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Found 24 results

  1. Hey all! Apologies for the trouble but I haven’t been involved in the Ajsa Community for some time and was curious in knowing if there was ever a WoW division created? I recall there was an attempt to create one but never found out if anything came out of it.
  2. After he last expansion I had to quit because my computer died. My old guild has all but dispanded. I have my laptop until I finish my new build and was wondering if any of you folks want to lvl and run some dunguns with me? I'm not looking to form a guild as if there was intrest there would already be one. Any way if anyone is interested... [Index] #Battle Tag Share // Region // Server -----------|-------------------------------|--------------|-------------- 0 | Seirex # 1713 | NA | Area 52 Note: Make sure your battle tag is not set to share your real name, unless you want it to.
  3. Seeing as there have been no other topics on the subject of a guild, other than a rant topic, I decided to pop one up! Much like Warlords expansion, shall we have a Angry Joe Show Army guild, just like on WoD launch? I don't expect it to live beyond a few months because that's usually the amount of time people sub to WoW for anyway, before extended inactivity. I've made mention and popped the question above, but there hasn't been meaningful feedback, nor any official announcements from our Angry Council. For now myself, and everyone, can only speculate. I don't expect the game to go official support, but perhaps a temporary 'community' game. Plus, officership and so-on would be required, but likely none willing.
  4. So with the tremendous losses of subscribers from MoP and WoD and with the bad press Blizz is now getting for shutting down Nostalrius, I think we are currently at the last nails in the coffin. I was so hyped for WoD finally being able to afford retail, to cross into Blizzard's goodie servers and actually experience real WoW, watching Blizzcons in Youtube and fanboying over the ''promised'' content we would get. I enjoyed parts of the expansion, mainly my guild and raiding with them, but the ''Garrisons'' and ''Legendary Questline'' were just the worst things I've ever seen in an MMO, I literally DESPISED every second spent on the ''''''LEGENDARY'''''''' questline, as well as the boring Mobile Game/Facebook/Isolation Chamber known as ''Garrison''. Of course after all those failures they lost subscribers, with which I thought ''They are going to listen to the community now, see that we don't want to sit in a Garrison that looks exactly the same as every other player's and play Facebook games all weekdays!'' Only to find out today that the same Command Table I detested from the Garrison is in the ''Class Order Hall'', the same shit disguised as this new ''FEATURE''. I am amazed, at a game that charges you 40$ for latest expansion, 15$ for all previous and 15$ a month, has the AUDACITY to ask 15$ for a RACE CHANGE, not Faction/Sex/Class just SEX AND AS A CHERRY on top of the pile of shit, they also sell cute little pets and mounts and HELMS? WHAT?! FOR ALL THAT FUCKING MONEY WHAT DO WE GET?! RECYCLED BORING/HORRIBLE CONTENT?! Sorry for the rant, I'm not the guy who sugarcoats previous expansions or is a Vanilla elitist, I can clearly see how unbalanced and flawed Vanilla was, but my question to you is, do you have any hope whatsoever for the new expansion?
  5. For the few people that still remember me, I've been in the AJSA for a while. Life sorta caught up with me and I needed to step away for a while. I wouldn't say I'm "back" to fulltime AJSA but I'm gonna try to be around the forums a bit more. My downtime has been almost exclusively WoW lately. I only got into it recently, but its hooks are deep. I tried getting into it on three separate occasions since Wrath of the Lich King, but I think Hearthstone was the thing that made me fall for the lore and world of Warcraft. (The RTS was pretty good too, but that wasn't enough to hook me.) So yeah it seems like there are one or two people here who frequently play WoW, and I wanna play with you guys if I can.. and I also wanna see where everyone stands when it comes to server and faction preference. Maybe we can band together and do weekly raids or dungeons. (I've still got to do the group Apexis dailies if anyone wants to help with that.) So for people interested in adding me my Battlenet is AngelAquila#1241. I'm probably gonna get Overwatch when it comes out. Or you can watch me suck at Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm.... I've never played, but I might in the future?
