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Found 56 results

  1. I'm making this again because I realized that the last one was made during a holiday so I assumed people were busy. This is involving a Halo Machinima that's in need of help, they've been doing their best to release the next big project but sadly, the previous body actors were mostly kids and not good listeners either. So new body actors are needed, and we need teenagers, 16 and up, not kids. And we need people who will listen to the director. I know halo machinimas aren't that very popular anymore, but trust me when I say this, this one is a more dedicated and professional. If anyone can please give this project a shot and to show this isn't really an ordinary Halo Machinima, I will post links to their work. This project uses it's very own music and and adds in CGI affects and scenes to give the story more life. If any of you are interested, please contact them by skype: deltaforrest If you wish to use your Xbox Accounts to contact them: ChickenCritic Here are links to their projects and works. Here's their channel btw: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOTecq2Qg2ltNKDsYl3eRw
  2. Welcome to Planet Chaos! We are two guys who like to have a laugh while playing video games. We will be doing game walkthroughs of new and old games, with some random games mixed in. We play all sorts of games focusing on older games in particular but failing very hard sometimes enjoy. Come and join the fun! https://youtu.be/Mz6DAQDFHU4
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan – A Review by Jose Vega Purchased digital copy via PSN for the sake of review... and sadly regrets it. This game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Since the 1980s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a phenomenon that has changed the world and our way of life. Whether it is the comics or the cartoons, it is a franchise that many of us grew up on. With video games however, it’s sort of mixed. You have good games such as TMNT 4: Turtles in Time and TMNT Battle Nexus and bad games like Out of the Shadows. Now the reins of the heroes in a half shell are in the hands of Activision and Platinum Games. The question is will they be able to pull it off and deliver a game worth playing or are the four destined to end up in video game obscurity? Let’s start with the story. The story involves Shredder and General Krang hatching a plot to invade Earth and take over. We never learn how they do it other than a cutscene in the beginning stating that everything’s ready. It’s up to the Turtles to stop the Shredder and Krang from succeeding. The story isn’t much to work with but it’s pretty barebones. You get various cutscenes of the Turtles dealing with many of the bad guys and eventually it all connects to their true plans. It’s straightforward but I wish it could be done better. Mutants in Manhattan don’t pack much in terms of its content. All you have is a single player and online co-op. Regardless you trek through nine levels battling enemies and eventually a boss fight with a TMNT villain. Within each level, you have to complete objectives in order to fill up a blue gauge. You are graded by how quick you’re able to complete them. They can range from beating up enemies, carrying bombs to a portal, disarming bombs, destroying trucks, etc. Complete them fast and you’ll be rewarded with an S rank. You also get bonuses depending on which characters accomplished what and they can range too. It helps if you get lots of bonuses to boost your score so you can use the points to get supplies. Buying supplies such as pizzas, drinks, weapons cost points so you need to manage what’s best for you. At the end of every level, you take on a different boss. In some cases if you’re skilled in dealing damage, another boss will join in to make the fight difficult. That’s a secret boss and there is one per level. Some bosses can be challenging, requiring your skill to be at your best. There are also multiple difficulty settings that can either make things easier or harder. Beating it in Hard will unlock Very Hard mode and that can be even tougher. As for the turtles, well they are very straightforward. Each of them is similar in terms of attacks and movement but what set them apart are their abilities. You have the option to customize their loadouts. Each character has access to four special moves as well as up to 3 charms. You start with one but once you beat the game in the harder settings, they’ll be unlocked. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock special attacks that you can purchase with trainer points and afterwards you can level them up with trainer points to make them stronger. The higher the level, the stronger the attack and the less of a cooldown you’ll have to endure. Sometimes if two characters do a similar special move, they can do a co-op attack that can deal a lot of damage. Use it a lot if you want to make things better. Charms can also be enhanced to increase their effects or if you don’t like them, you can destroy them to obtain materials. Materials are needed to improve the effects so you are required to beat down enemies and bosses in order to acquire them. If you’re playing offline, the AI is acceptable with four different orders you can give the other turtles. They follow it to a T and its done very well. I will say that