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Found 25 results

  1. http://store.steampowered.com/app/376570/ After 2 years its finally coming to Steam, this may boost the players base by a tons. I might play it again actually! This mean the game will receive more updates and some other stuffs. I guess this is a foot in the right way for Carbine Studio!
  2. To avoid any clone posts of peoples wanna ask to get invited i decided to make this permanent post about the Recruitment of the guild. To get invited,reply to this post saying youre names of your characters and specify if its your Main or an Alt and also roles (DPS,Tank..ect,) After that wait for invite,if you didnt get invite ask any of the Staff Members namely, Seph,SnappleMonkey,Peachie0 or Myself and we will get you in asap! *We are currently looking for peoples to join our Raid Group that are Lvl 50 that are either fresh 50 or returning player. We currently have 14 spots filled out of 20 but 15 is the minimum till we can start doing it. There is less Enginners and Espers than other class. We are in need of 2 more healers and 4 more DPS.*
  3. Just joined the guild in WildStar last night, and joined the community today. Hello.
  4. Earlier today Wildstar uploaded an announcement video on their youtube channel stating that Wildstar will go F2P the 29th of September. In the video they talk about the announcement, their time at PAX and some stuff about the F2P PTR (which includes removing the hollo-cryptkeeper or maybe not). Also, hoverboard races with leaderboards and prizes. In any case, get hyped and vote in the other thread Seph made! http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/30715-wildstar-who-is-interested-in-playing-when-it-goes-f2p/
  5. Okay guys, Halloween is only 9 days away... And probably by now, you all know that Halloween is my favourite holiday, ever. I've been fiddling around with my house, enjoying the little decor items here and there - I put down a skull, some intestines, a make-shift treat (and trick!) bowl, and some red lanterns. Closer to the day, I'm probably going to see about dimming the lights and darkening the whole atmosphere. At home, my family is organizing a Halloween party, and my siblings are getting ready to go trick-or-treating. But it made me think - what exactly am I going to do for Halloween? I'll be home because I can't go out to the bar with my friends due to my medical issues (well, I can't, but it's no fun not to drink or drive this year), I'm too old to trick-or-treat, and I'm not really interested in parties. I'll probably watch some scary movies, eat some chocolate, and hang out. I know it's not only Halloween but also a Friday; most people will probably try and go out or do something. But some people might not. And for those people, I propose an event - my own version of trick-or-treating! I don't know how many people will be around, but you're all welcome to attend. I'm also not sure how long I'll be on, or if I'm going to have my full focus on playing a game, or when I'll go watch a movie. But while I'm online, keep your eyes peeled. Add me as your neighbour. I'll take a trip around all my neighbour's plots, and try to track down some things. I will hand out a bit of cash for each thing I find, as follows (to a maximum of 30g): Scarecrow - 10g ea.Pumpkins - 20s ea.Spider webs - 5g ea.Treat bowls - 5g ea.Red lanterns - 15s ea.I won't spend all night hunting down your items, so I'll most likely explore the area around your house, and quickly browse the rest (in the true nature of trick-or-treaters), but I hope to see a couple Halloween items going on. I want to hand out a touch of incentive to sharing the spirit, as small as it may seem. For the best additions I find, I'll also give out a surprise fabkit. But that's not all. Every hour on the hour, I'll present a riddle in /gchat. If you can identify the reference, or solve the problem, as the case may be, I'll reward you with an appropriate decor item. And lastly, trick-or-treating! At 9pm my time (simply, UTC-06:00), I will stay at my house for a half hour. Every visitor I have will receive some level 50 food with their most beneficial stat; and for those willing to make me their roommate, I'll also buy them a renown item. I want to spread the good spirit I share with this holiday. Cheers! And I hope some of you will participate. Happy Halloween!
  6. Wildstar is LIVE!!! The easiest way to be on top of all the info is to hop on teamspeak but for you other people you can also post here if you need an invite Server: Widow Faction: Exiles I have an addon that will invite people automatically when they whisper a keyword to my character. The keyword is banana. All you need to do is whisper banana to the character Seph and you will get into the guild.