  6. Hey guys, Delrith here! I wanted you all to know that we will be doing ALLIANCE on MADORAN - I will be making the guild tomorrow! THIS IS IN PREPARATION FOR THE WARLORDS OF DRAENOR EXPANSION ON THE 13TH! We will be pushing for this since a lot of people like WoW and will be coming into the expansion.. be sure to join us! My character name is "TheDelrith" on Madoran. It will also be "Catamari" once the transfer completes. This will be the official AJ WoW Guild for both raiding and otherwise. Also, please be patient as we set up forums and topics and get everyone invited. I will make lots of people officers. Cheers! PS: I would suggest doing character transfers if you're coming over or want to be a part of it. Level 90 boosted characters must be made on the server as transfers take 72 hours with them. Thanks! This post has been promoted to an article
  7. With Warlords of Draenor coming to a close, Not a moment too soon for me, Legion is announced! Frankly, this is what I was expecting from WoD, starting with the orcs and then moving onto the Burning Legion aspect with that Burning Crusade Feel, I mean I guess it kind of did with Hellfire Citadel but Tanaan was just a grind fest and wasn't enough to make me want to keep playing. I've heard good things about Hellfire Citadel itself, but I'm not much of a raider. (Really I've heard great things about the WoD raids in general, but I've only completed the first one on Normal and half way on heroic.) WoD definitely seemed like a Prologue to Legion, which is fine. I just really wish it was implemented better. Personally, I felt as if WoD was the worst expansion IMO. (Also, BLIZZARD What the hell is that, you can't reference the damned WARCRAFT cinematic with Medivh and not have Medivh! Although I find it awesome that they did reference but instead of have King Merethil saying bullshit, Varian got up ready to kick some ass!) But what have players been asking for since the Burning Crusade? What class have we wanted but Blizzard never delivered it? DEMON HUNTER, and we are DEFINITELY prepared. Demon Hunter Overview: So, with Demon Hunter being the new class, what's another Pro for Legion you may ask? Well, did you ever play a Paladin and want Ashbringer but didn't play in Vanilla? ARTIFACTS The Burning Legion has returned and Azeroth MUST be Prepared. ----- New PvP Honor System: PvP is looking really interesting in Legion and it definitely has me excited! Being mostly a Pvp player, these are the updates I really look for. (I'm mainly a PvP Player for Cosmetic gear!) My Paladin for Example: Or my Rogue for another Example(He's currently a Human Chick at this moment but I'll probably faction change back.) Personally, this whole Expansion has me HYPED because out of all of WoW's content, I always enjoy the Legion stuff the most. My favourite expansion being The Burning Crusade, I just absolutely cannot wait for this to release. Definitely Rerolling Demon Hunter, my poor rogue will probably be abandoned sadly but I have ALWAYS wanted to play a Demon Hunter. --- EDIT --- Aug. 20th Please don't bother posting if you're just talking about Sub Fees, that's not what this Topic is about. Thanks. --- EDIT --- Jan. 26th 2016 Class Previews and Class Animations: Rogue Animations/Abilities (Outlaw) Warrior Previews Warrior Animations/Abilties (Fury) Paladins Previews Paladin Animations/Abilities (RET) Hunter Animations/Abilities (Survival) Demon Hunter Animations/Abilities (Havoc)
  8. Is World of Warcraft worth playing and subscribing to or is it just not worth my time and money?
  9. That's it. I'm sick of the humming and hahhing. A World of Warcraft guild is being founded. Apparently the AJSA will officially support a guild when Warlords of Draenor is released, but I say we get a head-start. I'm founding a guild on the Emerald Dream server, Alliance side. Emerald Dream is a US RPPvP server with a 1.1-1 population and activity ratio, with the slight favour being with the Alliance. Despite being a Roleplay server, the roleplay community is largely insulated to certain guilds, meaning that you do not need to roleplay if you do not want to. The server was chosen because of a high (but not full) population, and a good balance of Horde and Alliance, allowing for good competition and world PvP. I am founding it with my character Chamui, and I am asking for people to join. I have worked with SHIMOSA, who some may have seen from other posts of a similar nature on this forum, to work out a command structure, and we discussed the server selection. Who's with us? Official name of the guild and ranking of founding members will be discussed in game.