design wise, many of the TMNT characters bear resemblance to the IDW comics and they did it very well. They were able to capture the feel of the comics brought to life in this game. Very good. The voice acting is strong and at times humorous thanks to Michaelangelo. The other VAs all did great and it was a high point I find to be satisfying. Very satisfying. Although I see good things about this game, there are some things I didn’t like. For example, the game isn’t that long. You can beat it in roughly 3 ½ hours. I’m legit. The whole game can be beat in under 4 hours on Normal, with another few in the harder settings. It was a bit of a bummer because most other games tend to be longer and provide a lot more. Since it does have replayability in the form of higher difficulties, the leveling up system, who am I to complain? Another fault I find is that it’s repetitive. You basically button mash to beat down bad guys in order to fill up a gauge until its full and then you head for the boss fight. It’s just stale and boring, having to do the same thing over and over, in nine stages. That makes it unsatisfying especially if you have to get all the trophies. The game also doesn’t run at 60fps. It runs on 30. Why? I have little clue. Oh and there’s no offline co-op. That to me is disappointing because every other TMNT game I played has an offline co-op. Co-op is there but it’s online only of up to 4 players. I didn’t try it but I’m not really sure how it works. It is good that there’s online co-op but the fact that there’s no offline co-op really hurts the game. It does. Overall, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is an all right game. I will say that it’s fun they brought many villains from the show to beat up, good replayability, an interesting leveling system for attacks and online co-op. But its lack of offline co-op, repetitive gameplay and lack of variety kind of hurt the game. Made worse is that it’s short with nine stages, despite the fact that replay value is there for those who want it. Unfortunately I paid $50 for this game hoping that it would be a game that would be satisfying. It didn’t. No disrespect to Platinum Games because I love what they do but I think they kind of flopped it. If it was to tie in to the upcoming TMNT film, Out of the Shadows… well they didn’t do a good job. Better luck next time. Activision… can I get my money back please? I would rather put it towards something better like Overwatch. I give TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan a 6 out of 10.
  4. I just joined the Angry Army and I was wondering if anyone still plays on their 360's often. All I have is a 360, a Wii U, and a computer that can barely run minecraft, so I really can't participate in the next gen tournaments, and I have no money so getting hardware that can play this stuff is kinda out of the question for me. So is there any AJSA members out there that play often on the 360? Right now I have Advanced Warfare and Battlefield 3, but i plan to expand my Library of games soon with games like Skyrim and older Call of Dutys. and I might get another game if you suggest it. I'm new to the 360, so I'm not aware of all the good games on the platform.
  5. After a brief overview on the announcement, xbox gamers will have two ways of playing old 360 games that are part of the backward-compatible initiative through digital emulation. If users already purchased the games digitally through Xbox Live, they can simply log in and re-download the game on Xbox One without paying any additional cost. If they own the game as a disc, they'll have to download the game to their Xbox One hard drive, and the system will then check for the disc before launching the game. Honestly I applaud microsoft for this movement as this seems to portray their attention to the community, but what do you guys think about this? I personally think it's a real positive change yet I'd like to know what you think.
  6. A bit of a hilarious glitch I came around the other night while I was taken by pure unbridled nostalgia to play my 2nd favorite game of all time, Left 4 Dead. I found it so hysterically funny, I had to share it on my Youtube channel; and seeing as how the continual hilarity of Joe's show is something that keeps us coming back time and time again, I figured you guys might enjoy sharing it with me. XD Please enjoy. Sorry for the quality, I have yet to acquire a capture card for my 360. Any and all official videos are done on PC where I can record in high quality. In the heat of the moment I was quick to action. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irt3UgbvjdY
  7. Hey guys Whats up! my account name is Watbot 21 ( or just call me Joseph) and am happy to be apart of the Angry Army, I only play 360 games mostly GTA and Battlefield and have also recently started playing Defiance if anyone else is from NY let me know looking for some people to play with
  8. So I brought a Xbox 360 last month but I dont have many games ;_; What games do you recomend? any must own game?
  9. So, with the plentiful options to game on I'm in a difficult situation. I have a dilemma over what I should invest in: PlayStation 3 or 4, XBOX 360 or ONE, or PC. I've been Sony loyal since the PS1 but I'm willing to walk a different path or stay on course. My question for you folks, which of these 5 should I buy and invest my time/money in?
