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Found 17 results

  1. Hello , I`m here to present a game idea that I think it would be really cool.It started from a small mobile game I made and thought I could make it into an actual great game.I would love to hear your guys opinion on it and I would respond to any question with absolute transparency.Now all the images you will see on the page are early development and since I can`t start working full time on it I could not provide with detailed media.If the game gets funded , full time development will start instantly. The game is called Argo Navis and follows the story of human attempt to colonize and turn away from the dark past it had.You will make clans, upgrade space stations, build capital ships and personal fighters, invade other player sectors and take their resources for your own.It also features a full single player campaign with an engaging story written by...well... me More details are on the indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-space-games-great-again-3d-pc/x/10127230#/ Thanks you everyone and have a great day.
  2. Hi, I am not an active group of the AJSA since I am pretty much busy all the time but I have been with the angryjoeshow for almost a decade and I saw something really awesome, that you guys support new games to be developed and I love that.Now I am starting a project of my own and what I want to ask if it is ok to post here about it.I don`t want to be the person who takes advantage of a community and if I have your guys blessing to post it here, if not I wont. Thank you
  3. With my regular group we're playing a campaign I'm working on myself. Thought I'd try to make their progress a story of sorts for you to enjoy, or not if you do not like my storytelling, story overall, setting or whatever may irk you with me. So, I'm going to start off with the land, location and the characters. Then after that I'll jump to what they've been up to. Story: The campaign takes place in Gordrion, a large land recently acquired by the Cirefaleans. It is a resource rich land both in lumber and metals, to a large degree untouched. The climate is cold. Short wet summers and longer cold winters. A large portion of the population consist of guest workers, a hired workforce as well as those forced to work, with the intent of making it big, or die trying. Not many cities have been built up, and villages around the land is mostly tent villages. The point of interest at this point is a city called Ashahammal, translates to Red Sand, or alternatively Red Beach. Both correct due to the city being built on a red sand beach at a river. Characters: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Den'al is a nature close Kamorian of the White Deer Totem, tall, fast and vigilant. Always curious of his surroundings but catious enough to not make too many problems for himself. Spent his early life as a pathfinder in the wilderness, and continues to do so now as well. He has a trophy from a monster he battled, and got figuratively stabbed in the back by a close friend, also got a natural talent for navigating in caves and tunnels. He favours a short bow and an axe which he isn't all to profficient with, he never leaves them aside unless forced to. Coming from a treasure hunt earlier with another character, he joined Snowball in his travels, looking for adventure ending up in Ashahammal with Snowball. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snowball is a male Missel looking to make a name for himself. Despite being a gambler, he has an uncanny ability to trust anyone no matter the circumstances. Being an entertainer he has seen and heard quite a lot, as well as learned a thing or two. Learned how words can solve most situations and used that silver tongue to stop a mutiny whilr accompaniyng an army. He has a shortsword hidden in a staff and is quite well versed in lockpicking, his small size isn't why you won't hit him either as he'll dodge your blows with ease. Family near Ashahammal is in trouble and Snowball was not one to say no, just had to go on a treasure hunt first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thyr is a Kragg Barbarian, a large man with strength and endurance, perhaps because he's not clever enough to realise that some things are too heavy to lift, so he does it anyway, and some things hurt or tire the body, but he does not register it. Being a farmer earlier has tought him many things about cooking and carpentary, and the warrior blood of his people make him a fearsome adversary. Boasting an heirloom sword, a Kraggsword, almost as long as he is, it's a person you do not want to cross. Tired of his old life, Thyr wanted to see something else and decided to go on an adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lazius is a Jargian Male from one of the smaller outlying provinces of Jargien. A turbulent early life of a mother imprisoned due to rebel activities, an older sister being a corrupt judge and giving himself up in order to free his mother. He quickly discovered he has an affinity for fire, it won't burn him as bad as others and any problem solved with fire makes him feel a little better. A knowledgeable man due to being in service of an elder as a "hostage". After finally becoming free, he got a job on a trading company, his task is to check the bought cargo at Ashahammal, unfortunately the entire ship's crew went ill so he has to do it alone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ The sound of the thundering hooves and the sled broke the cold silence covering the