  7. Okay friends, I'm looking to make at least one night a week a day to run any dungeon you guys want - for experience, for silver, for S&G. I'm currently holding silver in Stormtalon, Ruins of Kel'voreth, and Skullcano, so I'm working on Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and it's been slow trying to even get in. But what better way to spend my time than helping you guys get past dungeons? It's sometimes tedious at best. If you haven't done the fights before, that's perfectly fine, I'll explain them as we go. If you have, we'll try to rock through them. You can have silver in these dungeons, have silver in none of these dungeons, have gear, have no gear, come one week, come every week; I'll try to make things work so we can have some fun. My main interest is that you all see the inside of these dungeons, and everyone gets to practice their preferred role. That means that generally I will probably be tanking, but if someone else wants to tank, just ask! I can and will DPS. Now, for timeslots, I may have to accommodate based on my schedule after I get back to the working world. I'm looking to go every Monday, starting August 18th, 8pm-10pm Canadian Central Time - to note, though, that where I live has some very funky timezone. Currently, I believe I'm two hours behind EST, however, in fall I will be one hour behind EST (my province doesn't change with Daylight Savings like the rest of the world). If something comes up and I have to cancel, I will try to make a new time later in the week, and I'll try to give you notice. I will also be streaming. If we don't have space for you to come along, or just want to see how we're doing, you're welcome to watch on my stream. The schedule for when I'll be running will also be posted on my stream, which you can find here. Hope to see you there!
  8. I am your friendly neighbourhood stalker (ahem) here with a breakdown of the most useful stuff I can make you. Currently, I am running as a Technologist, which makes me one of the most useful people you can know if you're running dungeons and raids, questing on your own, or trying to beat your friend's damage. I can make anything and everything, except for: Reactive Insight BoostDaggerstone Draught PorterVeteran Gladiator's Shield RegeneratorMajor Potion of VisionVeteran Gladiator's InvigoratorVeteran Gladiator's Stimulant of ProtectionVeteran Gladiator's Stimulant of RageVeteran Guardian's PotionVeteran Sprinter's StimulantVeteran Dasher's StimulantVeteran Gladiator's Movement Stimulant There isn't any sort of research as of yet for Technologist, so the above schematics sound like they are purchased or found as world drops. That being said, if you find any of those and happen to feel generous... I'd appreciate them! For level 50s, I can make you: Mourningstar Medishots (Instant, Sustained Healing, Delayed Healing, Medispray, & Shield Restore)Boosts (Tech, Insight, Grit, Brutality, Finesse, Moxie, & Liquid Confidence)Field Tech (Kinetic Omni-Plasmic Grenade, Omni-Plasmic Air Uptake Stim, Temporal Shimmy Tonic*, Shield Attunement Nanite Cocktail*, Adaptive Defense Stimshot*, & Elemental Life Drain*)Gadgets (Attachment Optimization Routines, Combat Stimulant Auto-Injector, Negative Refraction Burst Emitter, Biogalvanic Surge Device, Impact Compressor, War Cube of Azrion the Conqueror, Seraphel's 'Immaculate Defense' Datacube, & Restored Eldan Medical Nanites)Eldan Acceleron For boosts other than Liquid Confidence (meaning, the stat boosts), all I request is that you provide the Bloodbriar. I will do my very best to help Talshea stock guild for raiding in the future, but Bloodbriar is a very well-used herb that isn't quite found enough. It can be found in any level 50 zone, including daily areas, and I require 5 to make two boosts. For medishots, field tech, gadgets, and Eldan Acceleron, I've got plenty of mats for right now and you can have them for free. Gadgets especially, I am specced to require less mats, while medishots and boosts cost me less money for reagents and they succeed easier, so don't worry. * - I believe these to be the most useful field tech for DPS and tanks, as they increase crit, max shield, deflect, and self-healing (respectively, as noted) for 3 minutes. If you have any questions about the effects of these items, feel free to ask! Find me in game/in Teamspeak, or send me an in-game mail and I can help you out. If you're looking for something and not sure what, hit me up, and I'll try to find what you're needing most. For low levels, I have a long list of things I can make you, depending on your level, including boosts, medishots, field tech, gadgets, and some crafting reagents as well. Please talk with me about those, as the list is very long and I'm limited by your character's progress. I'll definitely hook you up, though, and mats shouldn't be a problem as I still have leftovers from leveling my profession.