  10. If anyone wants to join my clan for when destiny comes out I'm down, I have an Xbox 360 and my IGN is ZombieXGenocide. I don't really know how the clan system will work or what you can do with it but I think it will be cool. If you want to join heres the link http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/163303
  11. Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself, since I'm new to this forum. BUT before I do, I need to ask some of you a favor, or for an answer I need. I bought Sniper Elite 3 digitally on my Xbox 360 (I know, I haven't upgraded. I'm saving up.) and I am continuously encountering the same error over and over repeatedly. After every time I select which saving device to use (hard drive or cloud) I keep on freezing on the loading screen. I've tried re-installing the game itself, but sadly did not proceed to work. (Also, whenever I do NOT select a saving device, the game works perfectly. Although I would love to play this, I would rather be able to keep my rank, guns, stats, etc.) I hope you guys on the forums can help a n00b such as I out with this problem. Best of wishes, and have a nice day! - TheDarkDuPre
  12. Team Dakota's Project Spark is officially launching on October 7 in North America, October 9 for the Asia-Pacific countries, and October 10 in Europe. The Xbox One disc edition, or the Project Spark Starter Pack, includes premium content such as a sci-fi pack "Galaxies: First Contact," the warrior champion Sir Haakon "Hawk" the Knight, and the first episode of a campaign, "Champions Quest: Void Storm." While the disc edition will be sold for $40 USD, the game itself will still be available free digitally. To move the digital version of Project Spark out of beta, Team Dakota is releasing an update that won't affect the players' in-game content. Project Spark opened its beta in December 2013 for Xbox One and Windows 8.1. During this beta, players have been able to create their own video games using the program's tools and purchasable in-game content. At this year's E3, Microsoft announced Rare's Conker would be making his way to Project Spark. October the 7th is also the release date for: Driveclub Alien Isolation Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor Dragon Age Inquisition And now Project Spark Prepare for wallet rape
  13. Demonstrate your exceptionalism and own the road from sea to shining sea with two new star spangled rides, the Sovereign motorcycle and the super-sized Liberator monster truck. And protect your rights the same way our Founding Fathers did with the latest addition to Ammu-Nation's antiques collection, the high-powered Musket... or channel your inner Jack Howitzer with the spectacular Firework Rocket Launcher. Seven new properties have also been added to the Dynasty 8 rolls, including locations in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills that provide plenty of yard space to scorch the grass with your very own Fireworks show. Use up to 12 varieties with different fuse lengths to create a spectacle that would make even the most battle-hardened Republican Space Ranger shed a tear. If you prefer rickety amusements operated by minimum wage teenage workers over incendiary lawn displays, then venture down to Pleasure Pier where you can now ride the Ferris Whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster. This limited-time update also features an overabundance of patriotic flare: show off nationalistic pride with a "Made in the U.S.A." t-shirt, a backwoods mullet or let the eagle soar with an animal mask featuring this great nation's most fearsome and majestic creatures. This special seasonal content will be available to redeem in-game until Mid-July (we will announce a specific redemption expiration date soon).
  14. So, I was wondering what people's opinions are on Borderlands: The prequel is. Are you going to buy it? (This includes the purchase of a new/used xbox 360 for those that exchanged their xbox 360 for xbox one) Do you believe that the decision to release only on the PS3 and xbox 360 is a wise move on Gearbox's part? They already admitted that the upgrade to the xbox one system would pose a great strain on their development, so what is your stance on this. Will the storyline be carried out well? We all know how handsome jack is in borderlands 2 and since this is happening after borderlands 1, Jack has already begun on his quest world conquest. Plus two of the characters (Claptrap and Athena) are good and show this in borderlands 1 and 2. I am not doubting that they could pull this off, however it will take a very precise story line writer to tread the thin line between a great filling story and complete, utter bullshit. This is a rather pessimist view of the game, but could anyone else enlighten me on their opinions on the subject?
  15. Grand Theft Auto Online has received a fresh update bearing the rather ironic title, "I'm Not a Hipster". The update is available now, and adds all the gear you'll need to embrace your inner contrarian, including retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, animal masks and more, alongside the customary new vehicles and weapons. Seven new rides have been added to the game, including the Glendale, Warrener, Blade and Rhapsody, along with the Panto microcar and the massive six-seater Dubsta. Keeping with the retro theme, Ammu-Nation will now stock the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger. 12 new jobs have also been added. There are also tons of tweaks and updates made to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of this update. A few notable ones include: Ten existing GTAV vehicles have been added to the southernsanandreassuperautos.com website for purchase, including Story Mode characters’ vehicles:Albany PrimoBF SurferBravado BuffaloFranklin's Bravado Buffalo SBravado YougaCheval PicadorDundreary ReginaTrevor's Karin Rebel (clean version)Trevor's Nagasaki Hot Rod BlazerMichael's Obey TailgaterPure Gold and Brushed Gold paint colors have been added to LS Customs in the ‘Metals’ category. These unlock at Rank 100.A new Pure Black window tint has been added to LS Customs, along with four new jazzy vehicle horns (including one which loops and speeds up / slows down as you drive).Eight new individual player celebrations and four new paired Celebration animations have been added.Players will no longer be charged Insurance costs if their vehicle is destroyed by another player who does not have enough GTA$ to pay.Fixed an issue where, if an insured Personal Vehicle was destroyed, both parties had to pay the insurance costs.Fixed an issue where some four-wheel drive vehicles had reverted to two-wheel drive.Players are now able to bookmark Jobs whilst in a Playlist from the Pause menu.Tear Gas now does more damage and lasts longer.A small tick has been added to the first screen in the corona if a player has played a Job before, much like in the pause menu or Next Job Voting Screen.The level of difficulty is now displayed when pressing D-pad down when playing Missions.