frozen river. The driver, a grizzled and scarred Manrakh Tirak, slapped with the reins to get the two white elks move faster. In the distance he could see tiny flickering lights from Ashahammal, their destination. The two mighty animals dragging his sled let out big clouds of mist as they breathed heavily from the workout, even their bodies seemed to be smoking from the workout. The Tirak could feel more and more ice forming on his face from the mist emitted from his white elks. It was getting colder, it was getting darker, not normal for this season, far from normal. As the animals started breathing faster, the sled picked up speed. In a low grumbling voice he announced to the travellers in the sled to prepare as they were soon at Ashahammal. A few of them looked up at the clear night sky, as if to familiarise themselves with the constellations, or just to marvel at the beauty one last time before it was time to get off. Others gripped their luggage tighter, or checked if they had all of it still in the sled. A few moments later they felt the sled slowing down and going up on a steep hill, they had arrived to the harbour and were moving on an incline meant for boats to be put in the water, or pull them out. Lazius could make out silhouettes of larger ships stuck in the ice, "Going to be difficult getting the cargo out, at least all at once", he thought to himself. Suddenly a small grin danced across his face, "Fire melts ice" popped up in his head. He however seemed to realise he'd need a lot of fuel for the fire to get a ship out to open waters. Den'al hung his head outside of the sled to see better where they were going, and what they passed. A little disappointed he sat back down, "Just large buildings" he mumbled to Snowball, the little missel just shrugged and replied "Well, this whole thing has been quite boring so far, not much to expect, although Thyr is good company". Thyr was, he was out travelling to new locations, and had found a missel on the way, kraggs had a special bond to missels, a protective bond. You wouldn't want to do something bad towards a missel with a kragg nearby, as a kragg is quite close to the opposite of what a missel is. As the sled came to a halt they found themselves outside one of the larger buildings. The tirak jumped off and started removing the two white elks from the sled. The animals were slightly larger than a regular elk, had white fur, horns similar to that of a ram, except small extrutions pertruding backwards from the horns as well. The nose bridge had a large buldge going from the root of the nose to the forehead, making the animal look like it had taken one too many blows to the nose bridge. The travellers jumped off the sled and looked around, it was really dark. A small trim of light escaped the large building they stood infront off. The tirak driver seemed to be on his way there, making motions for the travellers to join him, so they did. He effortlesly pulled the doors open despite their massive size, revealing a massive warehouse repurposed as a sort of stable. Hay covered the floor, temporary fences put up in order to segregate the different animals and keep them in place, for the cold they had placed several heaters. A cirefalean teenager had been tasked with keeping the heater fires going. He greeted the tirak and went to open up a fence for the elks. Lazius thought the elks could easily climb over the small temporary fence at any time, but they were probably trained to know better. After getting the elks in place the teenager started speaking in an almost panicing voice. "There's not much left, I don't know why there hasn't been anyone who refilled the firewood, or why no one has been here to check." The cirefalean started. Den'al, Thyr and Snowball looked like question marks, the boy was certainly in distress based on the voice but they did not understand the Falean language. Only Lazius understood. "I'm not in a good enough condition to go gathering fire wood" the old Tirak gruffed back. "Perhaps they are up to the task? Or whoever understands you" he added as he made his way out of the warehouse / stable. The boy looked desperately hopeful at the remaining four, out of which only Lazius came forward, the others started making themselves comfortable, to the best of their abilities, in the hay. "I can help you out, just give me the tools and some light, and I'll be back in a moment", the boy looked at Lazius with pure joy, and hastily scrambled together the necessary equipment needed to get some firewood. "We only need enough for tonight, there's usually a re-supply during the day when the workers are awake, just give back my lamp when you're done". With a fresh description in hand on how to get out of the city, Lazius headed out, first obstacle was a large harbor gate, with guards. The gate was quite large, and a single guard stood infront of it. "Halt, what is your business" the guard said in a stern voice, recognising the new face in the harbor, eyeing Lazius from feet to head and back to feet. "Greetings, I'm fetching some firewood for the warehouse made into a stable, for some reason it's run low." Laziud replied in a calm manner, making a small notion to show the equipment he had borrowed. Will continue and add more