  9. I gots a key for the Wildstar bèta and nobody to give it to. It will let you in the game until August 3rd. You gotta make an NCSoft-account first, if you don't yet have one. First one to reply here will get it. I will then PM you the code. HF!
  10. Interested in playing WildStar? Then head down to Alienware Arena to claim your 7-Day Free Trial Key! Instructions are on the right side of the screen. You will need a AlienwareArena account to claim your key. Keys are now available for North America and Europe. Grab them while they last! YOU MAY NOT GET THE KEY INSTANTLY! YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE PLACED IN A QUEUE. YOU WILL GET YOUR KEY VIA EMAIL! AlienwareArena.com <---- Click this link Hurry! Keys are limited!
  11. Hi Guys I have noticed that our EU side of the AJSA is a little quiet. Are we actively recruiting from the server? I haven't seen a post on the WS server forums. Are there other avenues we can do to recruit?
  12. So there have been a recent influx of questions and some have been answered more than once. Please send all people to this thread to see if their answer is here and if not, ask the question here. I check the forums regularly and will answer and update the first post with the question and answer provided. Now to the questions. Q: What server are we playing on? What Faction? A: The NA PvP server Widow as the exile faction. The EU PvE server Ascendancy as the exile faction. Q: Is it possible to do a server transfer or do I have to delete my characters to transfer? (like in guild wars 2) A: Your character is tied to one server NOT your account and you can always make a new character on other servers. Carbine has not announced server transfers at this point considering no one even has a character that will be available in the live version yet. The main restriction to character creation is on pvp servers where you cannot have a character on both sides. Q: Can we play dominion? A: You can play the game however you want to but the official NA guild will be playing exiles on the pvp server widow. You cannot make a character on both factions on the same pvp server so I recommend not making a dominion character on widow if you intend to play with us. The EU guild will be on a PvE server though which will allow for characters of both factions but only the exile side will be official. Q: Will there be an EU guild? A: Yes and Agosparti is the guild leader for that guild. Q: Is the game IP blocked? Region locked? A: IP Blocked no but yes it is region locked. If you wish to join NA guild you must purchase the NA copy and same goes for the EU guild needing the EU copy. Q: Are we participating in this? http://www.reddit.com/r/wildstar/comments/24xjrq/no_fan_left_behind_open_beta_fun/ A: That does look pretty awesome. I will be doing something very similar for our AJSA members. If you want to hop on their TS and help them out go for it. I will be on ours helping out our community first though. Q: Will I be able to play from SEA? A: There are currently only NA and EU versions of the game but I have seen oceanic servers in the NA region. I do not think there are local servers for you guys though. ***If anything that I post above is false or has changed please let me know so I can update it with the appropriate information.*** ***If you can think of a question that a new person to Wildstar would ask, please ask it even if you already know the answer to it.***
  13. EU WildStar Recruitment post The EU Guild is up and running Server: Hazak PvP Faction: Dominion The Keyword members use is Sword in-game please pm this word to CratosZean & Darkless for invite to the guild see you out there.