  10. Hi guys and yes i know that there is a WoW topic but I wanted to make one for us EU folks. So anyways what I wanted to say is: If we are going to make a AJSA guild in WoW we should start making plans for it now. What realm should we choose? Alliance or Horde? Who should be our guild leader? So if you are interested leave a comment with any suggestions that you have. And if you guys are like me and dont like paying for transfers that is one more reason to do this as soon as possible because leveling as you all know takes some time. Btw. Im currently playing on Frostmane but I will come to any realm we choose.
  11. I received it today after playing a few games of Hearthstone. While it's not the most beautiful mount out there, I have to say I really appreciate Blizzard doing promotional stuff like this. I always welcome free content.
  12. Ten chinese hackers that hacked and wiped accounts clean in world of warcraft got sentenced to jail for 2 years and get fined $1,000, which is surprises since they resold these accounts for $3. By the time they were caught they made $10,800. Just read the article at Kotaku's website. http://kotaku.com/wow-hacker-group-mastermind-sentenced-to-two-years-in-c-1488458327
  13. Since there where some discrepancies regarding the realm..... This new post is aimed to fulfill two roles. First and foremost decide the server which the guild will be set. Second, to decide what type of server, PvP, PvE, RP. Discuss EDIT: i forgot to mention that Horde was the selected faction by vote majority
  14. Hello! I am making a guild for the AJSA on the realm Dalvengyr on Alliance in WoW. If you wish to join this guild in WoW you will need to add me, I have a character named Gnomehero and my battle tag is MrEpicDwarf#1727. I'm at least on WoW a couple hours a day and I have 1 month of sub time left. I am warning you the realm I am is a PVP server, any area that isn't in Alliance controlled area that has green text, ANY Horde can kill you. Doesn't matter what level. But this is a low populated realm that has merges with 2 other realms. Also if you have questions on the Smite clan I can do nothing, they still have the clan limit low. The guild charter will be up tomorrow. I will probably hang out in Stormwind but if you want me to come to you I can.
  15. I'm recently returning to the WoW game after being playing GW2 for almost 2 months. In WoW I've reached some of my chars to level 77 aprox (none 80's) and in GW2 I'm level 79; so I had the chance to explore a whole lot of the world, gameplay, combat mechanics, PVP, Dungeons, etc. I have to say that after a while playing GW2, the only thing that happened is that i wanted to return and play WoW haha. I have even made a list of what stuff I thought it was missing in the GW2 that is already in WoW (no particular order). Notice that I don't know anything about the cata or pandaria expansions, only until WOTLK. 1. Macros and addons. I have missed the use of my map, dps, etc. etc. addons that I have used a lot in WoW. I hate that the 3er party software is not allowed for the GW2 so the community cannot be involved in the software development of the game... I don't like it very much. 2. Pets. Ok that is not everything and is not the end of the world but I have to say: I really like them and I like to collect them. The stupid pokemonish fighting is not a big deal as I see, but just having pets I think it makes a slightly bit of difference. I really want to collect more. 3. Mounts. Oh that is a whole lot of a deal. When I see a high level player with a beautiful mount I have to respect them. They look really nice and I want to have one too. In GW2 every one of them is walking!! what the hell! at least give them something special so I could recognice them and respect the high levels! 4. WvW (GW2) vs reigns invasión (WoW). Both should be totally epic and leave a great gaming experience. The problem I saw was the great amount of lag when the most epic should be the WvW (due to the amount of players gathered all over in the same place). So the totally epic experience transforms in a laggy and hateful experience for me. I’m sorry but I don’t remember those problems in WoW when we invaded other reigns. Far from that, it felt great! 5. Level significance. I see pros and cons when it refers to the leveling in WoW and GW2. In WoW we all know that it takes ages for you to level up and in GW2 it could take like 30 minutes to level up and everything you do gives you a great amount of experience (even the crafting could make you win like 10 levels in an hour or less). The problem I see here is that in GW2 you don’t even care if you level up, you see a guy leveling 1 level and there is no gratz or nothing because it is just so easy to do it. In WoW, one level is a lot and everybody knows it so they contratulate you when you achieve it with all your effort and time. Also try having the best gear at level 30 in GW2, that is stupid, 4 hours later you would be between 35-40sh so why would I care for a great gear at low levels?