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Found 11 results

  1. Hello AJSA my name is Renn Shaow and I have been a player of Guild Wars 2 for a short time. I have joined the Angry Army almost as soon as I first went into the game. I have not really been that active with the community, but today I want to propose an event for the guild. I did Triple Trouble for my first time today and I failed, miserably. I was in a PuG and we didn't even manage to take even one of the wurms. This got me thinking, the main problem with PuG's and TT is that it requires a lot of co-ordination and PuG's just don't have that. What I wanted to do was an event a day of the week where the entire Guild tried to take the TT. I was hoping for a day like Saturday and we could do it along side our Guild Missions. I feel that this will be a great event and might even convince some newer players coming into Guild Wars 2 because it is Free-To-Play too join our wonderful Guild. I created a poll too see if people wanted this too happen or not, and I hope that one of the Guild Leaders will see this post and approve. Thanks for reading,
  2. Starting today Guild Wars is free for everybody and also in october 23 they will launch their first expansion....so to all the angry army who doesn't have guild wars 2 but they want to play it I think this is the perfect time to start
  3. These two are popular MMORPGS, and it's probably not right to compare them, I don't know, but what would you say is the better MMORPG, mine would be Guild Wars
  4. So, I checked all three pages and there doesn't seem to be one of these, so... Just vote for what Class you usually play and/or have at Level 80 Just for a bit of fun, I'd like you to vote for your favourite race as well. Me personally, only have my Engineer at level 80 so far, but I'm working on my Warrior right now. My favourite race are the Norn, because I love Nordic things, and Norn fit that description. Charr are a close second.
  5. Anyone up for forming an AJSA Mount and Blade Regiment? Contact me on this forum or on steam at: prinz_von_preussen Not sure if I need an officer's permission to form this or what the rule is, but I feel that this is an amazing game for teamwork and it would be great fun to play with the already great PC game community in the AJSA. Angry Joe's review of this game for those of you who don't know about it.
  6. A thread to discuss the next Star wars movie that is still in production. Star wars episode 7 is planned to be released in 2015 and Star wars was sold to Disney so there might be some small changes.
  7. I know its not out for awhile yet but will anyone here be getting Star wars Battlefront 3? Also what will you be getting it on? Thoughts and Hopes for this game? do you trust it will not be a let down?. (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area).
  8. Hey everybody, I just installed KOTOR and KOTOR II: TSL. I was wondering, how many AJSA members still play these games. I played both of them on the original Xbox, but bought them on the PC for a better graphic and gameplay experience. Easily some of my favorite Star Wars games, and high up on my favorite RPG games. There is also a fairly large modding community for the series, with a lot of graphic improvement mods. Also, with Disney signing a deal with Bioware, we may be getting a new KOTOR game in the near future. Just curious how many people still play these games. I played SWTOR, but it doesn't have the same feel as the original games. Edit: I just realized I misspelled 'Members' as 'Mambers'. Dammit. XD
  9. Rynhildr's Boomstick

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    My backup weapon for ranged situations. It uses the Shiverpeak Rifle's skin, though I've forgotten what weapon I used for the stats.

    © SgtMerrick

  10. Her name is Rynhildr...

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    My Warrior <3 I've used Axe/Shield combo since level one. Never touched anything else. I'm using the T3 Norn Cultural Heavy, the Ophidian Axe and Jora's Defender Shield.

    © SgtMerrick

  11. i really like the idea of this angry joe army and i'm wondering if there's an ajsa guild in star wars the old republic? if not, i'll see if i can create one.