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Found 7 results

  1. So Vainglory is a MOBA by SEMC that I recommend for those who were never interested in LoL or Dota 2. I never was personally, but for those who are also MOBA enthusiasts. It is in fact F2P and you might be surprised by how unmoney-grubbing they are. It is available for both Android and IOS. Glory is the in game currency and Ice is the premium currency but all things can be earned with Glory except for Name Change and most Limited Time Skins. People Currently Playing: Just me as of the time of the post lol Pros: Free to Play Amazing graphics Guild and Team system Lots of Updates Devs are from companies like Blizzard, Rockstar, Riot Games, etc SEMC is very active with the community All Heroes are able to be purchased with Glory Skin Crafting System SEMC hosts Tournaments regularly with venues Lots of Potential for Youtubers and for AJSA to earn prestige Can earn Ice and Glory from chests you acquire after each player level as well as from guild rewards every season depending on your guild level. Good for Casuals as well as Hardcore Cons: Community can be very toxic Solo queue can be a bad experience due to those said toxic people 3vs3 only option Only one map at the moment Example Events: Private Tournaments within the AJSA community Guild fame farming days to earn as much guild fame as possible Guild Advertising and recruiting events by playing in duos to scout new players to join as well as show off the tag to get recognition within the community Free to Play System: So the way the Free to Play system works in the game is that every Tuesday 8 heroes are randomly chosen to be played by all players in casual mode. Almost everything can be bought with Glory and SEMC is starting to let Limited Skins to be unlocked without paying for them. Skins can be crafted using cards you can earn after playing a game or opening a chest. Most heroes have 3 tiers of skins. If not they will soon. I really hope to get this game to be an official game. It has a lot of potential and is growing. Really best to get AJSA involved in the game while there aren't many youtubers involved. I'd love to see AJSA be in the tournaments and reach Semi Finals at least one day. I'm not sure if i can become a leader to the Vainglory division due to just joining and being only a recruit. I would be fine leading in the beginning at least to grow it. But i would want someone who is truly a pro at the game and who could lead the Team as well in the future. So yea I hope people reply.
  2. I just found a hidden diamond for the iPhone. A game called Sorcery! Similar to Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, this is a choose your own adventure game based on the choose your own adventure books. The difference is that while Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is a game that takes place between 2 existing books, this game is actually based on the game books from the 1980s. The game has a simple combat. All you do for combat is either block or attack with more strength than your enemies. You can't use magic in combat, although you can do it before combat. No grinding or looting necessary, you just have to go through your journey and see what the game offers you. And also there's 100+ choices you can pick, starting with the 2 separate paths you pick in the intro. I'm not kidding. This game has SOOOO many decisions you can pick, and every one of them leads to different outcomes, like which path to take between left or right, sparing someone or letting them live, and dozens more varieties. You can retry a decision you made to see how many different outcomes can happen. And this is just from me choosing one path in the intro! Holy freaking shit! The game also have a very cool magic system. You're a master sorcerer, and you have like 48 different spells you can use. Most of the spells require an item with you, like to summon a huge troll, you have to have a troll's teeth. To easily befriend an enemy, you need to have a special hat. To make a magic grenade, you need rock pebbles. To use these spells, the game will let you choose to use magic or not. And you have to type 3 letters. For example: HOW: allows you to see which 2 branching paths is the safest route to take. SIX: illusion spell that multiplies your body like a ninja RAZ: use a beeswax to make your blade super sharp to do double damage DOP: unlock locked doors BIG: make yourself bigger. These are just some of the many spells you can use. Tip here: while playing the game, always pick the options that will ensure you get as much money as possible. And when you have the option to go to a shop and buy items, BUY AS MANY MAGIC ITEMS AS YOU CAN. All of them if necessary. So many awesome combination of spells you can use in this game which depends on the situation and what items you currently have, and all of them can give you an outcome that's different than if you use a different spell. I experimented on 1 scenario, and I found 6 ways to get through it with different spells. Some much more rewarding than others. Keep in mind, I only touched chapter 1 out of 4. I beat chapter 1 at around 3 hours the first time, and I beat it again 2 more times but with different options. After that, I bought the second chapter, and this chapter is FAAAAAAAAARRRRR longer than the first. I'm 6 hours in and I haven't even finish this game half way. And this is just me playing only 1 solution out of hundreds! Holy shit this game's awesome! And from what I heard, chapter 3 and 4 is going to be EVEN LONGER! Man I can't fucking wait for those 2 to be released! I highly10 recommend this game if you can get your hands on it. Hell, if you don't have an iPhone or a smartphone in general, just buy the 4 books and play them yourselves! It's basically the same, only it requires you writing down notes on a paper and less minigames involved. Currently only part 1 & 2 out of 4 is released. I can't wait for the whole 4 parts to be released! If chapter 2 is released in 2014, it will be my game of the year for sure. If the whole 4 chapters are one big game, oh my God, not only will it be game of the year, it's definitely one of the best games of the decade for sure! And of course, I give this game the rating of "so freaking fantasticular that you will play this game again and again and again!" with a badass seal of approval for each chapters that was released! And a thumbs up from Vault Boy!
  3. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/27/us-eu-consumers-apps-idUSBREA1Q0W920140227 So, the European Union wants to talk with Google and Apple about mobile games that advertise themselves as being free games, but in order to achieve anything worthwhile, you have to pay money. This is a good initiative, in my opinion. I don't like seeing mobile games that charge you tens of €'s just to progress a little further, before you hit the next paywall. Or for some stupid costumes (like in that Star Trek game that AngryJoe reviewed). I think the government is the only one that is able to do anything about it and so I am happy that they try to do just that.
  4. For Android users, beware of buying from Google Play. It's found that 42,000 apps on Google Play has spywares and trojan horses. http://au.ign.com/articles/2014/02/22/malware-on-google-play-has-quadrupled-since-2011 Man, first youtube, now this? Google sucks! The only thing they're good at is web browsing! They should have stayed there instead of branching out.
  5. I am hyped to see the new Robocop movie. There's just one problem - I'm 90% sure it's gonna suck ass and be some "Machine vs Man" message crap. But there is one line from the trailer, spoken by Samuel L. Jacksson that is the same that I have had on my brain for a long time, "Why is America so robophobic?" No other country in the world to my knowledge have a higher % of people that believe machines will take over and enslave or kill humanity is higher than in America. Why is that? Is it because The Terminator and Skynet, or because people like to go out on the street and yell doomsday theories? I am just curious about it, because it's a very illogical fear when you actually look upon it from a different perspective.
  6. Would love to see a new forum section for Android and IOS games, apps, mods, and systems. There are tons of Android boxes, and IOS hardware out there. What have people seen, downloaded, used, moded. I think this would be a great section to add and might be insightfull to those hardware users. There is even a Kainy PC program that lets you stream your PC games to your android device provided your android device can take the specs for it, just saying. I think it would be a great forum section. Might be able to share knowledge of Android APK files to that are out there.
  7. Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scee.psxandroid&hl=en IOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playstation-app/id410896080?mt=8