¡ the only level that matters in GW2 is level 80. In WoW you know that your great gear for one level will still be your great gears for hours and hours of gameplay so it makes it a great deal. 6. Pulling down your level for low level places. There are also pros and cons for doing this. I hate to be level almost 80 in GW2 and having problems with levels 10-15 because they pull down my level! I really want to feel powerful and great so that when mobs hit me I could laugh at them because my time in the game has made me that powerful! I don’t want to die by a stupid pig… 7. LFG for Dungeons. The LFG systems for both games are good enough and I have the opportunity to enter the dungeons in both games. The problem I see here is the same stupid level of the players: when I was level 30 in GW2 I wanted to enter the Ascalon Dungeon, so I LFG and start seeing the problem “only level 80s”, “only experienced players”, etc. etc. Why the hell?¡ is a 30 level dungeon or is a 35 level dungeon or is 45 level dungeon, etc… why would work best for only 80s?¡?¡?¡ well there is a great reason: the freaking level 80 GEAR!!! I don’t care that the dungeons in GW2 are for level 35 because it says so, the real level for every dungeon in GW2 is 80. I don’t enjoy that, sorry. Now in WoW, if there is a level 15 dungeon is for level 15 inexperienced or experienced players because it says freaking level 15!!!!! No 80, no 90, is level 15!!!! Notice that I haven’t played PvP in GW2 but I would really appreciate that if I’m level 40 I could play with level 40 players with similar gear, not freaking 80’s with their great fancy gear vs my 40 gear… 8. Holy trinity. I never though I would say this, but GW2 has made me rethink about the holy trinity now that I have seen the dungeons, I miss it more than ever!!!! Oh my god, why would I miss that?¡ well in GW2 everybody is thinking for themselves mostly trying to not get killed and doing a lot of damage (I see it more like an individual gamestyle in a group), you don’t really care for your party members because they mostly have to be responsible for themselves. In WoW I just fell more involved and more responsible for my teammates, if I’m tanking then I have to make sure nobody gets hit but me, if I’m a healer I’m checking everybody’s stamina and making sure they have the proper healing buffs, if I’m DPS I have to do the most damage possible (and I could check that with my DPS addon...). Everybody seems to have a purpose in the party in a very great way. In GW2 it seems only like a great mess!!! Everybody is worrying mostly for themselves!! That doesn’t seem like a party… I’m sorry but no! 9. Minions. There are some several small details about the minions that I missed. I have played as a Warlock in WoW and I felt great about the minion control, autoattacks, that they could go and attack before me and all the control and special abilities that they have. In GW2 I have a necro and I have to ask: what happened? Only one attack for each minion? Why? I also noticed that they don’t aggro enemies, they can pass through an enemy and they don’t see them… why? They should as in WoW… Other thing is why the hell the minions disappear in the water? That is stupid haha I have felt down by accident in a lake (while staying at the shore) and other times in a swamp that has some deep hidden places, and when I get out of the water I see that my minions are freaking dead! Now I’m scared to get near the water because of that… I would like to see some cool combat dynamics for my minions in the water… 10. Gear management. Ok in GW2 I see you need a PVE, PVP, dungeon gear, maybe you want to be switching between a condition necro and berserk necro, etc. so, where is the button to make that gear exchange for every occasion? In WoW you have it and is really great improvement, I like it a lot! Just details, very good details… 11. Community participation, websites, guides, etc. The first thing I did when I entered GW2 was to try to look for their websites, I wanted to see my chars like in the armory webpage as in wow, I wanted to see more of the story, worldmaps, etc. etc. I found near to nothing. I know WoW has more time on the market, but why is there so much difference? It simply could be great to see more player involvement! 12. PvP servers. I miss them so much! In WoW, while being in PVE, I saw somebody from the Alliance when I was with the horde and I went for them and killed them! (Or get killed)! When it was a big problem for me, and they didn’t let me finish my pve quests I screamed to my horde fellows and they went and killed them to help me. It felt great! In GW2 you don’t have factions, so everybody is your friend, you can’t even duel anybody! I really miss WoW for that… 13. Animations in combat and graphics. Ok, I like the graphics in GW2, they look great and very realistic, but in WoW I also like the cartoonish style, sometimes the simple animation and graphics from WoW made me had some good times. So I would put them at the same level because I really don’t care a lot about the graphics, each one has their style and I love it. About the combat animations, they are more less alike, so same for both… BUT I don’t know if you have noticed but I have a dual wield warrior and I don’t know whyyyy there is no dual wield fighting mechanics in GW2!!!! You have a great animation for the greatsword combat and every other weapon in the game, but when it comes to the dual wield my char only uses the main hand weapon… really, was it so difficult to put that small detail that would make you feel good when having the dual wield?