  4. Dear Fans of Role Playing Games! No obligations, enjoy and be fair! A demo version of our game, World Slayer, is freely available for Android (primary) and Windows 8-10. (a bit later, Mac, Lunix, and even iOS as well). Link to demo: https://world-slayer.com/demo IndieGoGo: launch later today, 28th February 2017 For news and updates, please connect with us via Twitter https://youtu.be/PmkUIb7dj5A Youtube Trailer; FaceBook Page Here is a Short Description of the game (full Pitch): A mobile RPG. Obviously, we target mobile platforms, but what we mean by mobile has a broader sense - a game you can play anywhere. In many modern mobile RPGs, the role playing practically stops after you’ve dressed and geared up your characters. The curse of free2play! We and many fans of old-school RPGs find it very disappointing that mobile platforms are not used to their full potential. Mobile platforms are always with you by definition. This is why our mission is to restore the essence of the RPG-genre by carefully bringing actual role playing experience to mobile platforms. here are many legendary RPG series from Europe, US, and Japan that inspired us. Just to name a few, those are Dragon Age, Planescape Torment, Witcher, Persona, Suikoden, Grandia, Final Fantasy and many many others! Our game is devised to have a higher degree of non-linearity. We want to give players a living sandbox-like world with multiple possible storylines, so that they can be either a hero, who will save the World, or a villain, who is going to destroy it. In World Slayer, players will be able to build relations with other characters, craft weapons, and even gather their own army. Wherever you go and whenever you feel like playing, the game will give you chills and emotions from actual role-playing like in the real RPGs. Appreciate all the feedback and be glad to answer your questions! Some screenshots! Tags: IndieGoGo, WorldSlayer, Mobile, PRG, Indie, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Story Rich, Party-Based RPG, 3D, Choices Matter, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, SteamPunk, Modern, Nonlinear
  5. Hello, I just wanted to share this indie game with you guys. It’s a cute-looking adventure game with puzzle elements, there’s a pre-alpha demo available through the link below. There's a promo going until tomorrow where you can get a copy of the game even if you only pledge for the lowest tier: whosgamingnow.net/woven Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1355836783/woven-solve-puzzles-by-reknitting-your-character (Hopefully some of you like it and sent it some Angry Army love) I am unrelated to the project, but would like to see it succeed, though I don’t see it happen without it getting more publicity. I understand it may not be something you can or want to support, but I thank you for your time.
  6. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today, for the second time I bring you another review, Bear With Me. This adventure point and click with a noir style is the first episode to be released. Let me know your thoughts on the review and as always, catch ya next time!
  7. Hey guys! Mr. Underhill here, an indie game developer from Transylvania, working on a point and click adventure heavily influenced by classic games like DoTT, Grim Fandango and the Curse of Monkey Island, called Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure We have a pretty kickin' rad and polished demo you can get here: DOWNLOAD WIN: http://tinyurl.com/j7cbx93 DOWNLOAD LINUX: http://tinyurl.com/gtd9djq DOWNLOAD MAC: http://tinyurl.com/hok3o6v You can visit our website: www.gibbousgame.com We're two guys and one girl working in an attic in Tirgu Mures, Transylvania, Romania (hence the name Stuck In Attic). We've worked on the demo for about a year now, and we're finally trying to get the financing we need to make this a complete and kick-ass game. So, if you be so inclined to kick some bucks toward a stupidly ambitious adventure with frame by frame animation, Bill Tiller-inspired backgrounds and a metric ton of inventory and hotspot jokes, we would be incredibly appreciative. Kickstarter: http://tinyurl.com/GibbousKickstart I know this looks like a cynical "gimme money for my Kickstarter" post, but if you take 5 minutes to check out the screenshots and video (and about an hour to check out the demo) you'll be able to tell this really is a love letter to classic Lucas titles, and a dream come true for us if we manage to raise the necessary funds to make it. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the game!
  8. I'm going to be playing this game for a while and I'm sure i'm not going to be the only one. I would like to really know what NA server you guys wanna play on so we can get some AJSA members together.
  9. Hey guys just finished watching some gameplay footage of Far Cry 4 and I must say this game looks awesome. I'm posting to see what you guys think of the game and what you guys would like to see in this game. This game may be another area the angry army may find interesting.
  10. Kickstarter It has a goal of $200,000 and so far is about to hit $50,000 with 22 days left. Brian Fargo was asking about projects worth backing on twitter and I suggested this. He backed it later in the day so I'm hoping he can bring more people to support it. Team
  11. Hi, me again. I found this game today, to be honest by accident. Im pretty interested in nordic mithology and somwhere was link to this website http://www.crystalshard.net/hq.htm I If you Remember the "Quest for Glory" series, you definately should check this out. The game is free, and was made as a hobby project. Now it has over 100 hand-painted backgrounds, 2 worlds, 3 cities, over a hour of sweeet soundtrack, AND its even dubbed. ITs a mixup of RPG and adventure game, with a nice oldschool graphics (aaaah, reminds me the joy of playing Simon the Sorcerer).
