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Found 2 results

  1. Hey its Macleod_conner, I'm probably using this wrong lol.
  2. With InFAMOUS and Prototype, we are looking at the origin games of the now known pinnacles of Superhero-games. But as history shows, people need to know who/what is best. So who will win the fight? The master of electrokinesis Cole MacGrath, or the master of shapeshifting Alex Mercer? Let's find out. Story: InFAMOUS's story is about former courier Cole MacGrath, who by accident detonates a special device that destroys and entire chunck of Empire City, a basically smaller New York. The City is hit by a plague with the military stopping any attempt from escaping the city; and gangs are taking over while the police is killed off. But something inside Cole awoke and it is now up to you to use it for good, or to tear the remains of the city apart. Over the course, you fight against intoxicated dealers, trash-manipulating psychic super-hobos and the equal to the Illuminati, so you can finally fight the one who is responsible for your agony and bring justice or even more woe to the people of Empire City. Prototype's story is about former scientist Alex Mercer, who released a deadly virus, which is highly infectious and turns people into zombie-like beings or deadly monsters. Waking up in an operation room, he is hunted down by the private military organization named Blackwatch. Suffering from amnesia, he finds out that he has superhuman abilities and uses them to consume his targets to uncover the mysteries about his past and bringing an end to the deadly virus. The problem with Prototype's story is that it is so all over the place, that an entire gameplay mechanic, even though entertaining, was needed to deal with this problem. InFAMOUS keeps everything simple, like in a comic with science so vague that would made an enraged Homer Simpson tear his own hair out. Even though dark, it doesn't take itself seriously all the time, something Prototype fails at. InFAMOUS story is actually presented in the missions, while most of the time in Prototype, you are just doing stuff because it might help you in any way, shape or form. Protagonists: Personality wise, they portray quite a difference. The player can choose Cole to be either be a heroic and kind protector of the weak, or the probably most evil playable character ever to be created in a videogame. Alex on the other hand is in between, recklessly killing and consuming everything in his way in the most brutal form imaginable, yet the cutscenes and his own dialogue want to portray him as a caring person and misunderstood anti-hero, who is only there to bring justice. Cole, as likeable as Alex, is at least consistent. Combat: The only thing in InFAMOUS you can really do is zapping enemies with various forms of electro attacks, while in Prototype for example, your can pick up a car, run up the next building and throw it into a helicopter, then turn into the adult child of an old woman and jump down at her, surfing with her over the ground while her face starts to resemble a 1:10000 replica of the face visible on Mars while you disconnect the upper halves from the below halves of hundreds of civilians with your sword-arms and claws. Sandbox: Like previously mentioned, Empire City is a very small version of New York. In contrary, Prototype's Manhattan is a 1:1 replica in size and structure. Even though Prototype copypasted, it still is better in this regard, because of the possibilities of getting around are astounding. While Cole can glide on cables and climb very slowly, Alex easily sprints up buildings, jumps 100 feet high and glides through the air. Presentation: Considering the graphics, both of them are on equal level. Both games use a very dirty art-style and even though InFAMOUS has much better character models, Prototype has a much larger world they had to work with, so both of them are equally decent. In-game cutscenes are either mediocre or horrible, with animations so awkward that it makes you smile. While InFAMOUS offers many comic-style cutscenes that look amazing, Prototype offers CG-I quality cutscenes the makers of Final Fantasy and Pixar would be jealous of. Considering the music, both games have their charm. While InFAMOUS offers a soundtrack only made with common objects and not instruments to enhance the apocalyptic circumstances in Empire City, Prototype's composer makes use of violins to intensify and darken the atmosphere. Both Soundtracks are a joy for the ear and fit perfectly into the setting. Side Activities: But side-missions, both games do not offer anything else. InFAMOUS offers a variety between missions and not every single missions consists of killing someone or gliding very fast; unfortunately, only these are the entertaining ones. In Prototype, most of the time, you kill even more things; and even though you gain access to some very superb Tanks with nuke-launchers, it doesn't excuse for repetitiveness. Other side-missions want you to run really fast or jump and land on a specific spot. InFAMOUS side-missions, at the very least, offer context, as you conquer the city from the baddies. In Prototype, it is all about EXP which you will never ever need, because some abilities are so extremely overpowered, like the tentacle, and only have so few upgrades, that skilling in anything else is not worth it, but for experimenting and having more variety. Malicious Joy: Zapping enemies, like once mentioned, is really the only joy to have, while in Prototype, you can disguise as a commander, accuse a random soldier to be you in disguise and watch how an entire army mixes his bio matter with the next wall. Then you reveal yourself, take a quick laugh and kill and eat everyone. In combination with the lovely gore-engine, Prototype allows you to act out all your aggressive desires like never beheld before. Conclusion: Both of them are great games and must-haves in everyone's library who is remotely interested in Action-games, Sandboxes and/or RPGs. InFAMOUS offers better characters, a better story and more balanced and challenging gameplay, while Prototype has incredibly fast and action-packed combat in the most overpowered form without god mode possible. There is undoubtedly room for both of these games and skipping either or both is a true shame, as the creators deserve all your praise and money they rightfully earned. 8.5/10 8.5/10 AWESOME (+)