¡? 14. Trade windows. Was it much to ask for the GW2 to put a trade window? It might not be that hard to improve that! Come on, I just want to make an exchange with maybe a person I don’t know and I feel insecure with the mail mechanics… it is not so friendly. 15. Transportation. It really feels nice when you use the teleports in GW2, you can move very fast from one location to another, buuut I remember my first experiences as a new player in WoW, I really enjoyed the flying mechanics between the waypoints and the continents, I enjoyed the scenery and seeing that there were people playing all around the world. Later on, and in other occasions I used those traveling times to take small breaks and continue playing later on… sometimes having a break is good for such big long games! 16. Quest givers. Everybody talks about how they hate to go to the quest giver, talk to them so they give you a quest and when you have finished, then come back and finish the quest. What happens in GW2 is that you need to be close to the quest giver anyway so when you are in the area you can do the quest and when you have finished you might not go to the quest giver but then you would not know what is being selled with the karma you've just won by finishing the quest… so go ahead, go to the quest giver… is almost the same freaking thing! 17. Dynamic group events in GW2. Ok it is great that you encounter those and there is enough amount of players that would like to join the battle and enjoy these events! What happens or what it is happening to me is that I’m finding myself in a big open world… with nobody inside!!! I don’t know where are all the players but almost every time a group event is near, I don’t see almost anybody near to help… maybe in other times there was more people?¡ maybe if there were a small monthly fee the players would try to play more and maybe you would find it to be a better game? Say whatever about the WoW monthly fees, but in my own experience, the people who pays is more likely to be playing the game so if the server is full of people you would find a whole bunch of people inside almost in every place! now the group events might work just fine! 18. GW2 Personal story vs WoW World story. Ok the personal story, I have to say is awesome, I really like it, and I see how I am getting involved in the game. Notice that I haven’t finished it yet, but if there is an ending… what else is next?¡ there hasn’t been expansions or more events that continue that story, only side quests and side stories. In WoW we know about their expansions and they continue to make bigger and bigger the story of the game where you also feel like you are doing something very important. I know they keep saying that the last expansions are bad, but what about the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King! Those were simply great! I’m still waiting for other great expansion, but that is the thing, we CAN wait for it, in GW2 you can’t because you know they are not making anything else in anytime soon… not any expansion or big improvement to the game. 19. Heroic class. I don’t know about you guys but when you reach level 55 in WoW, you at least need to give it a try to the freaking Death Knight Heroic class, it felt epic!!!!! I enjoyed it so much, playing by Arthas side! Oh my god, I felt really heroic haha! I don’t see an heroic class in GW2.. they should plan something like that I guess… or at least add other classes to the game to test them and not have the same for years… Probably the most of the people returned sooner or later to their mains, but the great experience of playing the first quests as a death knight felt asesome!!!!! nobody can take me that away hehe!!! 20. Small details that matter. As you have seen details in WoW seem more elaborated and improve the game, letting you have a great experience with each level you play in it. I guess that the payments are well spent and that I would like Blizzard to keep pulling out some great quality content. Until WOTLK it was pretty awesome, I’m hoping they soon recover what was lost in the last expansions and see the community grow even more! They have what they need to make it happen! GW2 and WoW very good MMORPG games and I think one should try them both. But in my opinion, I would stay with WoW because I think it is really worth playing a while more. Also, as everybody, I’m still hoping that Blizzard could lower the monthly fees (not cancel them, I don't think it is a good strategy for anyone). GW2 should now be working on big great expansions and not small less significant patches. They have been out for several years so they should think of improving the content of their game! Hope you’ve enjoyed my honest comparison, sorry for my English but is not my native language!