  12. HARD SPOILERS BELOW! Hi. Im just trough my marathon with The Walking Dead: Season One and "The Wolf Among us episode 2" Before i start, i must say, that i never got into TWD before, and to be honest the comic series was boring for me. Not mentioning the TV-series, but i sometimes watch it if i have some spare time. About "Fables", i never heard of this series before now. So, first off, the TWD. i must say, one of the best stories ive ever played. Its simple by mechanics, but the story is great, thought sometimes predictible (Come on, who thought that black protagonist would've live trught the entire season ) Game just kicks you in the face, with hard, gruesome and depressing background, the music etc etc. And it affected me, and really made me think about myself. And believe me... thats something. So, heres an example. The Ben. GOD i hated that character. And i know it was wrote this way on purpose. But i only waited for a moment to get rid of that guy. And then it comes in EP:4. And when i let down the Ben, and the game showed, the breaking legs, and the screams of him. Man... the game just smears the feeling of guilt on your face. Also the statistics that shows you how other players did trough the episodes are nice... you can see how big psychopath you are .... I mean, come on... it showed me that just abut 20% players killed the whole cannnibal family. Damn... Characters are just great, you reallly like, or hate them. And thats nice, it means they are wrote by some good writers. Also, the ending, with Lee going to die is just... wow. Also, i just loved the standoff between Lee and the Stranger\kidnapper. I was playing in my headphones and just this silence... no music... no other noises... just two men with shitload of "baggage" seating face to face and dueling on words. Just vrilliant scene. IMO, one of the best in gaming. And i played alot of games, believe me. I mean, words cant explain all i felt trughout the game, but i felt sad.... sad... as... fuck. It just like Telltale kicks you in the nuts screming "THERES NO HAPPY ENDING BIATCh". And thats good. Was amazed, sad, felt really "beaten" after finishing this. After that i reached for "TWAU". Not reading anything about the game before, just my friends told me "ya know, its a fun point'n click with fables from our childhood". I think bastards did this on purpose . I MEan, me, and a lot of you guys definately were raised on many, if not all fables and stories that are in this game, told to us by our fathers, mothers or even grandparents. So, the games starts, the Bigby (another great character. Thats just how i'd imagine a wolf in human skin^^) walks into the building, and there is the cnversation with Toad. And im like "Oh, thats nice... and funny. Gonna be goood antidepressant after TWD" Boy... oh boy how wrong i was O.O, 30 seconds later, BAM, you see the hero from your childhood (always liked wolf aswell, cause he was badass. but ya know... wooody wins ), the brave Woodsman.... beating the shit out of a hooker.... and im just like "What the... why? Oh fucking come on really o.O"? Its 21:26, i finished the game like 30 minutes ago, and im just sitting here... with my childhood ruined o.O. Woodsman, beating fuck out of a hooker, the monkey from oz, the damn alcohlic, Toad is a damn slum thief (also nice character and sad character at once. I mean if you think abut it... its a lone father, raising his son is such shitty place Gonna make you think about this problem in real life). Game is brutal, music is great, plot is very nice and wow. just... im wasted... and amazed in the same moment.
