squadron are limited. Be sure to write a funny reply to this topic, followed by a valid Steam user id, so we can do our best to invite you! The squadron is private, which means, that a officer or above needs to invite you manually on Steam, so be patient with us. Or contact us on Teamspeak 3 for faster resolving.
  21. Son of Rome was overall a fun game; with an interesting story, great cut scene cinematic, and great voice acting. But there are down sides. The game was pretty short, it lasted me about 6 and a half hours on the higher difficulties even the bosses took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to beat, they seem to have a really simple pattern, I don't know if it's just me. Also, the multiplayer lasted me a couple of weeks, it gets old kinda fast. I give Ryse: Son of Rome (7/10) ~PantherFangG
  22. Greetings Fellow AJSA Members, Soldiers and High Commanders, I would like to propose from a lowly newb that has just signed up today to possibly rally together a clan or another such group of people that are die-hards for the realm of strategy. It is always a privilege watching your glorious armies on the field of battle inflicting as much pain and destruction as possible on your enemies and as such, cultivates a strong sense of competition and rivalry that matches even that of the ultra-dominant FPS and MOBA genres. Strategy games have always been an intense passion of mine and have been raising empires since the release of such timeless classics as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Black and White and even Rise of Nations. I would very much love to see if there would be any interest for getting support together for creating a clan or reviving any dormant servers to allow players from all walks of life to come together and game in this particularly epic area of gaming. Whilst this may seem a self-indulgent piece of writing it would be a great honour if there could be any consideration to setting up a foundation upon which other like minded strategy gamers such as myself can meet up and take on other players in the spirit of good sportsmanship and pitting of wits. If there has been a debate like this in the past and a reasonable conclusion that was met on behalf of the AJSA council then I only wish that someone from the reigning hierarchy take pity on this plea and see if it can be explored for future gaming endeavours. It has been said that Angry Joe himself gets a little jumpy when he doesn't receive a fix of good old strategy every once in a while and I share in those very same feelings if I am not at the forefront of an epic battlefield and striking down the enemy in righteous fury! Thank you and I am very much looking forward to replies from across the board, be they simple suggestions to full fledged debate that can arise form this posting. Best of Luck and Regards from a grunt trying to possibly make something of himself Cheers!
  23. Well like the tittle say is that Youtube is now acting as one of the most stupid pages ever and if you have the facebook or twitter of our LORD COMMANDER ANGRY JOE is that Youtube is taking down some of his most popular videos and right now our Commander is furious about this outrageous move from youtue so I call to all members of AJSA to help our LORD COMMANDER in his fight aganist Youtube and so we must do this for JOE AND FOR ALL YOUTUBERS WHO ARE LOSING ALL HIS HARD WORK THEY TO THEIR VIDEOS
  24. Here is a brief disclaimer: This is my opinion, and one that comes from the heart. This post was inspired by TotalBiscuit's WTF is... of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Over the past few years of gaming, really since Gears of War 1 came out, I have had a creeping feeling develop. That game was heralded for it's innovative and polished gameplay (for the time) but was criticized for it's story. Fast forward to Battlefield 3. BF3 was ranked, in many reviews, above COD3, but once again heralded for it's gameplay and online play, but criticized for its lack of a good story (this was said by our commander himself, Angry Joe). Again, I am watching TotalBiscuit's WTF is... of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and he said that within the initial Far Cry there was a game that took itself too seriously. He pointed out that the writer for FC3 went for a serious message, but that he felt gamers did not comprehend how serious the message is. Gamers responded saying that he took it too seriously, that it is a great game and nothing more. TotalBiscuit states this in his first impression of Blood Dragon, and agrees. I kept thinking to myself, over the years after these opinions unfolded, that I felt differently. That I thought all the stories were amazing. Why? Why did I become so enraptured by the story of GOW1 and Far Cry 3? Then it hit me: I'm a grunt. I am a former United States Marine that served 3 combat tours over seas. I have many wounds both physical and within from that time. I began to realize that the reason I loved these stories that other gamers seemingly found shallow, or lacking, was that I could relate to the characters or theme personally, on a very deep level. I understood the gruntness of Marcus Fenix and the others, in many ways I am like them. The Marine Corps is a rough neck society, where cheesy shit talking and generally being rough around the edges is a way of life. I knew guys like Coltrane and Baird. I realized that I loved BF3's story (sorry Angry Joe, you're wrong on this one) because I was a fucking combat marine for God's sake. That story put you in the shoes of a squad of Marines. That game was extremely intense for me to play single player because the sites, sounds, and the ways the marines communicated practically gave me flash backs. It was immensely real and immersive for me. And as for Far Cry 3... Gamers, you are wrong. My second combat tour I was a part of a Marine Expeditionary Group that responded to Somali Pirates taking British merchant vessels over. I had to combat, first hand, exactly what Jason Brody had too. And like Jason Brody, I was not sure if I could return home who I once was. The message in FC3 is that that fucking world exists, and it is dark, and bloody, and vicious. Some of us had to lose a part of ourselves so that you do not have to experience it. So you see, these stories may not affect the average gamer, but they affected me on a very deep level. It is all a matter of perception. My wish is that Angry Joe and Total Biscuit could see this article, and perhaps have their understanding of those stories broadened. For anyone that has read this whole thing, and would like to respond, I accept any criticism or comment. I fought for your right to say what you want. (and semper Fi SGT ROSS, and any other Marine that reads this). Former Sgt. Benjamin Riddle, USMC
  25. Darksiders II was one of my favorite games last generation. I loved the combat, the puzzles, the universe. Everything about it appealed to me. However, after THQ's assets were broken up and sold, the Darksiders got sold to Nordic Games. As of right now they haven't really said anything definitive on Darksiders III. Do you guys think Darksiders III is in the works? Do you want it to be in the works? If so, what would you like to see in the next installment in the franchise?