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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings Fellow Officers, ....Whoa, lemme take a second and savor this moment...Ok, moment's over. Seriously, though, this has been quite the journey, and it's good to be here. Simple questions: Any advice? What's the current situation regarding most games? How's the hierarchy working? As a Sgt/Mod, I've been out of the loop for some time, so any info or advice you can give I'll appreciate.
  2. Gbay99's daily video mentioned, among several other mechanics, using the "a" key to attack click move. It was supposed to be very obvious, so he didn't elaborate, but I've never heard of it, and even after looking around Google and the in-game menu, I don't really understand it. Can anyone who's been using this function all along, like I apparently should have, explain to me and other noobs how to set it up, and how or when to use it in matches?
  3. Hey, I've always kind of done small amounts of streaming. Always very small but I decided that i kind of want to step it up. I want to start actually trying to get a small audience. I'm not setting my scope too high though. Just high enough to be able to break even if I start paying for the prem package for xsplit. So what i'm asking is what things should I do, as well as work on? I like to stream strategy games the most, but i also just like to stream whatever i'm really in the mood for. So what should i use to stream with, i'm currently using xplit, and do you recommend i pick up a webcam? My current headset is the sennheiser Game Zero and I've noticed the sound quality from it is pretty good. So should i just stick with it or should i invest into an actual mic. -Snowfox
  4. I am trying to beat the campaign on Legendary. My own copy of Halo 4 is scratched so I am unable to play only Dawn. My friend let me use his copy since he can just play it on the MCC. I was able to complete Dawn, but about halfway through it, I was disconnected from XBL for a few moments. On the campaign mission select Dawn is completed on Legendary solo, but in my service record, it does not show me starting Legendary despite me playing the prologue on Legendary. It also does not show it completed under the campaign section in the Player commendation page. Any advice at all is needed.
  5. I'm tempted by a WiiU for Beyonetta 2, the upcoming Zelda and a few others, but I also have a very young kid (pre-school) with a Birthday around Christmas time, so I can't really justify owning one without it having something to offer for a kid that age because m PS4 and XB1 have little to offer in that regard. Being a Nintendo console, I assume the answer would be yes, but I'd like to here specifics from people who actually own one. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Alright, so. On a dare that ended interestingly, I was dared to do at least 3 Let's Plays from my Steam Library - the darer choose Shadows of Mordor and I'm about to hang up my 3rd episode. They are not top quality. Here's the thing, turns out I really enjoy doing these and I'd love to do more so I can improve upon the technique. While I'll continue my Shadows of Mordor run, I'm pretty sure the early episodes will turn people off of it due to the quality and that there are like....30 people doing the same game. Angry Army, is there any games on the PC you'd like to see done by a snarky soldier? I only have my laptop at the moment, but i would really enjoy doing more videos and would love to hear suggestions.
  7. Okay, my LCD display is busted and I have a friend in the US returning in July. Instead of buying a expensive replacement or a humongously expensive new phone here I'll buy something online and send it to him. Any cool places I don't know where I could get a good deal? Would help me quite a lot. I'm looking at a Galaxy S III right now, nothing too expensive but would accept suggestions I suppose.
  8. For any experienced airsoft player i would like to ask for some advice choosing a simple gun. My friends were thinking of starting of with a new hobbie it semse. And i just wana take a part of the fun occasionally, but airsoft is nothing that i would like to get into as a hobbie. Im looking for something cheap that requires very little maintenance. Handgun is ok though my friends might have a slight advantage over me with their battery driven sprayer guns. Any advice is appreciate including gear and ammunition aswell.
  9. Im just beginning DOTA 2. Ive had my fist battle against bots. So does anyone have any advice or tips on the battlefield. Add me and play me on steam. Please help me out. Steam ID: Therealgdudegarrett
  10. Introduction video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Vw8DZdHXk New format for HearthStone videos! -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqQHmxNBmNQ Hey everyone Krydan here. The title says is all really. I would like some advice on this whole Youtube fiasco. You can find my channel in the description and a link to my first hearthstone video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj9fB1-UeHc (currently have two of that series out at this time) I hate to spam places and annoy people, but in this day and age of Youtube, you have to do a small bit of advertising to get a small bit noticed. I just keep thinking back to Jesse Cox's *Advertise like shameless whores* ;D I am not expecting to post this and get an extra twenty subs or anything crazy, more just to maybe get some advice on how I can improve so you guys WOULD like my content. Thanks for spending your time to read this! -Krydan