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Found 9 results

  1. From ex-Witcher devs'. Really does look fairly awesome. Hearing it is a mix of Diablo 3, Baldur's Gate, and cyberpunk fantasy.
  2. Spartan Aristotle reporting for duty! Greetings, as mentioned above I am xxAristotlexxx (XBL) better known as 'Aristotle.' I'm English and have been playing Xbox for over a decade and only after debating whether or not to get a game did I find an Angry Review for Dragon Age: Origins. Needless to say I'm an avid fan of Bioware games (Mainly Dragon Age & Mass Effect), Halo... and most modern RPGs, RTS and shooters. Open world games also hold a special place in my heart as long as they are fun and enjoyable whilst the only horror game I've played is Alien Isolation. I look forward to meeting all of you and fighting by your side(s)! Do add me on Xbox if you want someone to chat to, I'm always open for it unless I'm in the middle of a cutscene. - Aristotle P.S. Although my 'IRL' name obviously isn't Aristotle I do prefer to go by Aristotle (7 years of being called 'Aristotle' will do that to you!)
  3. http://www.pcgamer.com/witcher-3-mod-adds-free-camera-and-unlocks-console/ I think the game might get even better soon. The modding community is doing a awesome job. Thoughts? The mod is now available via nexus mods. Link here : http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/28/?
  4. Thats the spirit CD PROJEKT RED!!! http://thewitcher.com/news/view/867 16 free DLCs for evryone..... show to EA or other MONEYSUCKING companies wiith battlepacks and other sh*t how it is done. I saw that 2 dlcs will come every week. in total we have 8 weeks of free dlcs....that meens that after those 8 weeks we have to buy some other dlcs or what? Anyway, i am gonig to buy that game at release date. In my pointof view i think that was a very good move from CD PROJEKT RED cause these days everyone is so frustrated with those 1hr but 10$ or 10euro dlcs and also they give gamers more motivation to spend more hours on this game! P.S: i forgot to say that in those dlcs we have growth over time beards XD GOTY
  5. I wanted to post this in news but apparently I am not allowed to. The Witcher Adventure Game is available for pre-order! (at least in Poland) Finally after months of waiting I can get the board game I was so hyped about since it was announced. You can get it for 179PLN (which is 54$ or 43€) which is somewhat a standard price for board games around here. Anyone will be buying the game
  6. Having issues with the immortality glitch in this one which affects health and endurance. Toxicity works just fine, but unfortunately you can't poison yourself to death. Well I suppose there would be no playthrough if I did that, but at least The Witcher 2 doesn't have this issue and I'm sure I'll be tense a plenty. But in any case if anyone hasn't checked out the first one due to the fact its only on pc, enjoy. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSP2mJ4GRg5bYs2IFfTN1oS-PBsBSv9qU
  7. I was wondering if anyone else ever ran into this. I started replaying the first Witcher, since I wanted to have 1 and 2 recorded in preparation for when the 3rd releases next year, and I noticed my heal kept regenerating itself whenever I took damage. First I ever had a glitch that was benefiting me like Geralt "The White Wolverine". Anyone know what causes this? And I already re-installed the game so this is pretty crazy.
  8. Just fixing an obvious error on these forums by making a thread dedicated to this amazing franchise. Well rather I just wanted to start a general thread to discuss it with fellow fans. I first played The Witcher simply by chance I remember. I bought it because it was discounted at my local game store because TW2 had already been out for a few months. It looked very dated but that never bothered me as the mechanics clicked right away and I was soon drawn into the story, even though at the time many elements kind of confused me. I had no idea back then it was based on a series of books until a friend had told me, but despite some things being a bit jarring I was already invested enough that I played it through to the end. I got to TW2 around the time the Enhanced Edition was released, and was immediately blown away by it. Everything was improved although I know that is subjective, the story was much easier for me to understand as well I thought. I had initial difficulties with the new combat system like everyone else but I got used to it in the end. Recently I started to collect the books which the games were based around (the ones released in english anyway) I found the fan translations of the ones that were not released also. Currently I am going through Sword of Destiny which I am nearing the end. I own The Last wish and I bought Blood of Elves last week, so I can jump right into the next one when I am done. I must say the books really are amazing so far. I better stop writing now unless this thread becomes an essay titled "why I like the Witcher" so are there any other fans?