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Found 1 result

  1. Shameless Promotion! But seriously, it's like one of the only Ana guides(well it's really just a lot of quick tips) out right now. I'm tired so I'll post the YT description. Weliver here, and hello! I've been wanting to do an Overwatch video for awhile now but I personally think that just watching matches without commentary are boring so I haven't uploaded anything I've recorded. I thought of a way to fix that! Hopefully it's not that big of a deal ... I plan to get a mic soon regardless. Anyways, onto the video: Ana is on the PTR and everyone's favorite little grannies seems to be more played than Genji! I can see why, she has very unique playstyle while also filling crucial roles. It's definitely a playstyle that has 'clicked' with me the most; I blame the rifle! I always gravitate towards non-scoped rifles in shooters and I finally have a hero in OW with one! (It's scoped, but I only use it when I have to.) Not to mention CCs, healing suppression? I've played a rogue in WoW for a long time, Blizz. If any character would ever make me think about being guilty of having a 'main' in OW, it would definitely be Ana. Maybe you prefer to read guides, or may be deaf? Well, here's the manuscript! Side note! If you disagree with any of my points, feel free to tell me! I'm learning with everyone else given she just came out and more knowledge, the Better! Edit: It took so much effort to get that video up just now because I'm still not used to all these changes... Edit 2: I just noticed my thumbnail is a lie, I don't know how many individual tips are in the video so I just wanted to clarify.