  14. THAD'S FAVORITE ADDONS (Update 1) Hey guys! So while I agree that the deault UI is fairly comprehensive and a good setup - there are always going to be things you can add to make it better. You know where I'm going with this. Thing you can add -> -> Add.....Ons...hehe, I'm hilarious (sadly probably only to myself). But I digress! Where were we....ah yes...addons! So if anyone is still out there looking for a list of add-on suggestions, here is a short list of the ones I find most useful: Curse Client: Until someone develops a program like Minion for ESO which does the same thing but without pointless features, this is a must have. It automates finding your installed games as well as the dowload/install of addons. Has a nice search feature and will alert you to addon updates but unless your willing to spring for premium you'll have to manually press update on each addon. I have less than 10 addons total so it wasn't a huge detractor for me. I leave it running in the background, the program takes very little system resources (http://www.curse.com/client) Zen Radar - Incredibly useful. It's a customizable frame that lists everything and their distance within a certain range of you. You can set it to show unfound journals and datacubes. Harvesting nodes. Best part is it can integrate with Trackmaster to draw an arrow line to anything you select on the list (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220363-zenradar) Now I only us one of these but they both essentially serve the same purpose. I'll let you decide -> Trackmaster OR Ayth Quest - These are basically quest/item/resource node trackers which draw lines on the ground directing you to each. In trackmaster you can customize the look of the line but not the color. Ayth you can customize the color but not the look. Note: Trackmaster has a basic addon but you'll want to supplement according with 'Trackmaster: Objectives' for questing and 'Trackmaster: Farming' for well..Farming (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220025-track-master) (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220588-ayth_quest) (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220939-trackmaster-objectives) AMP Finder - Lists all the available AMPs and where you can find them. Early on I found that this wasn't a big deal but for endgame PvE/PvP you're going to want to have most of your AMPs unlocked (http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220169-amppurchased) BetterQuestLog - Really cleans up the quest log and provided some much needed sorting options (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220027-betterquestlog) Commodity Stats - Just like auctioneer for WoW but less of a memory hog. Scan the commodity broker once a day/week and you can look at graph of the pricing of every item. Also, gives you really basic pricing information in the bottom of item tooltips. Note: The scans for this take no time at all, much more efficient than Auctioneer where you had to sit and wait on it for 5 minutes or more (http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220024-commoditystats) CustomFOV - Allows you to change your Field of View. I found mine only needed slight adjustment up. I know some people that even lowered there's (how crazy is that!). The default setting is alright but if your used to a higher FOV as in most games you're going to want to change it via this addon. In the addon description the creator offers some pretty good/basic suggestions on what setting to use (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220180-customfov) EToolTip - Adds extra information to the tooltip. Basically it converts all those ability points and assault/support power into concrete percentages that will make it alot easier to decide between gear (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220839-etooltip) MiniMapSquare - Quality of life addon. I like it. But it's always going to be a personal preference (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220777-minimapsquare) Movable Frames - Lets you move/hide/resize almost everything about your UI and doesn't seem to be too buggy (www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220119-movable-frames)
  15. This game REALLY needs optimized, I've had nothing but problems. Mostly Stuttering and -really- long loading screens. I get stuttering and long loading screens even when everything's set to very low(I get a full 60 fps on high but still with stutters and freezes.), in Thayd mostly. It makes it really difficult to even buy/sell things on the Auction House. I can run World of Warcraft on Ultra with my view distance on medium with 100 fps, but I can barely run Wildstar on Low? But I've been searching for tips and ways to optimize it better, nothing has worked. I found one tip that said to run the game in 86bit mode, but I haven't the slightest clue how to do that on Win 8(Why didn't I revert back to windows 7...) Does anyone have anything that's worked for them that I could try? It's getting incredibly annoying. EDIT: Although it is fairly important, Disabling the TargetFrame Addon helps a lot with Framerate drops. Hopefully Carbine gets this under control... For Anyone plagued with this problem, I'd Recommend getting Fast Target Frames. It replaces the Default Target Frames with one that isn't animated, and the animation of it is apparently what kills my Frame-Rate. Hopefully this helps, because Wildstar is a really good game, just terribly optimized. EDIT: And Now I'm stuck at a 10 minute loading screen followed by a client crash. Wonderful. (Was testing on an alternate character, but now I can't even load my main.) ---- Resolved via Repair function.
