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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm adpop and I have recently joined the NA AJSA for GW2. I know that that the guild's server is NSP, and I was wondering if I could still do WvW, Guild Missions, or anything related to WvW, as I know that servers now only matter for WvW. Thanks in advance for helping me.
  2. This GvG is amazing they were way outnumbered and didn't follow the traditional tactics cool vid!
  3. This Friday June 6th we will be forming up at midnight server time for WvW reset. This will be hopefully the first of many WvW Nights for the AA. Please come if you interested in WvW and doing it consistently even if its only with us. My plan for friday depends on how many people show up because in WvW you need a lot of people to take big objective that probably wont happen. Be prepared to take camps, towers, follow a dorito, die, and most importantly learn. I can't stress enough that in order for us to get better at WvW we have to be willing to make mistakes and willing to take advice. As far as future WvW events please leave a comment as to when you think we should do more WvW events.
  4. When the Other Side of the World is sound asleep, Bezialke and Besemoth travel through distant lands in the Mists, Making BP Borderlands so beautifully blue Claiming towers here, capping camps there They don't need no help from the server! Quaggan Squad represented !
  5. Dear Guildmembers, As some of you may know, i recently started a new account on Northern Shiverpeaks and joined the Angry Army. The original server i played on was Seafarer's Rest in Europe. There i learned to love Wvw! I felt like a true warrior when our zerg capped the whole map... and then i came to NSP... I knew it wouldn't be the same as Seafarer's Rest (currently #1 WvW European Leaderboards), but i didn't expect that it would be this bad. This server has a wrong view and not the right spirit for WvW! I'm writing this after hearing a commander say: "We've got our side of the map in Eb, the only thing we can do now is hold what we have, so i'm gonna tag down". This is WRONG. First of all: there should always be a commander on each map (ok i know that during some parts of the day there aren't many people online, that's ok). And it doesn't stop at capping our side of the map, there is still Stonemist and the other servers' keeps/camps! Especially when there is a zerg, people should keep going, and not just holding or going pvp... Second thing that annoys me is the fact that there is NO communication. Oh yeah, there is a teamspeak server that can be joined by anybody on NSP, but half the people in Wvw aren't on it, the other half are divided in guild chatrooms... there is no easy way for the commander to give commands to everybody at once, so he has to type it in the gamechat, which makes it less efficient. I've seen zergs get fucked up by other ones, just because of the lack of communication. Third and last thing on the list: we have so few people in WvW, but why? Don't they find it fun? Is it too hard? I really don't get it... I don't know if it is possible to do something about that with our Angry Army? But if there is even only a small chance that we can make WvW better and more fun, i'm willing to commit. And i'm hoping to find more likeminded people in our guild! Well that was it i guess, i know it's a lot, but i had to say something about it and sorry if my english isn't that good, it's not my mother tongue. Peace out! Quaggans rule!
  6. so it has come to my attention that no one is online after a certain time of day. we need a night shift for WvW, just a small group of people could go and take over the borderlands if no one else is awake to stop us. What say you?
  7. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fUAQJARSlYgiDXGSKEf4Eh1DC+PAW9Ie3beXFgIA-jUyAIMAkGENBiABkFLiGrGCTpSEV7xJiqdIYA-w So this is my setup. Basically a full cleric set build with focus on GS. But, in realtime, the chances of engaging in close-combat and emerging victorious are virtually none.So, can either equip the Scepter (one handed) or Staff (2 handed) in place of the Hammer to give me some range. But I am conflicted as to what should I go with. If I go with a scepter, what off hand should I get? Focus or Shield? Need some help.
  8. I'm not going to claim to be an expert or anything, just going to list some things that I have picked up in my time playing the game. First:PVT gear on your armor, this means you use power, toughness and vitality for your armor set which you can buy using badges you earn from doing wvw. This is a good idea as since WvW is large scale pvp being able to survive is more important than being some uber leet dps. Also a lot of coordinated groups will focus fire AoEs which means defense will help. Conditions tend to ignore armor so having a high vitality will help you survive poison or bleed which tend to have longer durations than burns depending on the build of the caster. Second: Don't solo roam until you are comfortable with the map. Its common for havoc squads of 5-15 people to take camps to try to draw the zerg away or to cut off supplies to make building harder for the enemy and sieging easier for you. If you don't know the map well its easy to get ambushed and not be able to escape if you wander into a havoc squad. Finally: Do not chase to get kills. This is a good way to get separated and caught in an ambush, its not easy at first. I've been in that situation you become focused on the fight and lose track of what the commander or the rest of your squad is doing. Then you get taken out because you're out of position due to being too focused on the kill. These are just a few of the things I have learned about the basics of wvw. Its a unique game mode it is what you make of it, if you have any tips or corrections feel free to post them below. I just want to help others learn the game, everyone was new at some point and everyone starts somewhere.