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Found 5 results

  1. At last. The fabled Cyberpunk 2077 demo that I heard so much about has finally been revealed to the public! And...... huh..... it's pretty much Syndicate + Watch Dogs + RAGE + Witcher 3 + Deus Ex......... WHICH IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! I mean you got the excellent wicked weapons + gunplay of Syndicate, not the old game but the 2012 remake like so: mixed in with the remote hacking of Watch Dogs, RAGE's esque enemy designs + dilapidated rooms + driving except that drive by which is rail shooter esque, Witcher 3's excellent open world + dialogue choices which I definitely believe will open up SOOOO many possibilities for multiple playthroughs, and Deus Ex's cyberpunk setting + RPG mechanics. This game is the mix of everything good in games before mixed into one. Good to see that the first person view is this immersive and there's actually cutscene moments of you being able to see your playable character just doing his/her thing, which makes the complaint I heard that there's no third person mode = hesitation gone in an instant. Now my need to get this game RIGHT NOW is finally settled since I know what I'm going to expect, and I can't wait for the official release date of this game so I can do...... ohohoho do SO many things in this game!
  2. Apologies. I got money from relatives for my B-day today, had enough left over to pre-order Fallout 4. I'm just really exited and felt the need to vent. Sorry if this is against rules or anything.
  3. Alright, surprised I haven't seen this one out yet on the forums - correct me if I'm wrong - Fallout 4 may possibly be in development under the codename Institue. From files collected by Kotaku they've found many similarities in casting and scripts related to the Fallout Universe, most especially the line, "War. War never changes." Judging by the titles and this article by Gamespot: Set in Boston the game is rumored to be set exactly where that article says it is. But alright, I won't pursue farther - if you're interested, go take a gander at that link above. Or, you take it directly to the Kotaku article here. Enjoy and debate away. (Also, direct me to a post related to this and I'll happily request to take this down, so long as its within reason.)
  4. So, quite simply, I'm curious to your fantasies everybody! No, not that kind of fantasy. I mean the fantasy of fiction! You know. Do you favor High Fantasy? Elves, dragons, magic etc. Or are you a low fantasy kind of person, based around the common day with ties into the mythical. Are you a more straight-facts, no nonsense fiction kind of person? Or do you imagine science fiction and the wonders the future may hold to be your haven? So, to set up some discussion: I've always, always been a sucker for High-Fantasy stories and lore. Ever since I was a little kid, - dragons, knights, mages, wizards, warlocks, demons, - it's always captured my interest to imagine wielding that kind of power or experiencing that kind of epic odyssey that no one else could see. Imagining a life without our current laws of physics and gravity - that's a powerful experience. And the settings that many fantasies take place in give way to the capability for strong narrations of truly epic tales that bring you from the lowest depths of one civilization to the highest pinnacle of another, or vic versa and everywhere in between. I've got to say that one of my favorite books has to be J.R.R. Tolkien's the Hobbit. A fantastic beginning to a great saga. As well as some of H.P. Lovecraft's books and tales. Well, that's my take guys! Fire away, I have a poll up. If your kind isn't up there, merely mention it and I'll add it on!
  5. So, post away at the music you game to the most! Do you have a specific playlist, do you just turn on the radio, fire away I want to hear it! Edit: These are all great guys, love the interest in classical music as well. As for the amount of songs I have on my playlist specifically? Uh, about 4-5 days worth without any repeats. I have sub-lists for different games and genres. The styles of which range from classical music all the way to rock back down to club tunes to dubstep to everything, really. Anything and everything is on there and I often just end up tossing together playlists on the fly. So here's another question - do you listen to the in-game music or do you like your own playlist better? Link the song you like to hear the most while you game as well, for me it's been Radioactive by Imagine Dragons lately.