  16. Greeting's Angry Army, I'm happy I've finally become a part of Commander Joe's forces. I have followed Angry Joe and other Joe for a year plus now. I had meant to join the community a long time ago but never found the chance. My platforms are Xbox 1 and 360 and PC. Been a gamer all my life and I like to think I'm relatively good at it. Always down for teamplay and I always play to win. Add me on xbox, my gamertag is the same as my display name and we can tare it up on an multiplayer shooters and other games. Also just started WildStar today, so If you have a character let me know!
  17. Who in the army is joining Wildstar? I am new to AJSA and hoping to connect with recruits. Played GW2 for a couple of years and WoW since beta (quit right before the fkin panda release - bored). Hit me up here or in game. Will join TS3 soon. ~pipelin3
  18. I cannot believe there isn't a topic like this on the forums yet. I have so many questions about who wants to play Wildstar, and what they plan on playing. Maybe if we get a vote done we can figure out what kind of server we can all play on and which faction. I have a race picked out for both personally but I am hoping to play Dominion. I also prefer PvP servers over other ones but maybe everyone else likes RP servers or something. Well lets get some chat going and figure out the basics.
  19. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  20. >Salute< Heya, I'm RichieT been watching AJ for many eons and continue to enjoy his content, its what brought me here also WILDSTAR ONLINE it was mentioned Joe will be starting up a Guild for that game - I also play BF3, 4 and various other online shooters. I'm a livestreamer on twitch and I have a youtube channel where I have been posting gameplay videos, some game guides etc. https://www.youtube.com/user/RichieTallon Any progress made with Wildstar as of yet? Anyone play the beta? I've played it extensively it is amazing. Currently I'm obsessed with Diablo 3 Reaper of souls, multiboxing team 4 wizards. Pretty amusing, I will say that the Reaper of Souls expansion is bloody awsome. Well hope to meet more of this rabble of an army, lets dominate some PVP! ) Cheers, RichieT PS: Enjoy AngryJoeShow watched every review even going back several years, I can't get enough. He nails it every time, sure we don't need to keep on about this but thing is, he's never wrong unlike other content that I think tends to be quite dishonest.
  21. So alot of the AJSA is really excited for Wildstar so i was just curious what faction are you guys going to side with. Then after that what class,race,and path are you going to play as. Me personally i cant decide on any of these choices the Dominion has really cool looking races and the Exiles has some awesome looking races except for the bunny race. The Spellslinger looks really cool because its based off of the old western style cowboys,the Warrior is like a Swiss army knife,the Esper can use his mind to make almost anything like Green Lantern,and the Stalker can sneak around and from what i saw maybe teleport. So yeah thats basically my conundrum. What do you guys think about all this are you undecided like me or do you know exactly what you want to be in WIldstar
  22. So iv been following the devs who are working on Wild Star a new MMORPG and well from what i can tell its realy cool. and it looks like its realy fun to play, it is P2P but they have it set up like GW2 where you can earn gold in game and trade it for some money type stuff to buy your sub. anyone els been flowing this game
  23. I thought It be cool to start a thread about fanart of the upcoming MMO Wildstar. Anywho of you who want to share their fanart of wildstar please don't hesitate to. Ill start by submitting my speedpaint of voxine here. Enjoy!
  24. Just wanted to know if there was anyone that was interested in playing WildStar? Its an mmo that I'm looking forward to and I wanted to find some people to play with. Heres a vid...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4_riSI7Ydg
  25. So i know everyone is looking forward to the MMO Elder Scrolls Online and im am to. But i feel like people might be overlooking Wildstar. Its a Sci Fi MMORPG made for the Hardcore MMO fans.However, this doesnt mean casual players can enjoy themselves also. So i was going to give you guys a huge descriptive more or less essay of information on the game but seeing as im not a pro author and this is my very first topic i decided it be better for you guys to go look it up on your own or if you already know help your fellow AJSA members by filling the blanks. The whole reason i posted this was because i didnt want the AJSA over looking such a great game on top of that i wanted the Angry Army to run this game like i know we will all the other MMO games coming out. So feel free to leave any criticism on this whether on the game or my failure as a topic poster thing. PS: I do apologize if theres already like a 1000 wildstar topics but when i searched for it i couldnt find anything at all.