  13. I love nintendo, i love RPGs, which nintendo character or franchise would make an amazing RPG?
  14. "Dust: An Elysian Tail" (developed by Dean Dodrill) is a 2D action-platformer RPG released on Steam in 2013 and Xbox 360 (Live Arcade) in 2012. You get to play an anthropomorphic samurai in a well-animated picturesque world made of various anthropomorphic animals (and a talking sword), gradually uncovering your mysterious past as you gain skills, craft items, collect treasures and complete quests. On the hardest of all difficulty levels (hardcore, tough, normal, casual), I completed 100% of this game (including all Steam achievements), which often proved impossible without impeccable gameplay (especially at the beginning). To beat the final boss, I needed to be at the maximum level (i.e. level 60); and it was still a pretty intense challenge. I got about 40 hours of gameplay out of this game, but I wasted about half that time attempting to progress and achieve things, only to die and have to restart from the last save. Going beyond the frustrations of my many failures in the game, I can't think of anything in this game that I didn't either like or love, except maybe the music, which was just "o.k." as it did at least fit the atmosphere well enough. In my opinion, the story was fairly original and its delivery would often get as intense as the game's battles. As the main character (and with your "sidekick"), you can potentially create many powerful combos as you grow your set of skills. By the end of the game, you may find yourself flying and slashing through a pretty big area, killing several monsters at once with your sword and magic powers (making combos in the triple digits). There's even an optional side-quest and achievement that expects you to make a combo of at least 1000. You may not have to worry too much about creating combos though. I often found myself accidentally failing combos, only to create other combos that still helped me cause damage. You gradually get the hang of the battle's ebb and flow; and combos become second-nature. From what I could tell, you can immerse yourself into the story by choosing "casual" mode and listening to character interactions between the quick-and-easy battles and dungeon quests. If you just don't care about the story though, then you can skip (through the pause menu) any cutscene that suddenly comes-up, so that you can go straight to kicking-ass again. Battles are the most fun on "hardcore" mode, but expect to hear the main character's death rattle a whole lot (from 1-hit kills) while in that mode. The game costs $15 USD on Steam (as of this post) and I'd say that it's worth the price overall. Although, it probably depends on whether or not all of the above sounds appealing to you at all.
  15. Hello! My name is Jake and I'm from Oregon, USA!! Though I do spend allot of time practicing martial arts, I have recently been taking up online PC gaming, I enjoy MMO, RPG, Action, Adventure, Horror games, and I hope to find many more people to enjoy them within this community!
  16. Borderlands is a fun, hilarious, addicting and well made game, but there are limitations and stuff that they can improve on. The main things I see problems or stuff to improve on are the following. 1)money is almost useless 2)customization is limited and sometimes a bit frustrating 3) guns sometimes feel overpowered or underpowered. 4) the chose to get rid of low level rares With these problems I have some solutions/features 1) to solve money issue and add more customization reduce the response fee and add gun customization and reuse old wepons where guns can disassembled from the frame into barrels, triggered /grips, stacks, scopes/sights and the middle frame (the peace that identifies the gun and collected and put on other guns within the same class (no plasma casting on assault rifles). And each part you have will be the same level as the original gun (or a set level if dropped from a boss or mob) it will be p witch can be upgraded for a price and be different rarities (so you can collect parts as well as guns) as well when you make a new weapon It will cost to assemble and even can buy new parts all the
  17. Borderlands is a fun, hilarious, addicting and well made game, but there are limitations and stuff that they can improve on. The main things I see problems or stuff to improve on are the following. 1)money is almost useless 2)customization is limited and sometimes a bit frustrating 3) guns sometimes feel overpowered or underpowered. 4) the chose to get rid of low level rares With these problems I have some solutions/features 1) to solve money issue and add more customization reduce the response fee and add gun customization and reuse old weapons where guns can disassembled into the firing camber (the main part that the basic states at on it gets the manufactures and main name [i.e. pitchfork] name) barrels, triggered /grips, stocks, scopes/sights these can be put together within the same class (no plasma casters or any smg barrels on assault rifles). Each part you have will be the same level as the original gun it came off of(or a set level if dropped from a boss or mob) and can change the level of the new gun. It will be possible to level the parts up for a fee and each part will have different states bases on level, rarity and manufacturer if there is different level parts on the gun it will take a weighted factor of all parts to make a new level gun. different parts could have effects on them i.e. barrels can have E tech . It will cost to assemble a new gun and parts and parts can be sold, bought and even found (like the mission hungry like the sakg but for only blue or higher rarities). Also there will have to be a separate holding area for these parts for holding so they don't get mixed in with the complete weapons and a menu or area will be made to combine them. 2)For character customization it is frustrating have present skins so how about finding colours and and patterns (like face paint or the mechro's Dahl predator yellow and black camo on her vest jacket) there can be a couple of colour selections controlling different parts I'm thinking about three or four setting aside patterns this will solve character customization frustration and limitation. Also can there be a optional third (like elder scrolls) person mode it kinda sucks to not see your custom character you may have grinded to get. And make loot drops personal to each player (so you can get rid of duping glitchs as well), and be low drop rates to increase (if not gotten) every time a player defeats a boss/mob (so that people don't have to do taramorphes 100 or more times not knowing when they will get a head let alone the one they want) and have it reset the odds after it has bin obtained. If any one has any others charges or issues to be changed or question please feel free to comment I love borderland and I want to see this game get even better and have longer lasting drive to play besides leveling up and replaying the game on a higher level.