  16. Blink is fun

    From the album Screenshots

  17. The guild has now cleared almost all of SoO Flex, and we've started on normal (2 down alrdy). Considering we only just got the guild going (and many had only LFR or worse gear) I think this progress is awesome. We plan to start setting up a pvp team soon as well, although need a PVP leader! (any volunteers? ) We're on the Al'akir server (EU) Horde side. We have 50+ players and quite a few are still leveling up new characters. We welcome any and all AA fans to come join us. Whisper me (Sheriden) or anyone else online from the guild for an invite.
  18. I don't draw fan art much. But I'll post some of the few pieces of fan art-related stuff I do have. World of Warcraft Fan-Art Most of these are of other people's characters. Some paid commission, some as a favor for guild members. (click the 'Spoiler' button below to view them. Image Heavy and may not be safe for work) D&D Inspired Art These are mostly personal pictures of my own characters. Original (recent) Concept Work NSFW. PG-13 Pin-up ahead. You were WARNED!
  19. Hi guys and gals! I'm new to the AJSA , so I'm sorry if this post has already been made or I've posted this in the wrong area. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post on WOW to see if anyone has other AJSA member on their servers and if they wanted to meet up and possibly make a 'codex' of players. Feel free to post what characters and realms your play below and I'll do my best to make a comprehensive list ! Server : Character : Race : Class Ghostlands - Insinuendo - Human - Priest Hellscream - Soldarious - Blood Elf - Warrior Hellscream - Vigoroth - Dwarf - Mage Helllscream - Wesleywipe - Human - Warrior Kazzak - Caseum - Undead - Rogue Turalyon - Anthenios - Human - Paladin
  20. Please vote and support the addition of a new WoW sub-forum under the Role Playing Games forum. If you vote 'No' i'd love to know why, feel free to reply and let us know. Why? - It is the worlds #1 MMORPG (based off popularity, official subscription numbers, longevity, interest in latest expansion annoucement) - There have been many many WoW threads in the RPG forum and sadly sometimes get buried by lots of other random topics. - There are un-official Angry Army WoW Guilds for both US AND EU. They hope to become official at some point, so a WoW forum would help them both greatly, and encourage more players to come back to WoW. - A place where old players can find latest information/discussions to help them decide whether they'd like to return. I really hope we see it get added soon. Thank you!
  21. I saw that the Americans are startin up a guild, but what about us EU people? Wanna start one too?
  22. We've set up on the Horde EU server, Al'akir. We are looking for any and all Angry Army fans/players to join us there, you can level up a new char or transfer over if you like. You could even wait till the expansion and use the free lvl 90 boost if you want. Socials/alts welcome also. Currently have about 30+ members, some of which came from outside of AA as well, with many more promising to join later/near expansion. If/once we can get accepted as an official guild via the new poll system, we'll rename the guild to Angry Army or AJSA to make it fully official. We using an old one due to it being level 25 and having guild banks unlocked and other things. If your interested pm me, or if your on the server whisper me, Sheriden or anyone else from the guild. Hope to see more of you there soon!