  16. Microsoft has announced it's set to launch 46 new apps across the globe for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the near future. Key additions that have been highlighted include Twitter integration in North America, to allow you to see Tweets related to the cable or satellite show you're watching in real time. Similarly, this functionality will extend to the listings sections of the OneGuide, hopefully offering you some easy recommendations on what to watch. A new Vine app is also in development, the first made for TV, which is set to allow you to watch videos as well as share gameplay videos from the Upload Studio. The MLG app that recently launched on Xbox 360 should arrive on Xbox One in the coming weeks. The full list of upcoming apps can be seen below: Antena 3. Xbox One: ES ChiliTV. Xbox One: IT Comedy Central. Xbox One: US Crunchyroll. Xbox One: AU, AT, BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, MX, NZ, UK, US ENCORE Play. Xbox One: US EPIX. Xbox One: US Filmbox Live. Xbox 360: AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, JP, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, RU, SA, SG, SK, ZA, KR, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, UK, US Fox Play. Xbox One: MX, BR. Xbox 360: MX, BR, AR, CO, CH Frightflix. Xbox One: US FXNOW. Xbox 360: US Gol TV. Xbox One: ES GoPro. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR HBO GO. Xbox One: US: Xbox 360: MX, BR, AR, CO, CH iHeartRadio. Xbox One: US Infinity. Xbox One: IT IVI. Xbox 360: RU KDrama. Xbox One: AU, AT, BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, MX, NZ, UK, US. Xbox 360: AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, RU, SA, SG, SK, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, UK, US maxdome. Xbox One: AT, DE MLG. Xbox One: US, UK, CA, AU MOVIEPLEX Play. Xbox One: US MTV. Xbox One: US NBA. Xbox One: AT, AU, BR, CA, FR, DE, IE, IT, MX, ES, NZ, UK, US NHL. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR. Xbox 360: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, AU, BR, NL, SE, RU, TW, PL, IN, HK, TR, BE, AT, NZ, SA, AR, NO, CH, SG, ZA, IR, DK, CO, CL, FI, CZ, HU, IL, GR, PT, SK Now TV. Xbox One: UK Picturebox. Xbox 360: UK Popcornflix. Xbox One: US ShowTime Anytime. Xbox 360: US Sky News. Xbox One: UK, IE, US, CA. Xbox 360: UK, IE, US, CA Sky Online. Xbox One: IT STARZ Play. Xbox One: US STV. Xbox 360: UK Syfy Now. Xbox One: US Target Ticket. Xbox One: US TuneIn. Xbox One: US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU, BR, AT, NZ, IR TV2. Xbox 360: DK Twitter. Xbox One: US USA Now. Xbox One: US VEO. Xbox One: MX. Xbox 360: MX Vevo. Xbox One: CA, US, AU, FR, DE, IR, BR,ES, IT, UK, NZ VH1. Xbox One: US Vine. Xbox One: US WATCH ABC. Xbox 360: US WATCH Disney Channel. Xbox 360: US WATCH Disney Junior. Xbox 360: US WATCH Disney XD. Xbox 360: US Watchever. Xbox One: DE
  17. Hi guys, Here's my First Impressions of Bound by Flame, the action-RPG from Spiders Studio that comes out today: Any of you picked it up yet? What do you think of it so far? Strange that this has been released on pretty much every platform except the XBox One too. (This vid is based on the PC version.)
  18. http://projectv1.com/ The ominous phrase: "He is coming." Expect something on this soon
  19. So, I know that Angry Joe was originally very excited for Left 4 Dead, but he emphasized that after a while the game just became repetitive and boring...I was wondering, as the AJSA, what is our opinion of this game? I loved the game, personally. It brought the Zombie Apocalypse to the FPS/Action Genre, seamlessly infusing multiplayer, co-op on the 360, providing the AI Director to refresh the game and control the flow of zombies, ammo, health, etc to suit the player's experience, difficulty level, and current situation, AND the kick-ass Special Infected, creepy as fuck musical cues, dark, dreary, hopeless environments that tell you "You are going to die," and everything else that is awesome about it. I still play this game everyday. So, my question is, do you agree with Joe, that this game got boring and repetitive after a while, or, did you find that with an awesome group of friends and appreciating the kick-ass aspects, it is still an enjoyable experience?
