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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so I'm wondering who else has this game? If you don't have it, I'll show you a little background on it. If you do have the game, you can ignore the two Spoilers below vv Background: Price: Alright, so I'm on the Road to getting the "Legendary Defender" achievement in this game. And there is one achievement where I actually really need people to play with. Atm what I would like to do is gather some people so we can get this one achievement called "Team Effort". To get it, all you have to do is play through the campaign on at least medium difficulty with 3 other players. I want to get this because It's one of the achievements needed to earn the achievement "Legendary Defender". Once I get "Team Effort", I won't just stop there. I'll be doing much more after that, starting with getting the rest of the achievements. Then I'll probably prepare for playing on Nightmare mode by getting some Mythical gear. And I'll be playing challenges, eternia shards levels, etc in between. Basically, I'll be able to play this game with you for awhile if you add me . I should let you know that I have 5 characters that are level 70+, so playing with higher levels would be preferred for me personally. maybe around, 50+? This thread can be a place where we discuss achievements and Dungeon Defenders in general. You can also post your steam id so people can play with you! And feel free to add anything else to the conversation, as long as it's on topic.
  2. I have been try to get the achievement on Dead Rising 3 for crafting all the combo weapons. I have unlocked them all in my locker but the has not popped. I know about making the tactical hand gun and mini chain saw but does anyone have any ideas about any other one that I might have picked up and not made? Also I finished the game and went into chapter select, is it possible that that might have wiped my progress and made me have to make them all again? Also I have all the blueprints but only have 9/11 vehicle blueprints, any ideas there either?