  20. They are: Charlie Murder Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionDark SoulsYes 3 games GWG for Xbox One was also announced for June with a different access model where you have to have XBLGold to play GWG games but for the 360 all GWG games are still free to keep forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever until your console breaks or you lose interest.
  21. Saint's Row: The Third and Dust: An Elysian Tail are the two free games in May for Xbox Live Gold members Starting May 1, Games With Gold will offer Dust: An Elysian Tail - normally $15 USD - for free through May 15. On May 16, Saint's Row: The Third - normally $20 USD - will be available for free through May 30
  22. During a session by partner development lead Frank Savage on the Xbox One’s use of Windows technology at Microsoft’s Build developer conference, the issue came up during audience questions. Are there plans for an Xbox 360 emulator on Xbox One? There are, but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there’s nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself. I hope you can just put a 360 disk in and it'll work and you won't have have to buy a digital download, if it is then it will be a big blow to PlayStation Now
  24. I just have a quick question here for everyone because I feel that google just confuses me right now. Let's say I buy a Xbox 360 and I wish to live stream it. What tool/s is it I need to do this in the best and most effective way?
  25. So, I've been playing Arkham Origins for a few weeks off and on now. It hasn't captured my full unbridled attention like Arkham city had previously. I also remember, way back in my head that Angry Joe did a video showing off a major glitch in the game, so I was slightly reluctant to purchase it. That and hearing that WB Montreal was focusing on DLC packs rather than fixing glitches that would stop story progression, basically put a moratorium on me picking this title up. Long story short, Christmas present, Thanks bro. So anyway I haven't experienced any of the major glitches so far, and hopefully I did wait long enough for this to have been patched. Oh on xbox 360 BTW, I don't mind a game inflating it's playtime by a dozen hours or so with collectables, but I'm very happy that they scaled the Enigma datapacks back by a hew hundred this time around. 440 riddler trophies in Arkham city was a bit too many. Anyway main point Angry Joe still hasn't released a video review of origins, I'm sure that the Youtube copyright BS that he's had to deal with have set him back with many of his planned video releases. So hopefully he will get around to it soon enough. If you're like me and were hesitant about Arkham Origins without an Angry review... Here's a Red Pill Review. The changes from studios between rocksteady and WB montreal are negligible, The combat system hasn't changed much, very imperceptible if you ask me. A few new gadgets to make use of, mostly doing the same things that other gadgets did in previous games. ie glue grenade = freeze grenade. Running with the unreal engine I don't lmow if they set this at christmas time to convince us that hoods were bundled up and that's why they look so thick, but damn. Enemies, even the low level enemies, kinda look like they've been spending way too much time at the gym, not quite to the level of Marcus Fenix, but not too far off either. The gliding and flight mechanics are still spot on, I've had no trouble picking up right where I left off. The fast travel, I mean slow travel, the time it takes to bring up the map, select where you want to be dropped off by the batwing. then cutscene/load screen of the batwing flying to the drop point, followed by you diving like a meteor, takes just about as much time as just gliding from roof tops. I guess since they wanted you to ba able to return to the batcave and back to the city it was a needed component, but rather superfluous if you ask me, So that brings us to the story, where the game marginally shines. Being an Origins story we do get to see several characters work their way up, Enigma before he adopts the moniker of The Riddler, It was great to see the Harley Quinn origin story play out, she's one of my favorite characters in all of batman. And lastly the boss battles... unfortunatly they did not shine like in Arkham city, there wasn't a fight that required a lot of thought like the Mr. Freeze fight. Not a lot of innovation in the boss battles, just very repetative. there is another Mad hatter moment in this one that really blended some of the Scarecrow elements of Arkham Asylum into the wonderland theme in the level which is always a nice addition to the game, and it was done near flawlesly here. And you do feel more like the world's greatest detective with piecing together crime scenes in this game. Overall I would give Batman Arkham Origins a final verdict of 6.5/10 it is above average, it has some hits & misses. Certainly not what I was hoping for as a continuation in a franchise, who's predicesors were both easily game of the year material. This is Z0mbieZer0 I'm out.